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Year of Ceremony Advanced Practitioner Training


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One Year Advanced Practitioner Training & Adventures 2020 - 2021

  • May 1, 2, 3
  • July 30, 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
  • October 30, 31, Nov 1
  • January 29, 30, 31 
  • April 23, 24, 25

**Pre-requisite - Artist Shaman Healer Sage Course Graduate
*Recommended - Tobacco Dieta (either with Katherine or Enrique/Jungle)

Each meeting will begin on Friday at 6pm, leaving Sunday at 5pm except for the second meeting which is a retreat. We will gather on Thursday morning July 30th and drive to a yet to be determined location for our retreat (expected to be within an hour or two of Fort Collins in the mountains), and be finished on Sunday mid-day. 

The Year of Ceremony is an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner’s Training program for those wanting to further develop their practices and understanding of working the shamanic pathways for growth, empowerment and awakening. 

The Advanced Shamanic Practioner Training dives deep into the metaphysical, mystical, quantum energy, multi-cultural shamanic understanding and practice to take you to the multi-dimensional level of healing, practice and living life in power, joy and balance. This course is aimed at expanding each of these levels, into weavings that expand your soul awareness, and the experience of weaving magic into your life, your healing work, your awakening personally, and the magic we co-create by uniting in Tribe. We are the awakening.

Answering the Call

As we have put this course together, it is very clear that we have answered the call to assisting others as well as ourselves, to living in the light, and to expanding that light to others. This Year of Ceremony course is a gathering of Tribe, a gathering of shamanic practitioners who are ready to go to the next level, through personal commitment to Self, as well as to the Whole. Humanity is at a crossroads, a time of birthing from a dark space to a new and expanded awareness. Each choice we make to evolve, to love more deeply, to release the old patterns born of suffering and separation, and to serve the Whole, the more easily, gracefully we evolve together in love. 

One of the exciting parts of this class is our exploration into the Inner Soul Self, the Inner Healer, the Inner Shaman through the deepening of practices in Mysticism and Shamanism. The two are truly one as you look more deeply and transcend the language. However, we bring to you what is most important in accessing the Inner Self with additional mystical shamanic teachers and practices. It is time to embrace and embody the path of the Seer and the Shaman, the Priestess/Priest and the Shaman in your spiraling up on the shamanic adventure. 

Through this course, we are here to create the sacred space required to continue developing your greatest gifts, as well as offering the tools, the teachings, the practices and the experiences that empower you to your next evolutionary you. We are here to connect the wisdom teachings, of the Christ, the Buddha, the Goddess, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters to the Medicine Woman or Medicine Man, and the Inner Shaman. 

There are five meetings along the way, as well as many online videos, zoom calls and written materials to support your journey. Most of all there is Tribe you connect to and are supported by along the way. There is always exponential power in numbers. 

Together both Kim and I look forward to co-creation, manifestation, alchemy, personal healing, working as healer with others, and brining alchemical healing to the collective consciousness of Humanity. We need to do our work, which we all know. We need each other. And Humanity is counting on us. Will you join us? 

**There may be some additions and tweaks to the curriculum to best serve the participants as we gather.

Curriculum includes (but not limited to):

Mysticism and Shamanism

    • Deepening Your Channel and Intuition
    • Dreaming Your Reality - Manifesting Your Life
    • Understanding Day Dreams and Night Dreams 
    • Quantum Physics, Universal Law/Truth & Shamanistic Practices
    • Shamanic MagicK and Alchemy 
    • Reading Signs and Symbols 
    • Kabbalah, Tree of Life and Shamanism
    • Shapeshifting (thought, emotion and physical presence for healing)
    • Hindu, Buddhist, Celtic, Pagan, and other multi-cultural shamanic practices
    • Deepening Shipibo, Huichol and Native American shamanic practices
    • Commanding the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Higher Light Beings
    • Elemental and Angelic Magick - Invoking Elementals, Guides, Angels, Spirit Helpers
    • Love Baths and Smoke Baths - Experience, learn and make various love baths and smoke baths for clearing energy, and infusing plant medicines into self and others with clear intentions.
    • Candle Magick - Learn and make candles for invoking and shifting energies
    • Healing Herb remedies - Learn and make herb incenses, and remedies for healing and ceremonial magick.
    • Deepening Trance States 
    • Discovery, recognition and sealing energy leaks
    • Cord Cutting 
    • Clearing and rewriting Soul Contracts and Vows (outdated)
    • DNA Activations
    • Gridding and Sealing - Sacred Geometry Shamanic Healing - Energy shifting
    • Temple Altar Work - Setting and working your Altar to shift energies, etc. 
    • Power of the Spoken Word and Prayer for Self, Other, Humanity, and All that is


    • Working within the container of the Medicine Wheel
    • Ceremony and Ritual work for shapeshifting reality
    • The Power of Plants in Ceremony and Ritual
    • Setting the Container - boundaries, growth, manifestation
    • Protection/Boundaries
    • Shamanic journey work 
    • Healing the Story
    • Clearing Fear and Trauma 
    • Clearing Ancestral Patterns
    • Soul Retrieval
    • Extraction work
    • Shamanic Tool Use
    • Vibrational Sound Healing

****This is an experiential class, where you are expected to practice, embody and demonstrate the teachings.

Requirements to join: This is for all ASHS graduations who want to go further, deeper, wider, higher on the path! A commitment is to all meetings is expected and required as a prerequisite to this advanced study and participation. Must be able and willing to hike, camp and participate in ceremonial work, as well as all homework and monthly Zoom calls, and building the community of Tribe through the group participation. It is strongly requested that the participant also do additional once quarterly recommended ceremonial work in addition the the course work. 

Each participant is responsible for his own travel costs and any additional costs of lodging or food when not at Katherine’s Casa. One gathering will be a camping trip/outdoor excursion (location yet to be determined). 

Each participant will have potluck item(s) to bring to each meeting, as we will cook all meals together, clean up, and act in cooperation as Tribe supporting and nourishing each other.

Training Cost -  $2250

Deposit to hold your place in class - $400

Monthly payments of $185 due in 10 installments beginning April 15, 2020. 

Enrollment is limited to 15 students.

Additional information

Deposit or Payment


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