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Ra-Mona, Pleiadian Star Mother of Light and Sound Healing

Ra-Mona, Pleiadian Star Mother of Light and Sound Healing brings healing to each of us as we traverse chaotic times, navigating fear emerging from our base instinctual centers. She brings compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. She encourages us to look deep into her eyes to awaken our own light and knowing, to awaken our hearts and our abilities to “see” beyond the fear, to transform into more loving and connected beings.

Take time to sit and gaze into her eyes. Gaze upon her as an open eyed meditation. Be bathed in her compassion and unconditional love and acceptance. Let her take you on a ride to the spaces of infinite soul on a grand adventure of discovery and wonderment. What does she whisper to your heart? How does she inspire and illuminate your preciousness?

Her name Mona, or Madre Mona came to me during the live painting session. Yet, I knew there was more. As I sat with her she told me it was Mona, and her full name was Ra-Mona. This brings the vibrations of Mona to us, which means Desire, or Wish from the Arabic origins. This is PERFECT, as her healing she offers us to that of moving to our heart spaces to our true heart desires and wishes. As we connect with our soul’s true desires through the heart, we will connect to the vibrations that illuminate us individually and collectively. Our heart knows the way! It is the place of the Light and Sound that she offers in her unconditional love and compassion.

Ra is the name of the Ancient Egyptian God who is the Sun, the solar influence that gives life, that lights up the world. No mistake she told me her full name is Ra-Mona… bringing both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine influences of Light and Illumination with Desire and Wish. Ra-Mona offers us the light of the Divine to illuminate our hearts, to illuminate our true soul desires and to assist in bringing them to earth through our own experience as human.

May her presence flood you with good vibes, that you may feel the shift upwards into the light of love. Many blessings and vast love upon you, Katherine

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