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1156.Soul Essence RA-web-by-katherine_skaggsRadiant RA Essence of Solar Activation
and Light

The Radiant RA Essence of Solar Activation and Light came into my awareness when I was asked to flow two different Soul Essence paintings and portals into form for a chiropractor and his offices in Boulder area, Colorado. He set his intentions for each office, to bring in energy and a portal of reflecting wisdom, to support him in fulfilling his purpose, as well as to feel the state of flowing gratitude, relaxation, spaciousness, prosperity, passion and connection to self and others. As I reflected upon his words and focused heart desires, I began to feel the Golden Light of Consciousness penetrate my auric field and consciousness, lighting up my inner vision and perception.

Radiant RA essence was the second painting to come in, though I thought his energy would penetrate the canvas first. (See blog on Soul Star KA essence to learn more about the first painting and to enjoy it's portal imagery).

The golden light continued to illuminate my mind’s eye as I asked for the energy and imagery of the second soul essence painting. I asked how does this come in, and all I could see was golden light coming onto the canvas with magenta pink energies at the bottom of the canvas.

As I took the pigment and flowed it to the canvas, I could feel incredible joy, love and benevolence. Kindness. Protection. Peace. All is Well. I smiled as the flow expanded with this great being of light coming forth and opening another portal of the Golden Octave of Light.

La Luz de Oro, the light of gold, poured forth, with a wing of gold, coming from the throat and heart area, representing flight, movement of the Solar Octave of Golden Light and the ability to move that frequency through heart and word, and action. Active in principle, yet illuminating havingness, openness, healing, and receiving.

The radiant light emanating from the third eye, and as the halo around the head, is encoded with light language patterns and codes to awaken one's inner light at expanded levels, activating one's own talents and gifts as knower, as healer, as shape shifter and one who transmutes the shadows of life through light.

This Cosmic Christ light eradicates the darkest areas of soul illusion, bringing awakening and illumination of true Divine Self to light. Solar glyphs of circles with dots in the center, open numerous portals to this luminous frequency and inner dimension for easy access, through simply being.

This Radiant Being RA is alikened to the Solar Flares of our sun at this time, emitting light so powerful, one’s field cannot remain the same in this light frequency. All that is not of soul essence, purity, light and joy will be burned away in the high frequencies. Be not afraid RA says, for this light will disappear the darkness, and refocus the soul into pure essence and light.

The glyph at the throat sits on top of a triangle of the high heart. The triangle is symbolic of the chalice, or the Divine Feminine principle, holding a space of great receiving, and great overflowing of love. This is the chalice and the Holy Grail of the Soul, to be present to this Divine Feminine principle, at the center of the Radiant Golden Light being, anchoring in light and love through all creative activities, energizing and generating only from the frequency of pure love.

The spiral at the throat is the creative active response to the chalice of love, balancing and honoring the Divine Feminine with the active principle of the Divine Masculine… putting into form the receptive energies of the heart, of the chalice.

As the light penetrates all awareness, all is truly well, all is relaxed, all is abundant and filled with growth, all is filled with love.

Gaze upon the Radiant RA essence and be filled with the Solar Logos, another expression of your Celestial self. Open to receive the frequencies of this Solar Celestial light activation within your human vessel, within the vessel of your work, within the vessel of your family, within the sacred ceremony of your life.

You are upon an evolutionary path, one filled with great awakening of your light codes and soul rememberings. Gaze upon this portal, as well as the Soul Star Ka, as healing agents you have manifested from your own soul substance, to activate complete awakening and complete shedding of human forgetfulness.

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