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Reconnect with Self Live Painting with Katherine Skaggs

The message of Reconnecting with Self is one of illuminating the soul, of unconditional love, and of possibility.

Join Katherine Skaggs to watch her unfolding painting and channeled guidance to awaken your true love for Self, as well as ability to flow that into your mind, body and soul. Open to the energies of this art unfolding to activate all of you for greater love, joy and peace.

The final painting, "Radiant Soul" is a reflection of the soul's beautiful radiance, light and possibility. She is the potentiation that comes from the connection to the Sacred Heart, the Sacred Self, and what it is to live a Sacred Life. All is interconnected and well in the world of the Radiant Soul.

She is a reminder that as we connect to our Source, our Light and Illumination, we illuminate the world. There is no efforting. There is only connection to the source that lives within each of us. Be encouraged to Shine YOUR Light, authentically, kindly, lovingly, joyfully, and notice the response in the world. Notice your own vibrant energy shift.

Live in curiosity of potential. What is it like for it to just get better, more loving, more abundant, more joyful? What if all moved to this higher possibility as I leaned into that within myself?

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