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Live Painting with Katherine Skaggs for Reconnecting with the Sacredness in All Life for Good of the Whole 40-day event, Live Love

Life is truly a sacred ceremony, where we are all connected to the Divine One. We are each sacred. Our animals are sacred. The Earth is sacred. The Cosmos is sacred. All beings are an emanation of the Divine and now is the time to wake up to the beauty and joy life offers each of us.

This painting is an activation of light codes and energies to support the evolution of the human species in remembering Who We Are, as expressions, sparks and children of the Divine. We are amazing beings. We discover this through release of anger, hatred and separation. There is no "other".

As I began to connect to the intention of Reconnecting with the Sacredness in All Life, I began to see Grandmother Spider Woman, who shows us all is connected in the web of Life. Nothing is separate. We each emanate energies that create, adding to the web through our own expression. When we are in the vibration of Love, we grow the world and our connection to the Sacred. When we are in a vibration of hurt, anger, and suffering, we send forth the illusion of separation, polarity and suffering.

Refocusing on the Light, on the One, and on Sacredness, is the path of return to the Sacred Heart and the healing light of the vibration of pure, unconditional love.

This painting is a journey of expression of the Sacred and reconnecting to the support to open and receive, as well as to send out this energy.

White Buffalo Calf Woman also showed up as I began this painting. She is the Native American Sacred Mother who teaches us to purify our lower, illusory perceptions of lust, greed, anger, jealousy (etc.) so we may live life as a Sacred Ceremony. Her energy, and that of Grandmother Spider flow through this painting's energy, thought he specifics of their imagery is not here. They are some of the guides who are here to support us in waking up to the Sacred, along with the Hathors, the Pleiadians, the Lyrans, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and so many more. Mother's Earth's many elementals are also very excited in their love and support of all of us and our journey to remembering.

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