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Sagittarius Full Moon Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading May 29

The Full Moon in Sagittarius May 29, 2018 Mythical Goddess Tarot reading reveals opportunity to move beyond any challenges and tests through our intuitive, lunar natures, as well as with great support. There are places of denial and endings that call us to heal through love, forgiveness and healing of our heart spaces.

Who we are as we enter this full moon energy
Gaia - World Card • 3 of Earth - The Works card • Child of Fire - Creative Spark

We are working our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves. Everything is provided. Mother Earth is there for us, providing a foundation for our expansion.We have a foundation of creativity and passion is there for us to create our reality.

The Big Picture Overview
Ix Chel - Mayan Moon Goddess - The Moon • The 7 of Seas - Denial • Athena - The Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom - The Chariot Card

Take 100% ownership of your reality with honesty, compassion, passion and love so you can transcend life's challenges. From this place open to receive the blessings in your life. Honor all you have already created and open to greater abundance. Reflect upon your experiences and choose wisely your words, your actions and your responses. Step away from conflict and be the wise one.

The Lessons or Challenges
Maiden of Seas - Passion • 2 of Seas - Love • 6 of Fire - Forgiveness

Heart love and lessons: It is time to open to the power of love no matter the test or challenge. Love is there within, and all around us, though we may not trust or now it. It it time to open the heart. The Forgiveness card calls us to forgive. Another card of the heart, brings the energy of fire to purify our heart of the fear and the hurts, so we can take 100% responsibility for healing. We also have the possibility to move deeper into the power of the heart through passion.

6 of Earth - Success • Yemaya - Oracle • Sophia - Wise Woman

Yemaya signals a time of going within, to trust your intuition and knowing. Recognize the riches of our lives. Be in awareness and gratitude to welcome in the abundance in all of your life - money, friends, family, health, etc. Sophia reflects a time of trusting our knowing and wisdom. Be reflective and observing, to grock the gold out of every experience. Move in peace and power of the heart and wisdom.

Pele - Purifier • 7 of Earth - Failure • White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

The outcome of the month shows the failure card, representing an ending. Something(s) are coming to an end. This signals both personal and collective endings that are no longer sustainable. This can be very good news for letting go of situations, as well as emotions, that no longer feed you. Alongside this comes a time of purification. Pele is here, to purify any places of dishonor of self or other. White Buffalo Calf Woman shows up on the other side of her, also a card of purification. White Buffalo Calf Woman is here to show us as we let go of what no longer serves us, we can move into greater experience and awareness that Life is a SACRED CEREMONY.

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