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by Sage Holloway

September's Focus is on Creative Expression, Intuitive Knowing, Boundaries and Power

As the lurching, panicked mind of the mass consciousness gets louder and louder and more media attention reflects it, the need is essential for us to keep our sacred space, our sanctuaries safe, and our centering in Spirit. We also must play and dance…as if our lives depended on it!
Through times of destruction, the signature of the Age of Kali, the fall of form and the remembrance of 9/11, there are cycles of birth and beginning that may be hard to see at this point. However, the greatest gifts come on the cycles of seeming loss and tragedy. Humanity is being borne into it’s true power, and all false icons to the god of power are imploding, as they should.

There are signals of change and great markers of breakthrough upon us, if we pay attention. Our hearts, feelings, and deep emotions MUST be heeded and the information therein acted upon. What we allow our conscious minds to take in affects our subconscious minds as never before. The time is upon us to not let in what doesn’t empower us and feel good, whether it is the nightly newscast or our most intimate of relationships. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. This goes for the quality of what we express as well as what we let in.

NOW is the time to follow our intuition and let it expand
, and let that knowing guide and focus our intent. The conscious mind needs this discipline. In this way, all that we deserve and all of our hard work comes to perfect fruition, and the powerful creators that we are bring our creation into the world.

A Few Supportive Shamanic Practices to engage your Creative Expression, Intuition, Boundaries and Power

by Katherine Skaggs

In the midst of this challenging time, it is more important than ever to find the disciplines that ground us in living a sacred life. Discipline is required to gain the skill sets in flowing easily through challenge. Discipline is taking desire and putting action to it.

Focus. Through the week notice your focus. Are you scattered and ADD? Or are you able to be present in each moment. If for some reason you need to develop focus, set a time each day to do a focusing exercise for 10 minutes. One exercise is to sit with a plant, and focus your attention on it. Notice its beauty, its energy, its flowers. Sit and gaze upon it, without distraction from the outer world. Say "hello." As you gaze, notice your thoughts, your feelings and your awareness of its energy and consciousness. After the 10 minutes is up, journal your awarenesses. Do this for 21 days straight and notice how your attention and focus changes, bringing you into a more "present—in the moment" state of being.

Creativity, Intuition and Personal Power. Exploring your creativity is a great way to get in touch with your intuitve self, and personal power in times of change. Set some time aside to "play" and explore your inner landscape through color and feeling. Take an expressive art class, or set aside a time to play with paint, dance, song, poetry, etc. What creative medium would you like to explore that allows you to touch your soul? Be open to what comes your way and discover yourself as "Creator" beyond what you have "thought" you might be or not be!

Boundaries. Creating good boundaries is a journey to self love. Learning to keep a safe and loving space for yourself is the first step in understanding and living with good boundaries. Boundaries are not to keep people or things out, but are to keep your sense of self in love, and in high frequency. Take an inventory of who, what and where you feel safe, loved and happy... conversely, note where you do not feel safe, loved or happy. Now, to be empowered is to take full responsibility for your choices. What inside of you needs to be loved, to be made safe, and to be given happiness? Learn to choose your happiness from the inside out. Learn to honor yourself as the beautiful, loving person that you are. Learn to say "no" to people, places and experiences that are disempowering. Learn to say yes, to where you thrive and grow.

You are the creator of your life. Say yes to all that opens you to your amazing Self!


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