Intuitive Readings

with Katherine Skaggs

Sometimes we all need some objective spiritual guidance to move forward in our lives and to see beyond what our personalities can see.

Katherine works as a clear channel to assist you in gaining guidance from your higher self and higher guidance system. Katherine moves into an altered, meditative state prior to and during your session, allowing her higher guidance system to show her pictures, images, metaphors, guides, totem animals and stories that assist you in better understanding the messages from Spirit, and your higher guidance system.

The insights gathered should confirm what you already know and open you to greater wisdom on how to move forward in your life. The readings open a space for healing and trust of Spirit’s path for you, and how to gain objectivity in your life.

intuitive counseling intuitive reading

Katherine’s readings are not about predicting the future, but more about empowering you to make choices that lead you to the life you want to live, in the manner you want to live it. She can assist you in clearing out the old, and connecting to the heart centered, soul path that is supportive of your greatest joy.

Go to the Store to pay first. Katherine will contact you by email to set up a time to schedule.

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