Shamanic Healing

with Katherine Skaggs
Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice of healing that encompasses the spiritual dimension of healing, as well as the mental, emotional and physical healing. Shamanic medicine healing practices are multi-cultural, found among indigenous peoples around the globe, and date back more than 25,000 years.


“To assist in times of crisis, I have discounted remote healing sessions, as well as offering remote healing groups.” Katherine 


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 Katherine Skaggs provides individual and group shamanic services for current day challenges and needs. Choose from individual coaching, consulting, counseling and healing sessions in person and over the phone. Sessions may also be arranged for small businesses, executive teams, boards and other small groups and organizations, as well as for land, building, and home clearing.  

Each session is based on intuitive information gained through access of the unseen world, also known as the quantum energy field, and can be extremely helpful in giving guidance in all areas of life. This may include work, health, relationships, partnerships, projects, and major decisions.  


intuitive counseling intuitive reading

Fundamental concepts of shamanism

  • Everything is alive. Everything has spirit and awareness.
  • Energy and matter are the same. Everything is vibration. Everything that exists is an energy system within a greater energy system.
  • Everything that exists is connected to everything else in a web of energy or life.
  • Unseen/inner/spiritual reality affects visible reality.
intuitive counseling intuitive reading
A shamanic practitioner is a “hollow bone” for Spirit, whose job is to bring balance and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions for an individual, a community or group, for a home, land, or any object or being. This also can be applied to anything that exists.

Shamanic healing takes place in many forms, depending on what intuitive guidance is received from Spirit. This can include plant, herb and mineral spirit medicine, the use of song and other instruments to move and transform energy, visualization, soul retrieval, extraction, hands on shamanic massage or physical body manipulation. The shamanic practitioner understands the necessity to use both nature and spirit in healing and that true healing is whole and complete: body, mind and spirit. (Thanks to the Power Path School of Shamanism for this beautiful explanation of Shamanic Healing.)

Each session is designed by Spirit for the client’s specific needs and goals.


Individual Healing Sessions with Katherine Skaggs – Shamanic PractitioneR


 Katherine Skaggs brings more than 23 years experience as a holistic healing practitioner, dream interpreter, visionary artist, spiritual teacher and guide. She has trained extensively with the Power Path School of Shamanism since 2007, including work with indigenous shamans from the Shipibo, Q’ero and Huichol traditions. Her specialties include energy clearing and balancing, sacred song and sound healing, traditional feather healing, Shipibo massage and extraction, soul retrieval and remembering, as well as house/property clearing, ceremony, ritual and practices for personal transformation and empowerment.


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