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Spirit Guide Portrait Sessions provide an opportunity to meet your Spirit Guide, ask questions, receive higher guidance and also receive a painting of your guide. Each session provides a sacred environment for healing and for awakening to the support that you have with you all the time. During a Spirit Guide Portrait, you will connect to your main guide, receive a painting of them along with guidance to assist you in your life right now, and often an unfolding story of how you have known your guide over different lifetimes (if applicable). You will also often receive guidance from your guide team and how they want to help you on your life path.

Your guide (and guide team) is here to assist you in your life and would love to communicate with you. Each session is a place where you can deepen your connection, learn how to communicate regularly, and stimulate the remembering of this aspect of your Divine Guidance.

Below are images of various guides who have come to assist, illuminate and guide.

Spirit Guide Paintings1156.Soul Essence RA-webIMG_3578

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