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Shaman Goddess Guidance July 2011

As summer intensifies, we are being reminded of great beauty and abundance all around. The healing energies of the sun, the rains and the green plants surround us, giving great sami (chi) to heal our minds, bodies and spirits.

We have just emerged from a series of three eclipses, and intense configurations in the heavens that are assuring our evolution and growth. The frequencies are changing in our bodies and environments, causing massive shift. How have you been navigating this time of death and rebirth? Have you found yourself cleaning your closets, your bodies, your homes, as well as your relationships? Most likely one of these areas has surfaced with a need to let go, shift and rebirth.

Your point of focus is key as much change takes place. Pay attention to your perspective and watch your attitude and thoughts. If you want to blossom from all the compost being created in the change, you must face the sun with your heart and let the sun shine in, as well as out into your life. If the darkness arises, it is time to trust the divine workings within the void. Fear has no place in your life. If it arises, starve its energies by focusing on love, generosity, trust, hope and faith that all is well. This requires courage to move above the mass consciousness fear of the unknown.

If you want to enjoy a bumper crop of veggies this fall, you have to be relentless in weeding your garden, all the while watering and feeding your plants. This is a simple model Mother Nature gives us for how to grow the gardens of our lives. We must be relentless in weeding our minds and the stories we tell ourselves day in and out.

The biggest challenge can result in the biggest triumphs when we choose to change. We are dreaming these worlds we live in. So we must choose wisely along the way to have outcomes we love. Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself each day about your existence. Do you worry? Do you fret over things? Or do you greet the day with love, knowing each moment just gets better? Do you talk about "how hard things are in this economy?" Or do you speak words of encouragement of "what an amazing time we live in... this much change creates fertile ground for new beginnings." Notice your stories and refocus their words, images and emotional energies to visions of joy, harmony and abundance. This is the fertilizer for a bumper crop that you will enjoy harvesting.

Mother Nature continuously gives me guidance as I take my nature hikes each day with my lovely dog Lucky. Each morning I am reminded most of all to love life, have fun and lighten up. Be in the moment and enjoy what is here now. Yesterday morning as I walked and asked for guidance for writing my newsletters this month, I was also reminded how important gentleness is for this path we are on today. A huge buck came into my sight as I walked. This magnificent deer medicine brought the reminder of strength, beauty and gentleness into my awareness. I know this is an important message as I focus on new adventures for life. It is an important message for all of us as we embark on new growth and possibilities. I find this quality of gentleness brings great strength in navigating the world.

So as you go through the next weeks, go out in nature and absorb the suns nourishing light, along with the beauty and high frequency of chi in nature. Get into the woods, meadows, mountains and hills of your favorite places. Let Mother Nature's beauty replenish you within her own productive growth and magnificence. Let her inspire this growth with your life. Be gentle with yourself and your life and discover the strength of this gentleness guiding you.

From this expect a bountiful harvest to grow from the love in your life. Remember, YOU are dreaming this world into being with every thought, every breath, every heart beat. How harmonious and loving might it be?

Blessings for an adventure filled with joy!

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