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Shaman Goddess Wisdom April 29, 2021


Join me for a FB Live reading I did with the Mythical Goddess Tarot and the Artist Shaman Healer Sage spiritual wisdom to help guide us right now!

Integrity is our first card from the Mythical Goddess Tarot, telling us to do our work to bring Heaven to Earth... trust your spiritual guidance and make sure your life is reflective of your spiritual ideals and guidelines. If you aren't do what you can to let go and burn away all that throws you out of balance.

The Child of Fire - Creativity is the second card that tells us to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE! Use your creative, innocent, and pure child self to create anew. What are you impassioned about? Jump into the fire of your heart's desires and fulfill those heart's desires through all the various ways you would love to create form from your inspiration.

9 of Wind - Clarity comes next, to remind us to go to a higher perspective and focus on all you desire. Marry up that inspiration and integrity with the clarity of your focus, so you are harmoniously creating the world  you want. The very act of your creativity will help you with the clarity for your mind and your soul.

Awaken your Inner Shaman! Jump into shamanic practices to support bringing Heaven to Earth, to assist you in getting to a higher perspective, and then bringing it to earth.

Enjoy one of Katherine's stories of her edgy shamanic adventures in the Andes. The moral of the story is that "There is no outer shaman, there is no outer healer, YOU are IT!" Make sure to take responsibility for the dream of your life as you choose to be in integrity in your life, creating with great passion and purity, and you will become clear upon your path.

Much love and blessings

Katherine Skaggs


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