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Join author Katherine Skaggs of the Artist Shaman Healer Sage shamanic guidebook to learn more about basic shamanic principles and truths that support you tin dreaming your life in power, grace, joy, and wisdom. Shamanism is an ancient mapping system for the soul to live life in sacred awareness of the Spirit in all things, giving conscious awareness to how to clearly create your life more empowered and aware of how things work. It is always good to understand the rules of the game. The Earth Walk is an opportunity for the soul to evolve and grow, learning that the spiritual realm and the physical world are intrinsically connected.

One basic principle is that you, the Soul, are the Dreamer of Your Reality. This physical world is a dream of Spirit, and you are creating it as you go, often unconsciously, though your soul has a plan from the very beginning of your incarnation. Stepping onto a spiritual path, and working with the shamanic mapping systems, gives you an opportunity to wake up within the dream. Becoming lucid within the dream of life gives you greater ability to create with intention, bringing greater harmony and joy to the life you desire to live.

Within the dream everything is alive with the energy of Spirit. It has energy, vibration, and frequency. The Q'ero people of the high Andes in Peru will tell you about energy, defining it in 'life giving' energy, called Sami, and 'energy that will ultimately make you sick and kill you', called Hucha. Hucha is man-made from fear, anger, hatred, jealously, resentment, and all things born of negative, harmful emotions and attitudes. Learning to clean and clear Hucha, and to fill with Sami are foundational practices in staying balanced and healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Another important principle and Universal Truth shamans work with and understand through direct experience is that 'All is Well, No Matter the Appearances of Things." This can be a hard truth to swallow when the world seems harsh, unforgiving, and often dangerous and divided. The chaotic times we are experiencing now are extreme and often reflective of people against other people. Yet, when you are able to move to the higher plane of spiritual awareness, the place of non-ordinary reality, you gain a higher perspective of the soul's journey that weaves into the workings of every day life, and the larger perspective of humanity's struggle to evolve on a soul level collectively.

Beyond this human reality, all is well in the Spirit World, where there is perspective on the game of life and the Earth Walk. Learning to journey within to 'see' more clearly can help to reduce the stress of the human life and bring understanding and peace to the soul's journey.

You are the Blessing! In the teachings that were passed on to me, I discovered a beautiful and pure teaching for the soul to emerge through the challenges of human life. Within each of us are gifts and beauty regardless of our human persona. I have been able to embrace this for 25 years or more consciously as I have painted soul portraits for more than several thousand people, peering into their true essence beyond their personality to see and sense their true beauty. Learning to see and sense the beauty in nature begins to reveal the blessings that are ever present in our world. Sitting in ceremonial spaces begins to open our hearts again to see the beauty in another, as well as within our own being. Returning to the sacred within all life is a path that reveals how we bless one another when we sit in our heart spaces and look for the Divine within and all around us. May you be blessed as you enjoy this chat on shamanism today. Taken from the teachings within the Artist Shaman Healer Sage book by Katherine Skaggs.

Author Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs is an intuitive, empath, visionary artist, writer, spiritual guide and teacher, shamanic practitioner, and painter of souls. As a sensitive empath and creative artisan, she found the world of metaphysics, energy work, and all things spiritual in the early 80s, and ultimately the symbiotic path of shamanism in 2007. Katherine has studied, apprenticed, and sat in many years of healing ceremonies with shamans around the world, from the Andes to the Amazon, from the US to Peru and Mexico. She’s been a teacher of spiritual pathways since 1988, and shamanism since 2009. She now brings these universal, multicultural teachings to you from her heart-centered voice of personal experience. May you be blessed!

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