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Shift Up - Healing during COVID-19

Dear Friends

I am reaching out to support you during these chaotic times, full of fright and fear in our collective, as well as a time of great opportunity, of great focus on the light by those of us willing to turn our attention to greater possibilities unfolding beyond the fear. How shall we hold the light, be in support and supported, and take practical steps to move through these experiences with power, strength and love?

I am holding space for healing each day at my altar. I am lighting a candle, sage, palo santo, copal, sacred tobacco and other powerful plant medicines to clear the fear energies and trauma vibrations that are emerging so we may heal individually and collectively. I am calling all angels, divine beings of light, helpers and masters of light to assist us now. In the big picture, this collective purge is an important part of our transformation as a species. 

Please join me in setting a space each day to light a candle, to pray, to meditate, to walk in nature, to go inward into the light of possibility and alchemy, to transform your own fears, through a shift of focus, through a shift of intention and attention. You can do this. We can do this.

Let's come together for a powerful shift, shifting our focus upward and inward.

Clear yourself and your space daily by burning sage, palo santo, sacred tobacco, etc. Use essential oils such as frankincense, tea tree, thieves, lemon, peppermint, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, chamomile, clove, cinnamon, pine, juniper and rosemary on your body and in your field. Diffuse oils in your home and place of work. 

Anti viral plants you can add to your diet are oregano, echinacea, garlic, elderberry, astragalus, olive leaf, ginger, cats claw, chaga mushroom, calendula, pau d’arch, siberian ginseng, reishi, sangre de drago, and st. johns ward. Eat lots of garlic!!!

Colloidal silver is also excellent to take to support your immune system.

Take care of your gut to support your immune system. Stay away from sugar, grains and dairy to support a shift in gut health if you are willing, while adding probiotics and prebiotics. This will assist in your energy as well. Your immune system needs good food, organics food, so you can navigate this world well in a body! Stay away from GMOs and foods that have been sprayed with glycophosphates. Organic only is a good way to go, to insure your immune system is optimal.

Over the next month I will be setting up some remote group healing opportunities to join, as well as some live channeled paintings on FB to clear the fear. Most events will be free, or very low cost to join remotely. It is time to support, to vibe up and to thrive regardless of the circumstances. 

Several key teachings in shamanism to ponder at this time:

1. You are the Dreamer of Your Reality — (How shall you dream your life regardless of the circumstances you are amidst?)

2. All is Well regardless of the appearances of things.

3. Everything is Energy. Everything is connected. (Do your part in shifting upwards, through your focus, your thoughts and emotions, your intentions, your actions. Choose love as best as possible. Choose kindness. Choose to bless yourself and others. Look for the magic and the beauty. Be the blessing.)

Use this most amazing, free, great tool - Your Imagination! Connect to your childlike nature of innocence, curiosity and wonderment. When you still your mind, your heart and your focus, use your imagination and curiosity to reach to greater possibilities unfolding. What is the amazing shift coming as we are in the change? How good can all of this get? How much better might it be as we transform? What if we are moving into greater harmony as we clear the fear? What is it like to feel, sense, see, act and be from a greater sense of harmony and love? 

Move your focus and attention into this world of energy and be emboldened for magical shift!

With much love, honor, respect and blessings!


Katherine Skaggs

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