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Solstice Tarot Reading with the Mythical Goddess Tarot by Katherine Skaggs

Enjoy a Mythical Goddess Solstice Tarot Reading with Katherine Skaggs for Solstice Thursday, Dec. 21st at 8:27pm MST.

This is a 15-Card spread with the Mythical Goddess Tarot and an esoteric look at the Solstice Cycle. It is practical too as to what is important as we end one cycle and begin a new one, both from a spiritual perspective, and what serves us as souls on Earth. Katherine will help you look at Who are We as we enter into this changing cycle, What is the Big Picture, What Lessons and Opportunities are at this time, What Action to Take, and What Outcome will follow as we act on what is best for us. In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year before the return of the light.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Summer Solstice, being the brightest day of the year. Solstice is the still place of pause, where the Sun's daily path as seen from Earth reverses direction seasonally. Spiritually and symbolically, this is a time of ‘pause.' It is a good time to access the Void, and the place of possibility and potentiation. The void is the place between past and future, the place of all possible futures.

Master Akbal signals a time to go within. A perfect reminder for a Solstice ceremony. Master Akbal painting is by artist Katherine Skaggs and is feathered in the award-winning Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by artist/author Katherine Skaggs.REFLECT AND LET GO

Now is a time to reflect upon what you truly desire to create and to experience as you let go of what has been. It is a great time to write down what you are letting go of onto a sheet of paper, with all the ferve and emotion you can draw forth as you place words and energy onto paper. In reflection what wisdom and gratitude can you draw forth from your journey in life? Even in the hardest of times there are lessons and teachings that offer wisdom from your experiences.


On another sheet of paper admit your blessings that have come across the last 6 months to year or more. What wisdom has come? What are you grateful for in the journey? What healing and awareness have you received along the way?


On a third sheet of paper take time to dream anew. What hopes, dreams, and desires do you wish to put your attention on now? What new seeds of life do you wish to plant and fertilize with your attention at this potent time? Pour forth your desires to create and to receive.

Solstice Fire Ceremony with Katherine SkaggsALCHEMIZE WITH FIRE CEREMONY

To alchemize your words and your experiences, take your writings to the fire and ceremonially release them. The fire is the symbol of the Sun on Earth, tangible, bright, and alchemical. Move close to the fire and release these papers, and any other offerings you would like, such as seeds for new beginnings, leaves of what has been shed, holly, twigs, etc. Place organic items into the fire to let go and to call forth anew. Then stand close enough to the fire for its energy to purify your field with its warmth and life force. With everything you release into the fire you will receive an expansion of chi, prana, and life force to revitalize your energy and all of your life.

May this Solstice bring you many blessings! May the Holidays bring great joy, and the New Year be fertile with great love, abundance, adventures, and heart. Love, Katherine

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