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Soul Portraits: A Reflection of Your True Essence

At the core or each of us is an energy and expression of energy that I call Soul Essence. It is alive, intelligent, loving and vast. It is what guides us, what inspires us, what brings forth our passions and beckons us to live the life of our hopes and dreams. This is the energy and sense of multi-dimensionality that I tap into when I paint a Soul Portrait.

As an artist, healer and teacher I began to “hear inwardly” the term “Soul Portrait” in the mid-90s. I knew exactly what it meant, and was a little intimidated by the task I was being asked to do. Yet as time has unfolded I have honored this guidance and now offer this process of “Soul Portraits” to capture the Soul Essence of individuals, couples, families, animals, deceased beings, and now businesses. Each painting acts as an inspiration, a tool for healing and following one's soul path, giving tangible color and form to the energies and impressions of the Soul Essence. The painting tells a story and communicates the sense of vast love and beauty each recipient possesses. It acts as a gateway or portal to access this vast sense of Divine Self we each are.

The information that floods in comes in washes of color, strokes of energy on canvas, words and images that ask to inspire, to touch the heart and intelligence of each recipient to open to the possibilities of the Self, of the imagination, of the personal hopes and dreams. Each painting asks you to believe in the personal power you have to make a difference, to follow your heart's desire, to take a risk and be authentically yourself.

I have painted individuals, couples, mothers and babes, families, people with their beloved animals, those who are no longer in the physical (the deceased), and now a business entity, The Healing Path Magazine (this issue’s cover art). Each Soul Portrait brings a message that transcends the ego and small self and taps into the true essence and purpose that we are here to walk on this Earth; souls connected to living a life of joy and happiness amidst the struggles of being quite human.

Each portrait is filled with love, compassion, hope, possibilities, and the potential for change. Recipients are encouraged to use their portraits as a place for contemplation and meditation, to sit with, to open to its energy and essence. Use it as reflection for unfolding a life that reflects the authentic desires that live in your heart. Allow it to guide you. When you sit with the painting allow the small still voice to come forth. I suggest using a journal to capture your impressions and your thoughts. Draw or paint imagery to go along with the words. Know that you are tuned in and trust the voice, the images and the 'gut' feelings that arise.

I have had clients follow these suggestions and have returned to tell me how they have changed their lives, and even hired me to receive another painting. One such client saw me at a Holistic Arts Fair in spring. I painted a mini-portrait, which is a very short session only offered at fairs. As I sat with this client I offered many words and impressions that came with the painting process, along with the suggestions of how to best use her portrait as a place for reflection, conversation with her higher Self and God-spark, and for journaling.

I was at the Summer Holistic Arts Fair and this client showed up again. She began to tell me how her portrait had changed her life. She had done as I suggested and as a result made many changes. She quit her job, moved to Denver to go back to school to receive her ph.D, and had a new part time job that allowed her to do so. She was thrilled. And she wanted another portrait!!

I proceeded to paint a new portrait, a full hour session this time. As I did so joy-filled tears came to my eyes and vast love filled my heart. I flooded the canvas with color and began the process of painting my client with the symbols and imagery that wanted to express. I felt an incredible healing presence, ancient, wise. My client could feel the healing energy and vast love all around her, and tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She could feel the energy shifting as we brought forth the soul's essence and intentions. This was an incredible hour of tapping into the vastness of the Soul's wisdom and presence beyond this time and space. Another layer was revealed for her soul's journey.

Each painting captures the soul's wisdom and intelligence through the color and form on canvas. The painting process is a vehicle to hold this information in a matrix of energy on canvas. It becomes a tool that holds the intentions of the individual for healing, for personal growth and following one's higher road in life.

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