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Spring Equinox Tarot Reading

Join me, Katherine Skaggs to welcome the Spring Equinox (in Northern hemisphere Tuesday, March 19 at 9:06pm MDT) energies of rebirth and reset. The equinox marks the astrological new year, the East in the medicine wheel, and the place of new beginnings. It is the perfect time to plant seeds of your intentions into the great cosmic void of possibility, as well as physically for all you desire at this time.

This Spring Equinox Mythical Goddess Tarot reading reveals more about the energy of the Spring cycle and what we need to know to proceed in greater harmony and well-being in our lives. This esoteric tarot reading also offers practical guidance and advice for clearing old, limiting patterns, as well as birthing new ways of being. Katherine will address Who We Are as we enter this Spring cycle, What is the Big Picture of this time, What are our Lessons and Opportunities, What Action to Take, and Outcomes we can expect as we follow our highest pathways. Enjoy! Much love, Katherine Skaggs

Who are We as We Enter Spring Equinox 2024

This is a reflection of who WE are — you, me, and humanity, and what we are working through as we enter this new cycle:

Crone of Seas - Resurrection - This is a card of wisdom and endings of cycles, signally a massive emotional rebirth from the Dark Night of the Soul. She signals both heart and soul transformation and resurrection from death into new form. This Crone Mama is the pure feminine expression of rebirth from the underworld. Know that no matter who beat up you may feel from your journey that you are here, transformed and wiser. Know that you have all it takes to move into Spring with emotional healing and capacity to love more deeply.

7 of wind mythical goddess tarot7 of Wind - Pessimism - And though we have come through it all with deep emotional challenges and healing, we still have some lack of clarity mentally in how to move forward in a positive way mentally. Old patterns of limitation are up for us to heal as we enter Spring. It is good to expose them now so we can do our work to let go of any boxes we have put ourselves into, or that others have put us into. Time to break out into new ways of being! Get honest and you can move forward.

materasu-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayThe Sun - Amaterasu - The Shinto Sun Goddess - Though our mind may want to hold us back, our soul says WE ARE THE LIGHT! YOU ARE THE LIGHT. On a deep level we are emerging with greater light no matter what our lower ego false personality wants to say. With the return of the light on Earth, there is also a deeper emergence of the light within.

What is the Big Picture of the 2024 Spring Equinox Cycle?

3 of wind - isolation3 of Wind - Isolation - This card is about balance and perception of the mind. Don't let your mind skew your perception as you watch others off playing in a world without you. Now is the time to go within, to be with yourself in deep spaces. You are loved and you belong. Take your space to be with your own processes, your time to practice your skills, and to enjoy yourself in your world. You are the love you seek in your life, and you are the source of all happiness. There is a time to be with community and you will know when that is. Don't let your mind make you envious or feeling alone. Reconnect at the deepest levels with your Self and you will be in flow with your tribe.

5-of-wind-fear-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-holloway5 of Wind - Fear - In the  Big Picture our Spring Cycle is exposing the fear we have mentally so we can overcome it. It is time to move to the heart and soul of life and what we truly desire. If you have fear arising still your mind and sit in your heart. Watch your thoughts. Feel them in your body. Then cast them out with your intentions and healing practices. Take them to the fire and ceremonially release them so they no longer have control over your future. Work with the medicine of going within with the 3 of Wind. Be honest about what you are afraid of so you can refocus through love as best as possible. Ask what it may be like to choose based on love and joy rather than fear.

child-of-fire-creative-spark-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayChild of Fire - Creative Spark - This card is the energy we need to engage within our very beings to overcome the lower mental energies of fear and isolation. What might it be like to be focused on creating what you love? Your creativity is your super power when focused on a new way of being, a future of possibility, and a life lived in joy and love.

What are our Lessons and Opportunities

isis-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayThe High Priestess - Egyptian Goddess Isis  - You are the High Priestess of your own life. You are the one to give birth to your new life through intuitive knowing, inner reflective spaces, ceremony, ritual, magic, and intention. Pay attention to your inner knowing, your inner voice. It is time to receive nourishment from the Divine. It is also important to know your rebirth is supported by this Divine Mother energy. Call Isis to awaken your inner knowing and ability to make your life a sacred ceremony where you are the knower.

09_nine-of-earth-community-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-holloway9 of Earth - Community - Your lesson and challenge, and opportunity is calling you to sacred community of like-minded, like-hearted souls who learn and expand. It is time to find your tribe! Since this card sites in the Lessons and Opportunities section of the reading you may need to review who you are hanging out with. Are they heart and soul tribe? Do you need an upgrade? Perhaps you are having a hard time finding community where you live? Ground yourself and know the Universe is calling you to an expanded or new tribe. Stay open and curious and they shall appear.

04_four-of-seas-desire-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-holloway4 of Seas - Desire - This card of the heart is calling you to greater depth and awareness of your true heart's desires. It is time to trust and go deep into your heart spaces to open your destiny and soul's calling. Opportunity waits for you to connect to your heart and have the courage to ask for what you really want. No matter the past emotional upheaval you have gone through, your heart is calling you to align with its true desires.

What Action to Take

13_mother-of-earth-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayMother of Earth - Birth - It is indeed time to give birth to your creations born of the seeds you planted this last cycle. Be prepared to nourish what you have already set into motion. Is the baby room ready for your new life? Prepare to go forward with your dreams and trust you are guided in all you need to take care of your new life with great love.

III - Empress - Kuan YinThe Empress - Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion and Mercy  - Kuan Yin is the heart centered Mother of Compassion and Healing. She is here to bring relief to any suffering you have been experiencing. Engage your heart into this love to heal anything you have been holding onto emotionally. You are being offered the healing waters of life through compassion, love, and wisdom. Give this pure stream of love and compassion first of all to yourself. Yield to your heart fully. In doing so you will receive her full blessings and in turn bless all you meet. Be receptive. Offer this gentleness and mercy to others as yourself.

1 - Sorceress - Morgan le FayThe Sourceress - Morgan le Fey Queen of the Fairies - This great Queen Goddess ruler of Avalon knows magic in all its forms. She heals and creates through alchemical powers of shape shifting form. She brings rebirth and transformation from the old. She is here to teach you that you have the ability to shape shift your circumstances into whatever you choose. You are the creator of your life by each choice you make. Your future awaits you based on how you choose each moment. What do you choose to create and to experience? Know that whatever you release opens the door to a new life? It is time to heal and transform into greater love, greater life, and greater joy.


5 of Fire - Conflict - Having a negative card is a warning as to what you really need to do in this next cycle. It is time to resolve conflict within and all around you so you do not need to carry it forward in your life. Know also that as you follow your soul path there may be others that are not happy about it. This card asks you to become free of whatever circumstances have kept you enslaved in old ways of being and pain. If you follow your soul's yearnings you will be uprooting the sources of conflict within yourself so you can uproot them out of your life.

ace of fire illumination mythical goddess tarotAce of Fire - Illumination - Rest assured that as you move into your new life you will shine! This is a card of new beginnings and support. All aces represent both spiritual and physical support on board. Clarity and light is upon you in your life. The time is now to move forward with brilliant consciousness and creative power.

Six of Earth - Success6 of Earth - Success - This overflowing pot of gold is a symbol of successful reward as you end the cycle of Spring. All you have been working for is coming to fruition in tangible, physical ways. This is a time of great accomplishment and the success you deserve. Be prepared to receive!

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