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with Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Katherine Skaggs

Time to Dream Big!

On the heals of the New Moon Dec. 14th and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, aligning with our Galactic Center Dec. 17th, 2020, we are being called to DREAM BIG as great light is being offered to us. How do we get there? What is most important to truly move into the next level of healing, joy, and happiness once again? The guidance came this morning in meditation to DREAM BIG, to turn our focus on the heart dreams of our souls that are programmed into us before birth. This reading is about how do we get there?

WHO ARE WE as we ask this question? At the center of the reading Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, the Wheel of Fortune card, Crow Woman, the Sacred Law card, and the Crone of Fire, Transmutation tell me that we are abundantly supported from our spiritual selves to our earthly selves, that we are aligned with our soul's destiny through Universal Law and that we are moving out of the fire of transmutation as we enter our new phase. Time to claim these gifts to truly dream big, and manifest a new reality.

THE BIG PICTURE - In the big picture Morgan le Fay, the Sorceress (who was in our reading yesterday), again reminds us were are here to Source ourselves to the Divine, so we may magically create our desires. The 5 of Earth, manipulation, is up to heal all the ways we are entangled with limiting patterns of pain in the earth realm. To be free we must cut these cords that bind us. And the 4 of Wind, Patience, reflect that we are on the precipice of great change and expansion as the heavens reign blessings upon us. Be patient, be present, our greater dreams are coming to earth in perfect timing.

OUR CHALLENGES AND LESSONS ALONG THE WAY - The 2 of Wind, Balance, the 3 of Fire, De-Light, and Ancient Mother Goddess Aditi, The Great Void, sit in our area of challenges and lessons. They tell us we need to balance our thoughts, internally and externally, to be in balance in how we create. Reflect upon your true beliefs and thoughts. Are they aligned with your higher good and big dreams, or do you doubt and fear what is possible. Take time to meditate and harmonize your inner world, your spiritual self, with your expression. The De-Light card tells me that we'll have lessons and challenges in truly being in our joy and delight as we navigate the changes. We must do our best to focus on being in the light as we work on disentangling from our old patterns that limit us. And Aditi says DREAM BIG, even if you may not know how at times. Work through limitations so you may receive what you truly desire.

WHAT ACTION DO WE TAKE NOW? - The 9 of Earth, Community sits next to Mama Gaia, the World card, and the Ace of Seas, Ecstatic-Sea to guide us to the action needed to manifest our true hopes and desires. Both the Community card and Gaia remind us of our immense connectivity, even in times of of social distancing! We are intrinsically connected and need to call upon this in bringing our dreams to Earth. Gather in community, even if it is virtual. Be in conscious, intentional community, even if you must rely on technology to do so. Honor the blessings of the Earth, and know that you are supported as you connect and realize we are all Kin! Then move into emotional ecstasy through your gratitude and joy of connectivity. The Ace of Seas tells me that your heart will be lifted up as you take this perspective in creating your dreams, and that you will have great support by your angels, and all your ground crew in your earthly life.

OUTCOME AS WE ACT ACCORDING TO OUR GUIDANCE - If you will heed the guidance and take action on dreaming big, claiming your abundance and connectivity, you will indeed move into a new cycle with greater levity and joy, manifesting a more sacred life, that weaves the truth of your greater spiritual self into a life of greater harmony and joy.

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