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One-Day Praying with Tobacco Dieta
Saturday, September 25th
8:00am to 5:30pm

Pre-requisite: ASHS Course I, or other Advanced Shamanic Work approved by Katherine

***If you have not taken shamanic course work with Katherine, please contact her before you purchase this event so you are pre-approved. If you have studied with other shamanic teachers, Katherine will review your qualifications and possibly speak to you ahead of time to approve you for this sacred work.

Connect with the spirit and essence of Tobacco in sacred ceremony and ritual. In this day of retreat, work with this sacred plant medicine teacher in silence, fasting and prayer. You will learn to invoke  the Spirt of tobacco as your ally and as a powerful shamanic tool in your everyday life for clearing, cleaning and healing. Create a sacred relationship with tobacco, learning also to call it in for protection, and for assistance in creating greater boundaries and integrity in all areas of your life.

Tobacco is a sacred plant used by many indigenous peoples around the world. The sacred tobacco we work with is direct from the jungles of Peru. It is pure nicotine rustica, and is used by Peruvian shamans for clearing low frequency energies, such as trauma, unpleasant fear patterns, fright, as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Tobacco is a very good plant ally to use for protection and raising your frequency when done in reverence for the sacred plant. It greatly assists sensitive, empathic people when used consciously as an ally, through prayer and with intention.

8am Arrival and Beginning

Arrive well hydrated and fasting from food.

This is a one-day prayerful diet with tobacco, with an opportunity to get to know it better as a spirit ally and powerful healing tool. You learn to smoke it prayerfully, and do not inhale the smoke. You can also opt in to pray with it as an ally and not smoke it all, as the relationship is not dependent on smoking it, but on how you honor it and call it in as a spirit ally.

This is a day of fasting. Prior to the beginning of the day diet with tobacco, you are requested to hydrate early morning. No food. You will be in prayer and silence all day with Tobacco until 3pm. (If you have blood sugar issues, hypoglycemia, or diabetes, please talk to Katherine for proper supervision and support.)

3pm - Breaking the Fast

The day of prayer, fasting, and work with tobacco ends at 3pm. An organic soup, fresh fruit, vegetables, and GF bread are provided to break your fast and nourish you.

4pm-ish - Integration and Closing the Circle

After eating, an integration of the group will be offered and a closing of the day of ceremony with tobacco. You will be free to leave by 5:30pm or sooner.

One-Day Tobacco Dieta Cost $145
Repeat students $111

OPTIONAL Two-Day Tobacco Dieta
Saturday, Sept. 25th and 26th
8:00am to 5:30pm each day

For those who would like to go deeper with Tobacco as your spirit ally, join for the two-day immersion with Tobacco. Day 2 will begin at 8am with ceremony and prayer to begin the day as it was in Day 1. At 3pm you will break the fast as with the day with an organic meal. Then we will do another integration, with a closing of the circle for the event.

In the jungles with the Shipibo tribe, the traditional Dieta with Tobacco is a 7-day diet. You actually consume a drink made of the tobacco leaves (prayed over by the shamans), as well smoke the mapachos (tobacco in what looks like cigarette form) in prayer. This offers you the opportunity to infuse your energy bodies with the plant intelligence and deepen into an ally relationship with the plant.

The two-day Tobacco Dieta offers a deeper experience with the plant for those who are interested in having Tobacco as a great protective and healing ally.

Two-Day Tobacco Dieta Cost - $275
Repeat Students - $222

Katherine Skaggs, Shamanic Practitioner
Katherine Skaggs is a shamanic practitioner who has trained extensively with the Shipibo shamans from the Amazon jungles of Peru and their shamanic traditions since 2007. In her apprenticeship she has dieted with sacred tobacco and a ladder of other sacred plants from the jungle that assist energetically, spiritually and physically. The first plant to diet with is Tobacco.

"To get to know this plant, the shamans create a fresh pressed drink out the the leaves of the tobacco plant. Each day the shamans pray into the plant drink with prayers for the medicine to assist us, and for us to become allies with it and its powers. They would also put prayers into three mapacchos for us to work with each day. A mapaccho looks like a cigarette, but is not, as it is pure tobacco and only meant for prayerful use. Then we would pray into our tobacco drink (or whatever plant we were working with), and drink it down. We would then rest, fast, pray and dream during the day. We began at dawn and were in ceremony until 3pm. Then we could break our fast. We did this for 7 days, as that is the minimum time for the sacred relationship to be created, and for the plant to lay its energy matrix into our field."

Tobacco is sacred and not meant to be used mindlessly. It knows your prayers and will go to work for you if you hold it in its sacredness. And if you disrespect it, it will kill you! This class is to get to know Tobacco as a powerful ally, and to have a sacred relationship with it.

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