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By Katherine Skaggs,
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

For thousands of years, in ancient temples and every day homes, sacred art has been used to shift one’s focus upwards to the Divine, to bring healing, and to create sacred space. Priests, priestesses, shamans, medicine men and women all have invoked healing through the assistance of sacred art objects, images, written text and statuary. They understood how to use sacred imagery and word to create portals to the Divine, accessing the magic and healing vibrations.

Great artists through the past 100s of years were not only trained as artists, but were also trained in mystery schools, where they understood sacred geometry, and the power of art to open energy portals, as well as to convey high frequency light to the masses. Michelangelo and Leonardo Divinci were such mystic artists. 

These artist mystic traditions continue in our current day, where the artists are the messengers to awaken the soul. If you have ever found some visionary, spiritual art calling you, you must know it spoke deeply to your being, and not just your eyes. 

I has such an experience when I saw the art of Alex Grey, Susan Sedon Boulet and Meinrad Craighead in the early 90s. I owned a metaphysical store, had been training in a mystery school for 4 years, and had also been an artist since I could pick up a pencil. When I chose their art books and calendars to sell in my store, I became very much aware that something was calling me. I felt deeply that perhaps I too was supposed to do something visionary or spiritual with my art. Over the following 10 years, it became clear to me what that union was. It ultimately directed my path in life as a mystic, visionary artist myself, finding my way as channel of the Divine, and messenger to the soul through my art.

Along the way I would say I learned many symbol systems and the power of sacred imagery, yet that is not completely true. It is more like I “remembered” how to bring in sacred imagery, not through my eyes, but through my soul, as a channel. The journey first was to heal my own soul self. Getting still and asking for guidance married with the act of making art was the beginning of the Divine coming through me in more mystical and expansive ways. Each experience of contact with a Divine Being, such as Mother Mary, or White Eagle, or Serapis Bey, or another angel or guide who revealed themselves, was an experience of opening a portal to high frequency light waves that heal, that awaken and that transcend a 2-D piece of art. Once created in the original art, it continues to open sacred spaces, transmitting light codes of love and guidance, even in small reproductions such as an altar card or small print. 

When art is created at a soul level, with intention, symbol and meaning, it has the capacity to open doorways to the Divine. It brings vibrational healing through its holographic and physical presence. It calls the soul to recall more of their Divinity through an activation of the akasha energy field, and ultimately into the personality. It breaks the mind and the heart open to love and awareness. 

We all can’t have great pieces of art in our homes or on our altars. Yet today, we have the magic of reproduction, offering the opportunity of owning beautiful artwork in more affordable versions that we can hang in our homes and place into our sacred spaces. 

What determines Sacred Art?

Not all art falls into the category of visionary sacred art. Is the art created in love? Is it high vibrational? Does it convey messages of the divine without religious constraints, rules and judgements? Is it beautiful? Does it make you smile, feel more love, or curiosity of the invisible realm of Spirit?

I have found that the artists engaged in conveying Divine messages through their art, bring healing to others. An astrologer 30 years ago told me it would be the artisans in the New Age who would be the true Healers. For these would be the conduits dancing with the Divine, bringing expression of it's high frequency energies to Earth via inspired visual art, movies, dance, song, music, etc. 

Sacred Art and Altar Spaces

Creating beauty in your home and sanctuary spaces brings peace, calm, vision, hope and healing. The color, pattern, geometries, symbols, Divine Beings and vibration create a focused energy, both physically and spiritually. The feel good beauty of sacred art immediately begins to shift any space. When the high vibrations come into your space, your attention is moved to a higher awareness in your conscious mind, as well as on a subconscious or soul level. 

Your aura, or quantum field begins to vibrate upwards, as well as the space where the altar sits. Through prayer and meditation at your altar with your sacred imagery and objects, you begin deepening your spiritual energies and awarenesses. This is the journey of cultivating greater peace, beauty and grace, where you are less and less apt to fall into the lower energies of judgment and separation. 

These beautiful images are spiritual tools that work, even when you aren’t consciously doing anything. They hold space for you, whether you can or can’t.

The Call to Share Sacred Art as Altar Cards

Katherine Skaggs Textures of Mary

Many years ago, when I began to channel Divine Beings through my art (Mother Mary, Buddha, Jesus, Archangel Michael and other angels to name a few), I became aware that I needed to share the images on a larger scale, and not just sell one painting at a time. The guidance was most strong when I was awakened one night by Mother Mary, and I had to get up to paint her. This particular experience was one of receiving a transmission of unconditional love that came into the art. At this time it was clear the importance of sharing the imagery as a way to bring light to awaken others heart and souls through compassion and love.

Soon after the images were made into small 5x7” cards, with a message on the back, to inspire and to uplift. (See all altar cards here.)

Create Altar Spaces for Inspiration and Healing

When in need of making one’s life for sacred, for healing and for being lifted up, it is a great idea of set aside a small space in your home for an altar. Altars are physical places where you focus your attention to prayer, meditation, worship, and calling forth your Divine Guides and Helpers. The space doesn’t have to be big, yet it might be. 

Personal altars are a great way to stay connected to the sacredness of all life, especially yours! They become containers that hold your prayers, intentions and desires in the most sacred ways. They help ground the higher energies of the Divine into the physical world.

Creating and working with an altar is as essential to a mystic, shaman or priestess, as brushing one’s teeth is to good oral health. 

To make your own personal altar, it is a great idea to keep out of the attention of others. Choose a private space where you can put down an altar cloth, or something beautiful as the base to hold your items and prayers. A candle is often added to represent the light, fire and illumination. If you would like to include all the elemental energies, place some item representing the Earth, Water and Air on the altar. Some dirt from a sacred or special place, water you have blessed or from a sacred well, and a feather or something clearly representing the air. Add fresh flowers to bring in beauty, and to open a portal to the Divine. (Angels and Ascended Masters LOVE the color, beauty and fragrance of flowers!) 

Add Divine Art Altar Cards to focus bringing in the guidance of any specific guides, angels, or ascended masters you would love to invoke through your altar. With time, you will become more and more clear when they are present, and that you have clear communication anytime you desire it or need it. The more you work with their imagery and essence, the more sensitive you are to their vibration energy and how it reaches you.

Other Places for Altar Cards

Altar cards are also great for your desk at work, to carry in your car or in your purse, hung near your bed, on on your bathroom mirror. They create space wherever they are! If you need a reminder of the Divine and want inspiration, incorporate this sacred imagery where you want to bring their energy and inspiration. 

Choose Your Altar Cards and Sacred Imagery

Redemption altar card by katherine skaggs

There are many images of Sacred Ones you may incorporate, who will absolutely visit you as you begin to say “hello” by honoring them through your focused attention, gratitude and physical presence through sacred art. 

To connect, what is your need for guidance, your hope or your intention?

Hold your intention, prayer, need or desire strong in your heart and mind when asking who to connect to. Cultivate reflection and stillness. Ask for your spirit helpers to come to you in any way you can recognize their energy. 

Then open to the imagery you find at a local metaphysical store card or calendar section, or art books, or online sacred art. Ask for the image and the presence of the Divine Helper to be revealed. Synchronicity will unfold and you will be directed to the energy of your helper. It may come in song, art, written word, statuary, movie references, etc. Your Divine Helper may well be a Marvel character, or an angel, ascended master, goddess or an animal. Don’t be surprised!

Notice who are you drawn to by image. If you don’t have a specific idea or knowledge of who you would like to put on your altar, peruse the images to see who attracts you. Move beyond your intellect to your intuitive senses. The image will call you. The message will follow.

Here are a few of the Divine Helpers you might want to check out: Archangel Michael for protection and guidance; Mother Mary for unconditional love; Kuan Yin for compassion; Lakshmi for abundance; Jesus for forgiveness, love and healing; Buddha for compassion and peace; White Eagle for awakening your DNA and connection to guidance from all the ascended masters, and so on and so forth. There are an infinite number of Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Illuminated Ones to work with. They may or may not be familiar. So trust who you are drawn to in the moment you choose.

(See all Katherine Skaggs altar cards here.)

How to Work with the Sacred Ones through work with the Altar Cards

Once you have chosen your altar cards, now what? 

Enjoy their beauty!

Say “hello” and “thank you”. Be specific if you can, and name the gifts and powers of that being, honoring their mastery and benevolence. Thank the Divine Being for being present to you, and assisting you in whatever manner he or she is showing up for you. Ask them to lift you up, into their awakened vibrations, that you too might align with their blessings.

Sit with the Divine Being via your altar card and gaze softly upon it. Feel into its energy. As you quiet your mind, and still your body, you will connect deeply through the image. 

Journal with the essence of the Divine One, reflecting, asking questions, feeling into the responses, opening your intuition and knowing.

Invoke through prayer and ritual. Sing praise of gratitude and blessings. 

As you sit with the sacred imagery of your Divine Beings of Light, you will know what to do. Trust your intuition and heart spaces. You may find yourself crying tears of joy, or laughing out loud. These beings are alive and well and are excited to meet you in this way.

Artist Author Katherine Skaggs
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Katherine Skaggs is an intuitive channel, visionary artist, painter of souls, author, shamanic practitioner and teacher. She is the artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, as well as a series of Altar Cards born of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Divine Beings of Light. Each image is channeled and created as a portal, for your own direct experience of Light and Love, and the wisdom of these benevolent Light Beings. Katherine is dedicated to bringing in light, love and wisdom to awaken each soul through love. 

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