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Full Moon:  Sun in Aries; Moon in Libra 27º, Sunday, April 17, 2011 8:45 PM MDT

Each sign is paired with its opposite in the zodiac and Full Moon is when we feel and see this polarity at its height.  Of course, a SuperMoon only intensifies this effect, and all three of our Full Moons so far this year have been SuperMoons - closest to the Earth and in close alignment with the Sun and Earth.  We will see this SuperMoon effect again in September, October, November*.  Now, Libra is revealed in its fullness.  As Aries brings the spark of creation into manifestation through the creation of Self, Libra marks the turning point of consciousness away from the self and towards relationship with Other creating partnership, cooperation, balance and harmony.  Although, Libra is a masculine, air sign mental in its expression, it is ruled by feminine Venus and the refinement and appreciation of the social graces, study and practice of the arts, and the highest ethics of business and commerce are highlighted.  Libra will tolerate no less, and when etiquette has been breached expect a whirlwind of dissatisfaction, 'an iron fist in a velvet glove' until harmony is again restored.  Harmonization is its primary function and Libra rules the kidneys/lower back eliminating impurities. (more…)

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