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To work with art and creativity to heal is to claim your birthright! You create with every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action you take. Creative energy is the same energy as healing energy. How you focus your creativity determines how you direct your healing energy and its effect on you and the world around you. I once asked an astrologer friend to look at my chart to give me some insights. She said, "Katherine, you are sooooo creative! You know you create all your shit, right?" Oh, the truth is so hard sometimes. Yes, I can create beautiful paintings, write a multi-award-winning book, and do many things well. And I also am the one who makes all my messes if I choose and act from hurt, fear, trauma, or unconsciousness. Good news: I am also the one who can rewrite the script of my life, let go of the tough stuff, and transform it into greater love and wisdom. I am here to help you to create with greater love and harmony as you let go of the difficult stuff.

You are the Artist and the Healer of Your Life

You may or may not believe you are a creative, an artist, or a healer. Yet, in my experience, everyone has amazing creative energy and artistry within themselves. Suppose you learn to connect to and unleash the energy of your creative Self? In the process you will discover healing and empowerment at core levels. (I speak more in-depth about cultivating the inner Artist and the inner Healer in my book Artist Shaman Healer Sage through various practices, ceremonies, and rituals beyond this article.) As the Artist and the Healer of your life you have an innate knowing of how to work with art and creativity to heal. 

You don't have to know how to paint or draw to connect to your creativity. You may love to write, dance, cook, or garden. You may be a fantastic problem solver. It is an unlimited process that offers excellent alchemy.

Alchemy and Earth School - The Grand Adventure of the Soul

Life on earth is a school for the soul. It can be amazingly wonderful. And it can be messy, challenging, filled with grief, and downright complicated! It is a mixture of dark and light, good and bad, and all the in-between. There are always cycles, no matter the journey. The great question is how do you handle the cycles? Do you know how to create intentionally? Do you know how to alchemize the challenges? Can you access your creative self to more positively navigate your Earth journey?

Here's what I have learned about working with Art to HealKatherine Skaggs Dakini Kundalini Mama in How to Work with Art and Creativity to Heal

As an artisan and mystic, I naturally use art and creativity as my healing tool for transformation. Many years ago, I discovered I could go to my canvas and dump all my painful emotions and thoughts onto a canvas with paint. In doing so, I began to release the pain in my emotional body through a bodily, sensory process. I was not 'thinking' what to do. I intuitively, and energetically put red paint and black paint onto canvas. It was abstract. It was freeing. And it opened me up to a mystical experience where I went into Samadhi. I had an ecstatic experience of release and illumination where I was completely calm and at peace. When a face came onto the canvas I asked, "Who is this?" I heard, "Dakini Kundalini Mama." Dakini is Sanskrit for sky dancer. It also means the free, illuminated mind. 

This process not only brought me peace, but allowed me the change I needed to navigate a difficult situation with a business partner break-up and end of business. It helped me to heal rage and come to center so I could find my way to new life.

You Can Work with Art and Creativity to Heal too!

I have taught this process many times and continue to encourage it through painting, writing, dancing, throwing clay, or any form of creative flow where you can somatically release the old and bring in the new energy that heals. Below I describe the working with art and creativity process to heal again through a personal experience. It is my perfect process to let go, to alchemize, and to heal.

Healing with Art and Creativity - The Process.

Black and white process painting Stage 1 over the old for healing with Katherine SkaggsMost recently, I had an experience of grief and loss that I was having a hard time processing. I returned to my studio to paint out the grief onto canvas in a process painting. My only goal was to clear this and to heal. In the process, my guides came through and helped me return to harmony.

I got an old canvas out of the closet that I had never finished, nor did it seem I ever would. I got white gesso out and ceremonially focused my angst, grief, and emotions onto canvas. With each stroke, I spoke out loud what I was letting go of. I sent my emotion into the paint to release what could never be and what was out of harmony. 

Over the white came black—the black mixed with the white where it had not dried, creating grays. There were lighter and darker areas, faces, crosses, and patterns of energy flow. All strokes and variations in color were symbolic of the journey through the void, the unknown, and the pain of letting go. The faces spoke to me as if to say, "You are not alone. We are here with you. Let go and come home to the love awaiting you. It is already inside of you. And we are holding you."

Stage 2 in Healing with art and Creativity painting by Katherine SkaggsWith each stroke, another layer peeled away, and a new vision came to speak to me. I added color and clarity to the faces, whirling energy patterns, and crosses. 

One face in particular came into focus with healing and love that was very apparent. I sat with her and felt into her love and support. More greens, blues, and pink hues came onto the canvas in glazes, bringing healing frequencies. Everything was still very abstract, yet with emerging form. 

Letting Go Again and Again... Stay LooseIntuitive Painting, Intentional Creativity and another stage in using Art and Creativity to Heal with Katherine Skaggs

Then, complete abstraction again, painting over the faces in more glazes until they disappeared and another layer began. Often symbolic of our journey - letting go, new form, experience, then releasing again, getting messages, and new awareness creating a new form.

Emergence of the Starwalker, Mother Mary, Divine Guide

Emergence of Mother Mary StarGoddess, Starwalker, Pleiadian Goddess and Priestess energy with Katherine Skaggs - in How to Heal with Art and CreativityEmergence of Mother Mary StarGoddess, Starwalker, Pleiadian Goddess and Priestess energy with Katherine Skaggs - in How to Heal with Art and Creativity 2nd renditionI sat with my dogs and took a break. In the process, I opened up William Henry's site online, where he talks of the Starwalker, Mother Mary, and Pleiadian Goddess energy. Immediately, I recognized that the energy coming onto my canvas was in the form of Mother Mary. She is one of my main guides. And she is the Starwalker coming to help me restore and come home to my true essence. I knew the stars were speaking to me. I knew there was clear guidance and love to help me heal trauma from its origins.

Let this process be your process for moving energy, using creativity to let go of painful old patterns, and to bring in healing energy. 

The process applies, whether it be to paint or to dance, to garden or to cook. 

Where to begin with Art and Creativity to Heal 

  1. Set a safe, clean, and clear space for your experience. Your space is your sacred container for ceremony and healing. 
  2. If you live with others, tell them to leave you alone while you are in your process. Good boundaries are essential. Cultivate safety to be authentic and to go deep with your process.
  3. Have an open time frame. Part of setting your healing container is the ability to go outside of time. You want freedom to explore. If you have limited time, set an intention you have all the time needed to do what you desire. 
  4. Have all the art supplies and tools necessary for your experience: paints, canvas, art supplies, an area large enough to dance in without fear of bumping into something, a journal with colored pens and pencils to write in, etc.
  5. Set your intentions for what you desire to heal, to let go, and to transform. Say prayers if you desire, before, during, and after.
  6. Be curious. Curiosity opens the quantum field, and the invisible world of spirit. From this place you are supported in your creativity.
  7. Commence! Call forth courage, honesty, and release.
  8. Make your Mark! Let go into your art form with abandon. Let your body inform you with the energy it wants to let go with.
  9. Once you have released, call in your healing. You may experience this as a second thing, or it may naturally flow from one state of experience into another. 
  10. Record your process. When possible take photos through your process. I like to photograph stages of my painting. Reflect and write the messages and symbols of your journey into a journal. This can help you to reflect and integrate your process. 
  11. When you are complete make sure to rest and regenerate. Take a nap if you need in the middle of the process. Follow your body rhythms. You are letting go of a lot of energy most likely. Honor your body and your guidance. 
  12. Integrate your experience. Your process may be an afternoon, a day, a night, your dreamstate, and days and months to come. 

I hope this is a helpful process to support you in healing and coming to harmony in yourself. Let me know how you approach the process and your breakthroughs. 

Additional Support for your creativity and healing process:

The Art of Journey 6-month Course

Work with shamanic journey, intentional creativity, and intention to open your creativity and healing.

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