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Full Moon Jungle Redemption-9x12Art as Medicine
Shamanic Painting
Saturday, August 15th
10am - 4pm

Art is medicine for the soul, penetrating the conscious mind and bringing forth communication from the soul's essence and light. Whether you are viewing or creating the a painting, a poem, a movie, a book, a sculpture or song, there is a magical relationship and experience happening. This experience is a conscious conversation between the soul and the personality. Metaphor, symbol, energy information and frequency are vibrating and communicating. Do you understand? Is it healing or disturbing what art you take in or create? Is it with intention, or purely unconscious in how you entertain yourself, or create your world? It is beauty or horror?

Join visionary, shamanic artist Katherine Skaggs to learn more about healing your life through your creative, intuitive expression and intentional creativity. Get in touch with your symbols, totems, guides and allies with the intuitive, shamanic art painting process. Use shamanic journey and intention to call forth your personal medicine, accessing your inner self and soul essence wisdom. Discover your inner wisdom and awaken to your creative power.

You are the dreamer of your life, the artisan who can paint anything on her canvas. What do you paint, or dream or create? Would you like to become more masterful in expressing yourself? Would you like to access the healing energies of your creations?

Artist are story tellers, entertainers, sages and healers when engaging their heart in their art. Now is a time when we must engage our inner artist, inviting our inner landscape to guide us in nothing but beauty and love.

All materials provided.

Please bring drinking water, a sack lunch and any snacks you might need for the day.

Wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on, and bring an old towel as a paint rag.


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