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Katherine Skaggs' Soul Portrait

My first soul portrait was actually a creative process that wasn't initially focused on creating a portrait. Yet, it ultimately led to my own soul portrait … an intuitive self-portrait. Through several different sessions I worked on one canvas and laid down a series of patterns, shapes and colors.

Not having a particular vision for what was supposed to unfold on the canvas, I followed my inner voices and promptings. I didn’t even know it was going to be my own soul portrait when I began.

First, I painted the canvas entirely black. Next, as I began to experiment with my new and exciting paints, I painted a series of spirals covering the surface of the canvas… first using one pigment, then taking an entirely different pigment and blending it into the original spiral of pigment directly on the canvas. It was like chanting a mantra over and over, one spiral at a time, different pigments asking me to use them. I reached for each color based on intuition, not intellect. (more…)

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