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Celebrate!!! Over the past few months the Artist Shaman Healer Sage book has won 10 prestigious awards!!! I am deeply honored and humbled for this amazing book to receive so many acknowledgments in the Mind, Body, Spirit book industry.

I would also like to thank Karen Stuth and Satiama Publishing for getting this important offering into the world, that we may learn, grow, and love more deeply as we navigate a world of change and chaos. The wisdom teachings, practices, and rituals are timeless and highly supportive when we need it the most. I am so very grateful that the work is being honored, and catapulted into the awareness of so many. We need wisdom teachings and practices as much now, perhaps more, than ever before.

Book awards and acknowledgements for 2022 for Artist Shaman Healer Sage: Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul.

Nautilus Book Awards 2022
Book Category - Religion/Spirituality of Other Traditions - Silver Winner

Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022
Book Category - New Age - Gold Winner; Best Art - Finalist

COVR Awards 2022 (Coalition of Visionary Resources)
Book of the Year 2022; Industry Choice Book of 2022
Gold Winner in the following categories: Health and Wellness; World Spirituality; Best Book Cover
Silver Winner in the following categories: Shamanism and Paganism; Best Illustrations

Deep gratitude to all who are on this sacred path of life. May these teachings always support you as they have me. May we share what we learn that brings blessings, that we may make our world a better place.

Much love and blessings

Katherine Skaggs

Artist Shaman Healer Sage Book

From Interview with Author Sarah Kirton at 

Katherine Skaggs, Visionary Artist, Soul Portrait Artist, Intuitive, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, reveals her inner journey with art and spirituality, and describes how visionary art can assist people to reconnect with their eternal essence.

How did art transform your journey here on Earth?

Whether it be drawing, painting, doing a soul portrait, writing, or making a shamanic tool (yes, I make drums, rattles, feather tools and more), I experience healing, connection, and joy.

Creativity is the very essence of life. This summer I redesigned my front garden, put in a medicine wheel and recreated various flower beds and that was equally joyful for me. My yard was my canvas. intuitive counseling intuitive reading

Early in life I would escape into my room and draw, and later paint to get away from the rumble of ordinary life chaos I felt in my family or the world at large. Immersion in the creative process put me in touch with my inner world, that has led me to my true spiritual nature.

How and when did you start to combine your artistic abilities with your spirituality?

I was in my late 20s when I began upon my metaphysical, spiritual path. As I began to get exposed to these teachings I began to see art that conceptualized the ideas of dreams and the spirit world and that which is beyond the physical world.

This inspintuitive counseling intuitive readingired me to draw and explore these ideas through my art. Yet, it was when I opened a metaphysical store that I began to dive in wholly. I saw art by Alex Grey and Susan Seddon Boulet in books and on calendars during that time and ‘knew I was supposed to do something like that.’ This is when I began to paint and go further on the path. Then I asked my guides, “How does my art and spiritual path come together?” It took a little while, probably a year!

But finally I heard, “Soul Portraits!” It was loud, and clear in my mind as if I was speaking with someone right in front of me. And I knew exactly what it meant…and it scared the holy daylights out of me! LOL. I have to laugh now as it is the most wonderful experience I can share with another person, couple or family.

What exactly is ‘visionary art’?

Visionary art is transcendent art. It is art that reflects the mystical, the spiritual worlds, and the unseen world that animates the physical world. It connects our conscious mind to the eternal Divine essence. It is not only ‘visionary’, but energetic and often very healing for an individual to engage with. Visionary art awakens higher consciousness.

Soul Portrait by Katherine Skaggs

What does a soul portrait promote within a being?

Soul Portraits are the process of reflecting a true soul’s essence back to them through a channeled image, words, and energy flowing onto canvas. Soul portraits are truly living paintings, assisting an individual in reconnecting with their eternal essence.

Each painting is a beautiful portal to the Divine. It has inspired color, symbol, and story to ‘see’ the recipient, and to remind them who they truly are beyond this physical life, supporting them in fully connecting to their essence.

You can see some examples of my soul portraits here.

Spirit Guide Paintings

It has continued to flow out from there, evolving to channeling Divine Beings, angels, masters, and light beings into form on canvas, with their messages and healing energies. In addition to soul portraits I bring in spirit guides for individuals and groups. There are personal spirit guides, and animal totems, in addition to larger group guides who make themselves known.

When they come in they bring higher guidance for an individual to heal, awaken, and grow similarly to a soul portrait. Yet I find the power and presence of a guide is powerful in another way, helping one to know they are never alone, and have support in their human life. I have brought in guides during group sessions too, who bring a message for that specific group, but also for the collective.

Tell us about your 44 card Masters of Light Oracle

I am very excited to say I am working diligently to finish the cards and writing so we can go to press by the end of 2021. This is a culmination of guidance that has come for many years now. There will be images of Divine Masters that I have painted since 2004 to 2021. You can see a sneak preview here.

Angels, Ascended Masters, Mayan Masters, Goddesses, and many other Divine Beings of Light are here to bring guidance, healing, activation, awakening and support for discovering your true Divine Self.

Every image and its message is high frequency, loving, and awakening when viewed. This oracle is vibrationally transformative to one’s consciousness and is a tool for awakening beyond the sleepiness of ordinary human life. These are master beings who are here to assist us in awakening on the soul’s journey, that we may love more greatly.

Where do you find inspiration for your artwork, particularly for your cards?

Sometimes the guides just come to me and ask to be painted, and to bring their message to the world through my own personal experience and needs. Other times, individuals commission me to bring a guide in, known or unknown, and then I engage with them on a spiritual level and ask them to reveal themselves to me. And I work with my intentions and call them to me if I know I want to engage them.

This began very clearly when I called in the 22 Goddesses for the Mythical Goddess Tarotin 2006 to 2008. I have many stories of how each Goddess came to me and showed me how to paint her. It was a conversation with the Divine, with her essence, archetype, story and message. Believe me, each Goddess, each Divine Being I paint is alive and well.

Prior to that, Mother Mary presented herself to me in 2004 in visions for three days, showing me she wanted me to paint her. Then she woke me on the third night and told me to get up and get the largest canvas I had and paint her. Well, I did get up in the middle of the night. I could not ignore her! And I painted 85% of a 3 foot by 4 foot canvas during that night. She beamed unconditional love to me and through the art that night she let me know the sacredness of sacred art that is created to transmit unconditional love and vibrations of wisdom into the world.

That was the beginning of me understanding that Mother Mary is one of my main guides and helpers to bring love and wisdom into this world through the art, and the products created from the art. The painting, a print of the painting, or a card and oracle of the works are each portals to bring light and awareness into a world that needs love and guidance.

What other works have you created to assist others?

I am the artist and original publisher of the Mythical Goddess Tarot (author Sage Holloway). This year it won an Iconic Gold award with the Coalition of Visionary Resources. And I just released my new book Artist Shaman Healer Sage – Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul.

It is a shamanic, spiritual guidebook to empower you to change your life through understanding ancient wisdom practices for current times. It is also filled with more than 70 full color pieces of my artwork to inspire and uplift.

How do you proceed with your clients?

Once someone has asked for a soul portrait or spirit guide painting, I ask them to be quiet and focus on their true heart’s desires for getting a soul portrait or guide painting. What is the intention? What do they most need now? How would they like to heal? What changes would they like? What does their heart, soul, body, and life need?

When a person is called to get a soul portrait or guide painting there is usually some seed of desire that gets them here. Their soul is calling them. It may come through desire to heal the body or heart, or to expand into their spiritual life, or work life, or… It can be anything truly.

Perhaps they have seen a soul portrait and think “I have to do that!” Once we have connected I know they have been called to waking up to a new level of self awareness. So I ask them, “What is your intention or prayer for yourself right now?” This is part of the opening of the doorway to their essence energies and the visions they give me energetically when we sit together for their session (whether it be in person or via zoom.) If they are at a distance I have them email me a recent photo for physical reference. Yet, it is their energy and spirit that guides me in the symbol, color and story they most need to experience.

Once the portrait has been painted and goes home with a client, I encourage them to then regularly sit in open eyed meditation with the painting. Since it is a painting, sitting in meditation, and reflection with the imagery and artwork, it is a place for the client to re-member, to receive, and to awaken through their experience. Journaling and reflection is part of their sacred journey once they have received the art and the session.

What words of wisdom do you carry for us mortals?

The Divine is within you, no matter your human experience. Be curious about it. Ask for support. Say hello to your guides and the higher energies of love, of wisdom. Your curiosity will open the doors of the Divine, as will your time and attention. Whatever you focus on does expand.

Be clear where you focus. Do your best to focus on love, beauty, and kindness. As you are a vessel for this in the best ways possible, you will change your world in the most beautiful ways. Learn to respond rather than react to this world. What if it just got better as you did your best to believe in a better self, a better world, and the possibility of greater harmony?

We are the ones who create our world. It is up to us to be the change we want. We are in times of great change that look chaotic, messy, and too often far beyond our control. At times we will feel defeated, sad, and exhausted from the messiness of the human world.

Do your best to take care of yourself and your world. Do what you can do in your body, your mind, and your emotions. Do your best to be kind to those you meet at the grocery store, in your family, and in your world for friends. Do your best to love in the microcosm of your Universe. What you think, what you say, and how you act creates.

This is how you make a difference. What you give will come back to you. What you give will bless another if it is loving. Be the love you wish to experience.

If you are a writer or an artist, let your writing and your art reflect this. If you are a chef, create your food with love and give that. If you are a gardener, the beauty you create blesses others as yourself. If you are a bus driver, how you greet people makes a difference in their day. If you are a world leader, as you act and speak to be good for all, the greater harmony you bring within and all around you.

You matter, no matter your role in this world. Use your life in a way that restores love and pleasure and it will be the biggest blessing you can imagine, and more than you can imagine.

Full Moon Remote Shamanic Healing Circle
with Cord Burning Ceremony
April 26th, 2021 • 6:30-8:00pm

With the New Moon we plant seeds and vision new beginnings, taking advantage of the fertile, time of the Void. With the Full Moon, it is a great time to clear away limiting energies, pull weeds, and release all that no longer serves our growth and well-being. This is am important time cyclically to let go, as we move inward toward the time of the new moon 14 days later. In ancient cultures the moon always held a very special place with reverence for its powers to illuminate our hopes and dreams, as well as to reveal our deepest, most inner selves. It has been worshiped as a reflection of the Divine rhythms of life, not only in our outer world, but for that of the soul's evolution and awakening. The moon symbolizes our Divine Feminine nature, our subconscious, and our innermost emotional being. It is connected to our intuitive natures, our magical and mystical essence.

Gathering at the in a focused healing circle at the time of the Full Moon helps us to access the power of the Full Moon as a gateway to healing, transformation, release, and cleansing of what doesn't serve us any more. The light of the Full Moon gives us clarity of focus within so we may work with our deepest self consciously.

April brings the full moon known as the Pink Moon, which shines a bright light upon our deepest heart spaces, from our most heartfelt sentiments to our darkest secrets. This is a great time for shamanic healing that supports deep cleaning of fears and traumas of the past. With this clearing you'll find greater ability to access the depths of your powerful heart spaces that bring healing and empowerment.

Katherine Skaggs Owl Shaman Jaguar Medicine Healing
Owl Shaman Jaguar Medicine

The Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle

We'll gather virtually on Zoom platform, into a sacred ceremonial space. You will virtually and holographically be cleaned and cleared with smudge and sacred tobacco, as well as flower water. A medicine wheel will be opened, calling in the powerful support of the directions, the allies, ancestors and spirit helpers to support you in your desire to clear negative energies as well as to reset into loving energies that bring peace and empowerment.

**Scroll to the bottom of the page to register.

Shamanic Cord Knotting and Burning Ceremony

The Cord Knotting and Burning Ceremony is a powerful ritual to clear old, limiting energies born of fear, trauma, misunderstandings, and separation from Spirit. Teachings will be given with the cord knotting and burning ceremony, as well as direction in how to participate at the same time. Being present for the healing circle is enough for your own personal healing without any need to do have a cord to knot and burn.

Instructions will be given upon registration as to what you will need to participate remotely in the cord knotting and cord burning ceremony if you would like.

Additional Prayer Support and Altar Work

As soon as you register, your name is put onto the altar for support and healing to begin immediately. Prayers are offered for you and your loved ones and any specific situation you may be dealing with at the tie. (Feel free to email any prayers you have for yourself.)

Candles are lit regularly at the altar, as well as smudge, and other prayer work to support you prior to and during the scheduled Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle.

**Please register early to insure your spot. Sign up at least 2 hours prior to the start time of the circle to insure your access to the zoom call. Limited to 100 participants.

May we all find generosity in our hearts at this time. Be kind to one another. Be generous and help where you can. Support the whole by taking care of yourself and doing your own work. Lift others up through your compassion. You can do this. We all can do this. We are in this together, and together we are stronger. The web is clearly woven. May we bring light to it, through our own personal responsibility in how we each can show up. May we ask for support where support is needed. And may we give more greatly than we can imagine, that all are loved, cared for, and made whole.



**Scroll to the bottom of the page to register.



Katherine has more than 30 years experience as a spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor for the spiritual wellness and transformation of others. Katherine works with the powerful path of shamanism, its timeless practices, rituals, and ceremonies to offer healing and illumination individually and collectively. May it bless you and your life beyond imagination. Step into ceremony with Katherine to return to the sacred within yourself and all of your life.

Register early, and at least 60 minutes prior to the event. You will get a zoom link upon registration. Make sure you are able to properly load in on your phone, tablet or computer. Once we are within the hour of the event, we won’t be available to assist you. The event will be recorded and a video link provided to you within 24 hours of the event.

Join shamanic practitioner and author, artist Katherine Skaggs to learn about No Smoke Smudging with Flower Water.

Katherine will teach you about Agua de Florida, as well as the flower waters made from palo santo, tobacco, kananga, rose, and orange to clean and clear your space, and that of others. You will also learn about a pusanga or love potion, and how to use that to attract blessings, love, and good fortune.

Flower water is an excellent way to smudge when you can't burn smudge and use smoke to clear. With flower waters plant medicines are infused into alcohol and water, prayed with and sung into, used with intention, to clean your energy, raise your frequency, clear trauma and fear, as well as to bless and bring protection.

Agua de Florida water is the go to for shamans in Peru, and many places in the world. It is a mixture of a variety of plants. Many shamans, shamanic practitioners, and medicine people will pray into this flower water for general or specific prayers to heal and to clear bad energy (Hucha as the Q'ero call it), and to bring in uplifting energies of the plant spirit medicines as well as the prayers and intentions of the practitioner. 

Using flower water as a daily smudge is an excellent way to keep your energy high, and to clean away worry, fear, and fright that is rampant in our world today. 

Open your flower water, then as with all your allies, thank it for its powerful energies that are good in cleaning energy and raising your vibration, pray into it with a heart centered prayer and intention for wellness, shift, balance, love, peace, etc. Then pour some into the palms of your hands, rubbing your hands together, and then bringing up to breathe in deeply three times. Do so gently as this is very strong with alcohol and can be intense.

Once you have breathed in the flower water, use your hands to move through your energy field, above your crown, to the back of your neck, and behind you (intentionally sending to your heart and all of your back), and through your front, sending to your third eye to awaken your vision, to your throat to express your creativity and truth, to your heart for full heartedness, to your solar plexus to activate your power, to your 2nd chakra to support your creativity and intuition, and to your root, that you are grounded in this world with love. Place your hands onto any parts of your body that need extra healing and attention, intentionally sending this energy deep into your physical body and cellular structure to receive this energy and come back into balance. Use your hands and imagination to then send out into your room, to your animals, your loved ones, your land, to your work place, and to the world at large for healing and peace. 

You can do a blessing offering anytime with this practice to clear, to bless, and to give gratitude. Give without condition. Those who would like to receive will do so in their right timing.

Other flower waters you can use are Palo Santo, Tobacco, Kananga, Rose, Orange, Lavender, and any assortment of home made flower waters, such as the pusanga/love potion. 

I also have another company I carry that makes other plant medicine flower waters. Some that she creates are made from White Sage, Clary Sage, Sweetgrass, and Cedar to name a few. She makes an amazing Palo Santo mist that is one of my favorite.

If you want to buy some flower water, go to my website at

Order Artist Shaman Healer Sage book to learn all about shamanism, smudging, flower waters, plant medicines, calling your allies and ancestors, working with the medicine wheel, and shamanic wisdom teachings. Learn to awaken your inner creative Artist, your inner Shaman, your amazing inner Healer, as well as your wise Sage Self to be more empowered in all of your life. 

with Katherine Skaggs, author of her new book Artist Shaman Healer Sage.
"Join author and shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs (Artist Shaman Healer Sage book) to learn more about working with plant medicines to clean your space, your energy bodies, your home, business, and land. Katherine will speak to the power of prayer and smudge to clean and to clear bad juju on an energetic level, as well as on a practical level to clear bacteria and viruses. Enjoy a demo with white sage, palo santo, dragon's blood and sacred tobacco. Learn about honoring the spirits of the plant and their medicine to support you. Plant spirits are amazing allies who will assist you not only in clearing your energy, but also will help take your prayers to Great Spirit to assist you in living more harmoniously."
Indigenous, shamanic cultures, Goddess cultures, and ancient, mystical cultures all know the power of plant medicines, fire, and smoke to clean and to clear bad energy, to purify, and to protect. Plant spirits are excellent allies to take your prayers to Great Spirit, as well as to support you through the powers of their sacred smudge smoke to literally purify the air, cleaning bacteria and viruses, as well as purifying your thoughts and emotions. If you have had an argument in your space, had a fall or accident, or any sort of trauma, smudging is an important practice to clean, clear, and reset your space for harmony once again.
Smudging is an important practice and ritual to clean energy, to clear away fear and trauma, to purify your space, and to raise your vibration. Working with plant spirit medicines is traditional to tribal, indigenous, mystical cultures worldwide. Smudging is a part of any shamanic healing practice, as well as personal daily shamanic practices, just like brushing your teeth!
This video brings important information on the healing power of plant medicines when used in smoke ceremonies, smudging, and clearing practices. Katherine teaches you how to work with plant spirits as your allies, and how to work with their smoke medicine and their consciousness to not only clean, but to take your prayers to spirit. Demo included.
Learn to Pray with the plants
Learn to use intention and prayer with your plant medicine smudging practice
Learn to clear your energy
Cleaning and clearing your energy and physical spaces is a very important and foundational shamanic practice.
The plant spirit medicines mentioned in this video are:
White Sage - use to cleanse, to bless, and to bring protection to your personal energy, another person's energy, to your home, office, land, and community.
Palo Santo - this is the "Holy Wood" from Peru. It is used to bring deep healing and clearing.
Dragon's Blood - this plant medicine is very good at cleansing and clearing difficult energies, as well as brings protection, love, and empowerment.
Sacred Tobacco (mapacho) - Nicotine Rustica from Peru when used in prayer with focus and intention is excellent to clear dense energy, clean trauma, and set up protection. Use to send your prayers to Spirit. Give as an offering to the land, and the the spirits you work with.
Author and teacher, Katherine Skaggs
Artist Shaman Healer Sage
Learn more by ordering your copy of Katherine's book Artist Shaman Healer Sage now!
Pre-Order specials go through mid April 2021. Book ships May 2021
Make sure to also check out the website to learn more about the book and all things shamanism.
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