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The Spirituality of Business...
and the Business of Spirituality

Make Your Dreams Come True though Alignment with Higher Consciousness

Ethics, Energy Practices, Universal Laws & Truths, Boundaries
Intention, Creation, Maintenance, Growth

Saturday, November 4th
10am to 4pm

I am very excited to offer and teach The Spirituality of Business... and the Business of Spirituality to assist energy workers and healers, as well as anyone who is creating or running their business with a clear, conscious, spiritual foundation. I have found over the years that people often are well intended working in the intuitive, psychic, energy healer, and light worker businesses, yet struggle with personal and energetic boundaries, as well as old patterns of self value and worth. These old, often unconscious patterns, can be address practically and energetically to assist you in greater balance, joy and prosperity.

This day class will address:

• Living in alignment with Universal Laws & Truths

• Ethics, From Your Spiritual to your Physical Life Experience and Choice

• Intention, Creation, Growth and Maintenance of Your Business

• Curiosity and Creativity for Making Your Dreams Come True

• 100% Responsibility Model for Success

• Boundaries and Conscious Containers for Growth

• Co-creativity, Partnerships and Agreements

• Energy Hygiene for self, and spaces you occupy

• Living in Balance and Finding Happiness along the way

• Defining and Living Success Beyond Money, AND Being Prosperous

Who am I, Katherine Skaggs, to teach this class?

Katherine Skaggs returning home from the jungles of Peru

I have been an entrepreneur and business owner since I was in my late 20s. I am an artist, an intuitive, a visionary, a publisher, a tarot reader, a soul portrait artist, a product creator, a mentor and spiritual guide, a dog mama, a shamanic practitioner, and a teacher to name a few of my skills and expressions.

I have climbed many mountains in creating my dreams, and I have fallen all the way to the bottom when I lived out of balance. I have dreamed, created, fallen, gotten up, and created again... hopefully more wisely and successfully. I am not only a teacher and someone who has learned along the way, but I am also someone who continues to learn and be curious about how good it can get. And I love to share and pay forward the teachings that have given me healing as well as have helped me to anchor personal happiness, as well as financial and spiritual success into how I live my life.

Early on the path I stepped into the metaphysical teachings and embraced Universal Laws & Truths as guidelines for living my life, personally and professionally. As with all things, practice, willingness to grow, flexibility, curiosity and awareness are the keys to becoming wise, successful and happy. I find how I show up in life, and how I grow my business, is always intrinsically related to how I respond honestly, aligned through love and an expanded consciousness. Self honesty, and self responsibility are core foundational pieces to my happiness and success. Willingness to grow, learn and change are also key, as is your curiosity and willingness to embrace the power of your inner child's creativity and innocence.

Metaphysics, Universal Laws and Business

When I first began learning about metaphysical truths, I was in art school. Having gone back to school at age 26 to do something I was discouraged from doing earlier in my life, I had stumbled into various metaphysical teachings and began to embrace how to work with them consciously. After graduating I moved back to Oklahoma and was trying to figure out how to make a living as an artist. I tired of that, as I had no idea of how to do anything but paint, and no idea of the art world and selling art. In the mean time all my friends were working "real jobs" and buying houses and starting families.

So in the process, I decided to get a "real job" and began working at Waddell & Reed as a financial planner, selling mutual funds and insurance products. Still studying metaphysics, with a focus on Universal Law and Truths, I became the top rookie sales person at my firm. My bosses even had me teaching the newbies and more seasoned guys what I was doing that was successful. I am sure I pushed them way out of their way of seeing things!

One day one of my rookie buddies came into my office and asked, "What are you doing to be so successful?" I told him to close the door, and I dropped a video into the VHS player (yes, it was a while ago!). He thought I was going to share a traditional business training tape. Well, no. I put in a video on Living in alignment with Universal Laws and Truths.

Later that year I entered into a full time Mystery School, learning metaphysical law, concentration exercises, meditation, dream interpretation and visualization to name a few things. Within two (2) weeks I left Waddell & Reed and began to make a living as a humorous illustrator. I went on to become a teacher and a director of schools for the organization as I learned in-depth spiritual practices to awaken my intuition as well as to live aligned with Spiritual Laws and not just man's laws. I was beginning to understand how I truly created my reality and began to dream bigger than I had before in what was possible.

Life throws us many challenges, and offers many possibilities. Are you living in possibility or problems? Are you thriving or are you wanting more? Are you empowered or under the thumb of false authority?

I invite you to join me in a day of empowerment and healing.

It is time we learn to live empowered and co-creatively in the world. I am happy to share some empowering tools and truths that will support you shifting up into greater happiness, success and possibility.

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