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with Katherine Skaggs, author of her new book Artist Shaman Healer Sage.
"Join author and shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs (Artist Shaman Healer Sage book) to learn more about working with plant medicines to clean your space, your energy bodies, your home, business, and land. Katherine will speak to the power of prayer and smudge to clean and to clear bad juju on an energetic level, as well as on a practical level to clear bacteria and viruses. Enjoy a demo with white sage, palo santo, dragon's blood and sacred tobacco. Learn about honoring the spirits of the plant and their medicine to support you. Plant spirits are amazing allies who will assist you not only in clearing your energy, but also will help take your prayers to Great Spirit to assist you in living more harmoniously."
Indigenous, shamanic cultures, Goddess cultures, and ancient, mystical cultures all know the power of plant medicines, fire, and smoke to clean and to clear bad energy, to purify, and to protect. Plant spirits are excellent allies to take your prayers to Great Spirit, as well as to support you through the powers of their sacred smudge smoke to literally purify the air, cleaning bacteria and viruses, as well as purifying your thoughts and emotions. If you have had an argument in your space, had a fall or accident, or any sort of trauma, smudging is an important practice to clean, clear, and reset your space for harmony once again.
Smudging is an important practice and ritual to clean energy, to clear away fear and trauma, to purify your space, and to raise your vibration. Working with plant spirit medicines is traditional to tribal, indigenous, mystical cultures worldwide. Smudging is a part of any shamanic healing practice, as well as personal daily shamanic practices, just like brushing your teeth!
This video brings important information on the healing power of plant medicines when used in smoke ceremonies, smudging, and clearing practices. Katherine teaches you how to work with plant spirits as your allies, and how to work with their smoke medicine and their consciousness to not only clean, but to take your prayers to spirit. Demo included.
Learn to Pray with the plants
Learn to use intention and prayer with your plant medicine smudging practice
Learn to clear your energy
Cleaning and clearing your energy and physical spaces is a very important and foundational shamanic practice.
The plant spirit medicines mentioned in this video are:
White Sage - use to cleanse, to bless, and to bring protection to your personal energy, another person's energy, to your home, office, land, and community.
Palo Santo - this is the "Holy Wood" from Peru. It is used to bring deep healing and clearing.
Dragon's Blood - this plant medicine is very good at cleansing and clearing difficult energies, as well as brings protection, love, and empowerment.
Sacred Tobacco (mapacho) - Nicotine Rustica from Peru when used in prayer with focus and intention is excellent to clear dense energy, clean trauma, and set up protection. Use to send your prayers to Spirit. Give as an offering to the land, and the the spirits you work with.
Author and teacher, Katherine Skaggs
Artist Shaman Healer Sage
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