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Egyptian Goddess Isis comes to us this morning, Monday, Dec. 7th, 2020 to give us inspiration and guidance for beginning our week. Isis is the High Priestess in the Mythical Goddess Tarot. Wake up and connect to the powers of ceremony, ritual, and intention to create what you desire. Move into meditation and reflection, as you set your intentions for your week. Isis is a goddess of fertility, as well as death and rebirth. Call upon her to help you let go of the old patterns that block your joy and create chaos in your life. Then open to her powers of restoration and rebirth. Create your life anew, with a renewed sense of self. Honor yourself and your life as sacred as you engage your intuition and shine your light into the world.

I have had many experiences with great mother Isis, and know she watches over me and guides me, as she does many of you. Isis had come to me many times over the past 30 some years, to guide me, to remind me of who I am, and to assist me in my healing process. She is one of my guides and blessed Divine Mothers. I would like to share a channeled message from an excerpt in a story I wrote for "On the Wings of Isis-Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset", a Girl God Anthology.

Goddess Isis

Egyptian Goddess

Of Fertility, Death, & Rebirth

Art by Katherine Skaggs, ©2007

Painted for the Mythical Goddess Tarot

“Home is always within, no matter where you are. Home is not across the stars many miles and light years away. Be present. 

These experiences are gifts, where you have opened the door to re-membering. Take these experiences and allow them to vibrate through you at all times, transcending yesterday and tomorrow. Do not be distracted by human foibles, angers, fears and differences. Go to the heart of the Great Mother within yourself, that you may give that through your expression, whether it be through your painting, your writing, or your smile and compassionate caring. When you fully embody these energies, you will fully be at “home” in yourself, and your multidimensionality, with me, with Horus, with all you love. 

You are here with me now, AND you are on Earth as this representation and projection of your soul. You are not here or there. You are much bigger than you realize. You have touched on this bigness, on this light, and on the love of who you are, of who I AM. Live your life in the fullness of that love.”

I smile, as I sense and know of this transmission of love from the Great Mother Isis. She is with me, as I with her at all times. I am never alone, as you are never alone. She hears my prayers, knows my struggles, as well as my triumphs. She guides me with her gentle yet firm loving light and love. She trusts me that I am growing into fullness and maturity through my experiences, that I am home in the light of love, in the light of wisdom. For as her daughter, she gave me the birthright to have my own adventure of self-discovery, self-empowerment, death and rebirth, and ultimately illumination where I too can shine a light into the world, giving life, giving beauty and giving love. 

My experiences and the opening of my heart tell me that this is also your birthright. If you are reading this and find your heart opening through these stories, might I suggest that my stories are also your stories? That within you there is a light awakening, and the call to your own adventures that bring you home to yourself, and to the love of the Great Mother Isis? 

  • Katherine Skaggs - "On the Wings of Isis-Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset", a Girl God Anthology.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot gives us insight and guidance on navigating the pandemic of coronavirus. Katherine Skaggs and the Mythical Goddess Tarot remind us of the soul's journey, and how that guides us to moving through times of chaos in the world, that is birthing us into a new reality, an opportunity to come to greater harmony individually and collectively.

Who Are We As We Move Through This Pandemic?

The Mythical Goddess Tarot card Ace of Seas, Ecstasy reminds us that even amidst fear and chaos, we are joyful, heart-centered beings, and that now is a time to reconnect deeply to our essence. It is time to return home to the beauty of our hearts through meditation, reflection and the power of cultivating our emotional body focused through love. The Crone of Fire, Transformation, reflects that we are the ones who have the strength and capacity to move through the fires of complete destruction of old structures and ways of being, to come through transformed and illuminated. We are being purified and rising to new levels as we move through this. The 6 of Earth reflects a Pot of Gold and the energy of Success. This card tells us that even amidst incredible challenges and change, that we are abundant, that we have all the resources needed to move through the fear and challenges, and this is our foundation to draw upon.

What Is the Big Picture?

WARNING - The 9 of Wind - Criticism shows up first. The energy of harsh, critical mind is up for healing. Pay attention to your beliefs, your words and thoughts that cut, that criticize and that break or separate as you look into the world of chaos and change. Be MINDFUL. Be constructive with your words, your outlook and use your mind and mental capacity to find solutions. Yemaya, the Oracle, reminds us that now is a time of returning inward to our subconscious, intuitive, lunar nature. It is time to use our quiet time for meditation, reflection and inner knowing. This is where peace resides. The Child of Earth - Design reminds us that everything is in order, that we have the blueprint for our soul's evolution and the evolution of humanity, within us. Be in childlike wonderment about our own growth, and know that all is evolving us in growth and wisdom.

What Do We Need to Learn? Challenges to Move Through?

The 4 of Earth Boundaries - Clean up our act! Take our space energetically, psychically, emotionally and physically. Be clear what is yours and what is others. This is the time to pay attention in how to take care of yourself on ALL levels, and to respect and learn this. The Goddess Aditi reminds us that we are in a time of great potential, and opportunity. She is the Great Void, which is often great chaos, as it is the pure energy of Creation. The challenge now is to focus your mind, your emotions and your energy into what you desire to CREATE. Be clear, and plant only the seeds that grow your life as you want. Your focus creates! The Ace of Fire - Illumination is here to remind us that we are supported in our death and rebirth process, that we are here to release our anger, our fear, and our rage, so that we may lose our lower ego minds and become free. The opportunity is to clear away old patterns of fear through this experience. She offers sudden and powerful illumination in the process.

Action to Take

7 of Seas - Denial - It is time to face the places we have buried our emotions and become stagnant in our capacity to love and to move forward emotionally. Find ways to stop denying yourself, and open to healing your heart now. The Maiden of Wind shows us the importance of our mental focus. We must keep our eye on the target of what we desire, if we want to hit the mark in the change. The 10 of Seas - Purity supports the healing of the heart that is required, by expressing your own Pure soul's nature. Connect to compassion, kindness, generosity and unconditional love. It is time to clean up our act, on every level in how we relate to self and other.


WE are in a full on reset into our Divinity! Three goddesses are in the Outcome -- This is a very significant sign. IF we indeed pay attention, go within, make change, we have a new reality birthing, that brings harmony and awakening!

Mother Gaia, the World card, says despite the dismal and challenging experience of the pandemic, we are coming to a new life , to greater connection as a species, and with our planet and all its CREATION, to ALL being KIN, and to greater abundance as a result of this change. We are healing as a species, despite the appearances of things, and that blesses and heals the entire planet and all our relations. The High Priestess card, Egyptian Goddess Isis of birth, death and fertility is here to usher us into the new life, into our awakening and sacred expression. This great goddess is here to show us how to live and navigate life as we center in our intuitive knowing, rather than our linear, earthly eyes. She is a reflection of the wisdom that is birthed within us as we go deeper into greater union with our spiritual beings. The Hindu Goddess Shakti who animates the life force and creative energy of the Universe, and is the Ecstatic Union card, reflects that this experience brings us to greater Union of our soul self with our human expression, that we are moving into a greater, more enlightened way of being individually and as a species. The kundalini fire is purifying us that we may be awake, aware and in our true light.

Goddess Bless you! Love is the ONLY answer. Give fear to the fire. Pray. Meditate. Practice kindness and Generosity. Know that you are being expanded through a very expansive time. Do all you can to ground yourself, to honor the power of change, of death and rebirth, and know that you are not alone. Your guides, angels and spirit helpers are all around you. Take stock of your gifts, and reflect on how you can give from your own abundant nature. Dream anew. Focus your imaginations onto how many blessings are coming your way. Do your best, and you will be supported.

With love to you, Katherine Skaggs

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