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By Katherine Skaggs

1100-isis-by-Katherine-Skaggs-12x12webThe Egyptian Goddess Isis is the embodiment of the Great Divine Mother of the Universe, bringing fertility and nourishment for all. She brings the power of both Lunar and Solar energies together, to feed and heal her people. Isis is the High Priestess and has complete intuition and knowing, navigating the lunar inner worlds of Spirit with ease. She also brings that inner world to light, merging conscious awareness with inner wisdom. This ancient Egyptian goddess Isis is here to help us reclaim our own inner voice and true wisdom.  She encourages us to trust our inner knowing and to have the courage to bring it forth with confidence in our world. Isis, as High Priestess, is here to help us restore sacredness to our lives through ceremony and ritual. Though Isis was recognized and worshiped thousands of years ago, She is here with us today, calling us to work with Her. She beckons us to remember our heritage and her-story. She lives within our very cells and DNA.


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