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Teachings, Practices, and Rituals to Set Sacred Space

Intentionally bring in the spiritual medicine of Sacred Space to transform all areas of your life. The energy we live in is either medicine that helps us thrive or can be toxic and deadening. Learning how to set and keep high-vibrational energy in our outer environment helps us more greatly keep it in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. We are spiritual energies moving through time, space, and a world of duality. Staying grounded and centered in our heart and soul spaces in our modern world can be challenging to say the least. Keeping our home and work environments clean and beautiful is a physical and spiritual adventure.

Join award-winning artist and author Katherine Skaggs to learn more about the spiritual medicine of creating sacred space in all areas of your life. This 33 minute video guides you through clearing with smoke and smudge; how to work with smokeless options of flower waters and essential oils to clear energy and to raise the vibration; how to set and work with an altar to bring in energy and connect to spirit guides and helpers; how to work with prayer and intention to set your space and to invoke positive energy; how to honor your spirit guides and helpers and get them to assist you in intentional ways to heal and to bless; how to bring in crystals to ground, clear, and expand energy; the importance of flowers to invoke higher-dimensional spirit helpers, and set a high-frequency energy; and the importance of having spiritual, sacred art and beauty in your space to create reverence, sacredness, and power through love and wisdom. If you love this video make sure to get Katherine Skaggs' award-winning book Artist Shaman Healer Sage; Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. 

Join shamanic practitioner and author, artist Katherine Skaggs to learn about No Smoke Smudging with Flower Water.

Katherine will teach you about Agua de Florida, as well as the flower waters made from palo santo, tobacco, kananga, rose, and orange to clean and clear your space, and that of others. You will also learn about a pusanga or love potion, and how to use that to attract blessings, love, and good fortune.

Flower water is an excellent way to smudge when you can't burn smudge and use smoke to clear. With flower waters plant medicines are infused into alcohol and water, prayed with and sung into, used with intention, to clean your energy, raise your frequency, clear trauma and fear, as well as to bless and bring protection.

Agua de Florida water is the go to for shamans in Peru, and many places in the world. It is a mixture of a variety of plants. Many shamans, shamanic practitioners, and medicine people will pray into this flower water for general or specific prayers to heal and to clear bad energy (Hucha as the Q'ero call it), and to bring in uplifting energies of the plant spirit medicines as well as the prayers and intentions of the practitioner. 

Using flower water as a daily smudge is an excellent way to keep your energy high, and to clean away worry, fear, and fright that is rampant in our world today. 

Open your flower water, then as with all your allies, thank it for its powerful energies that are good in cleaning energy and raising your vibration, pray into it with a heart centered prayer and intention for wellness, shift, balance, love, peace, etc. Then pour some into the palms of your hands, rubbing your hands together, and then bringing up to breathe in deeply three times. Do so gently as this is very strong with alcohol and can be intense.

Once you have breathed in the flower water, use your hands to move through your energy field, above your crown, to the back of your neck, and behind you (intentionally sending to your heart and all of your back), and through your front, sending to your third eye to awaken your vision, to your throat to express your creativity and truth, to your heart for full heartedness, to your solar plexus to activate your power, to your 2nd chakra to support your creativity and intuition, and to your root, that you are grounded in this world with love. Place your hands onto any parts of your body that need extra healing and attention, intentionally sending this energy deep into your physical body and cellular structure to receive this energy and come back into balance. Use your hands and imagination to then send out into your room, to your animals, your loved ones, your land, to your work place, and to the world at large for healing and peace. 

You can do a blessing offering anytime with this practice to clear, to bless, and to give gratitude. Give without condition. Those who would like to receive will do so in their right timing.

Other flower waters you can use are Palo Santo, Tobacco, Kananga, Rose, Orange, Lavender, and any assortment of home made flower waters, such as the pusanga/love potion. 

I also have another company I carry that makes other plant medicine flower waters. Some that she creates are made from White Sage, Clary Sage, Sweetgrass, and Cedar to name a few. She makes an amazing Palo Santo mist that is one of my favorite.

If you want to buy some flower water, go to my website at

Order Artist Shaman Healer Sage book to learn all about shamanism, smudging, flower waters, plant medicines, calling your allies and ancestors, working with the medicine wheel, and shamanic wisdom teachings. Learn to awaken your inner creative Artist, your inner Shaman, your amazing inner Healer, as well as your wise Sage Self to be more empowered in all of your life. 

Join author, artist, shamanic practitioner, and teacher Katherine Skaggs to learn more about the Artist Shaman Healer Sage shamanic guide book, and how it can support you in living a more harmonious life.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that is a way of living life in harmony in the woven web of life, where everything from our inner, spiritual selves is connected to every part of our outer reality. Understanding the fabric of the invisible world known as the spirit world or Non-ordinary reality, and the visible world we call life also known as the ordinary reality, gives us a clue as to why we are here and how to navigate with clarity of intention, practices, ritual, and ceremony. We are sacred beings on an earth walk, meant to live a sacred life.

Today our modern world is confusing, chaotic, and often times fueled by fear and trauma. How do you show up amidst the crazy to live in joy and harmony? Many are struggling to find happiness with the ever changing landscape, seemingly controlled by forces outside of ourselves. Where do you turn and how do you find peace again?

Within the world of shamanism is a treasure trove of timeless wisdom, universal laws and truths, as well as shamanic mapping systems that give you direction to awakening as a conscious dreamer within the chaos of what might be a nightmare rather than a beautiful dream. Take back your power with ancient systems of harmony for creating greater joy, health, abundance, and wellness for your self, as well as for your family, community, and global tribe at large.

Within the Artist Shaman Healer Sage book you will learn about shamanic truths shared around the globe that are universal, regardless of the time, place or tribe you have incarnated into; you will be given shamanic practices for grounding, cleaning energy, working with plant spirits, elementals, guides, allies, ancestors, spirit animals, and angels, altar work and prayer, smoke baths and flower water medicines, working the medicine wheel, and awakening the Artist, Shaman, Healer, and Sage that lives within your very being. This is a hands on, direct experience shamanic guide that is both deeply practical and transcendently spiritual.

Great Spirit gave us everything we need to become aligned with our true spiritual essence that we may live a beautiful life on earth, integrated and harmonious.

Watch this little video, then get in on a Pre-order of the Artist Shaman Healer Sage book to receive many additional gifts of gratitude for ordering early while the book is at press. The book is expected to arrive between late April and mid-May. It will ship as soon as it is in stock.

Much gratitude, Katherine Skaggs

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