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Can you believe it is a New Year? We've graduated from the cycle of 2021, some of us a little bruised and tattered, yet hopefully counting our blessings for all this is good amidst the really challenging, tempering times we have been adventuring. It is a time of endings, graduations, letting go, dreaming anew, reflecting, alchemizing, and moving into a new energy and cycle.

Prayers and Imaginations for a Blessed 2022

Prayers, blessings, curiosities, and imaginations are the way we focus our energy to create, to bring the formless to form. Quiet time, time of ritual and ceremony, meditation, journaling, divination, and creativity are all excellent ways to shift out of the old and move into the new. As we enter the unknown of a new year, it is a good time to let go of our old stories, past hurts and triumphs, so we may turn our focus to present time and potentiation.

Have you considered what you truly desire in this moment? Have you let go of limiting stories, thought forms, emotions, habits, and ways of being? If not, now is a perfect time to include that with your first steps into 2022 so you may enjoy the riches of a new experience, of a new dream. We are powerful, creative beings constantly choosing what is next. We are creating as we go... is it conscious, or unconscious? Now is the time to move into greater clarity and focus for clearly creating with more harmony, love, health, well-being, joy, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of our lives. No matter what is failing, there is a new, potent opportunity at hand.

Blessings for the New Year

May 2022 bring many adventures reaped with great love, hope, wisdom, healing, prosperity, joy, fulfillment, and illumination. May you, and I, and all of humanity harvest the good from all that has been, honoring it as sacred so we may be wise and present in our lives. May we release that which no longer serves us, composting the pain, the attachments and suffering, alchemizing each sacred experience into gold as best as we can, beyond anything we could ever imagine possible. May we receive the blessings that follow the composting — the rich soil to plan the seeds of desire and intention for new life that comes in spring, for growth, healing, and abundant restoration.

Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine Wisdom

Over the last weeks I have taken some time to paint in the process of giving way to vision, and immersing myself in my creative process to bring healing to my own body and life. I could feel an Ancient One, a Grandmother, standing with me, showing me her wisdom, and bringing blessings of healing as I let go of an old pattern and way of being. With her came my dear friend Owl, to assist me in cleaning my body and my energy. Both offered much love and wisdom for my personal journey, and for what I have to share with you.

There is no mistake that Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine painting came to canvas and imagery and words the past two weeks or so to help me. And as always to be here for you.

She walks with each of us as we open to her presence through our desires for wholeness. She reminds us that we cycle through many dreaming adventures, birthing experiences, adolescence, motherhood/fatherhood, and old age upon our earth journeys. These experiences offer us the opportunity where we once again must let go of what was, the opportunity to harvest the gold from the experience, and the opportunity to be still and move inward to receive, to integrate, and to eventually dream again.

She now cheers us on in our journey through winter, and the place of dreamtime. She encourages us to become conscious dreamers, present in each breath, observing and allowing, dreaming anew as we welcome the cycle of a new year.

Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine urges each of us to be present in this time so we may be grateful for all we have. She encourages us to give through open hearts. This path of gratitude and reciprocity will assist us in being in peace once again, and the place of compassionate love that heals. Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine says to look with the eye of a kind and generous heart, a generous nature. For here we shall experience the vast love of Spirit within and all around.

What shall we Dream in 2022?

What dreams shall we dream in 2022? Where is your focus, your heart, your attention? What are you committed to in the new cycle?

Will you join me and Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine in dreaming a world of love, of kindness, of connectivity, of reciprocity, and healing? Will you dream with me from the depths of your being into this experience of life with all your relations, with your work, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, and your presence?

Blessings be my friend, Katherine Skaggs

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