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Jaguar Shaman Hummingbird Medicine Unfolds on Canvas

The Making of a Painting by Katherine Skaggs

Enjoy the journey from blank canvas to the beginning of paint creating form of the Jaguar Shaman Hummingbird Medicine Painting by Katherine Skaggs.

Jaguar Shaman Hummingbird Medicine painting by Katherine Skaggs. This painting brings the medicines of the Jaguar, tobacco, ayahuasca, owl, hummingbird, and the shipibo indigenous shamans from the jungles of Peru.Jaguar Shaman Hummingbird Medicine is a reflection of Katherine's deep connection to the plant and animal medicines of the Shipibo shamans. The jaguar is one of Katherine's main totem animals. The plant medicines of tobacco and ayahuasca are also favorite spirit helpers. And hummingbird is always a well-needed medicine and totem of joy. If you look deeply on the left side of the painting you will also see owl emerging from the bark of the tree.

This Jaguar Shaman's nickname has been Shaman Guy, the shapeshifter, as he was coming onto canvas. He is a tobaccero - or shaman who is an expert at working with the sacred plant medicine of tobacco. He heals with tobacco, and calls in many medicines and their songs to bring healing to others.

The medicine of this shaman, the night time, the jaguar, tobacco, and Madre' Ayahuasca, are all calling you to the pure medicine of the heart that hummingbird gives. Shaman Guy holds his hand out with an all seeing eye to gift you the medicine of true sight from the soul's perspective. He reminds you to see through the illusions on the human journey that you may return to joy in all moments. Move outside of linear, ordinary reality. Move deeper into union with the medicine of within. As you focus on, and most of all live within the heart space of joy you will create it wherever you are. Shapeshift your life as you gaze upon this imagery.

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