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by Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs Ascension Goddess
Ascension Goddess

The Ascension Goddess' journey into form and presence came after over several weeks in 2007. I was teaching a class on Intuitive Painting: A Journey through the Chakras. I had finished teaching the first class of seven, which works with the root or base chakra. We had left over red and black paint, so I encouraged two assistants of mine who stayed after class to grab the extra paint, some boards, and have at it with some expressive painting. Just let come through what wanted to express... Get your mind out of it and play, let the paint and Spirit tell you what to do.

When I got the red and black onto the board, I thought, "Hmmm, you are interesting. I wonder if I will keep you and who you will become." And that was it until two weeks later. I set the board aside with just the red and black paint and forgot about it for a while.


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