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Soul Retrieval & Ancestral Healing

An Experiential Workshop to Heal
Sunday, Sept. 10th
9am to 5pm

at Be Optimal Holistic Health Center
5225 Old Orchard Rd., Suite 31 • Skokie, IL 60077
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Healing Soul Loss, Fright, Fear, and Trauma

Fear, fright, and trauma create patterns that stop us in our tracks, distort our sense of self, and cause imbalances and energy leaks leading ultimately to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illness. In the shamanic world this is known as Soul Loss. In the western medical world the symptoms of Soul Loss are often diagnosed as PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, any number of emotional ailments, and shock at first glance. Other symptoms include exhaustion, not feeling like oneself, lacking harmony, inability to feel happy or present to one’s life, and often lacking purpose or direction. Typically when someone has Soul Loss it is difficult to maintain a job, relationship, health, finances, or any sense of well-being and harmony in their life. Even when high-functioning there is a sense something isn’t right in one’s life.

In tribal cultures Soul Loss is known as an adaptive mechanism meant only to be temporary. When there is a dangerous situation or accident, the soul pulls out of the physical body so as to escape the suffering from the trauma. To bring the soul back to their body and present time the tribal members give immediate loving attention, physical and emotional comfort, unconditional love, and all required to tend to that person’s needs. As the soul feels safe and loved they are able to come completely back to their body. Safety and love creates the frequency necessary for the healing and restoration.

When we don’t get this safe and loving energy for restoration we carry our trauma day to day. The trauma and soul loss can be from this life’s experiences, past life experiences, or ancestral trauma passed on from family member to family member, generation to generation.

You may or may not have any idea of having experienced a life trauma or fright. Yet you may see patterns in your family that reflect wounding, or you may not. I can assure you there is generational trauma whether you are aware of it or not. If you feel something is off or out of balance in your life there is a good chance some aspect of your soul self is displaced and wants to come home in safe and healthy ways.

Soul Retrieval and Ancestral Healing

Soul Retrieval is a spiritual process meant to assist the soul in coming home to present time, in love and safety. There is no need to visit the dark shadows of trauma in a soul retrieval session. The focus is to go into the other dimensions where your lost soul parts are and to call them home with great love and healing. A ceremonial space is created that is safe, clean, and loving to allow you to connect to all of your essence. Shamanic healing techniques are used to facility clearing dense energy, fright and fear first of all. This is a time of receiving, letting go, and moving deeper into loving energy. It is a place of respect, and an opportunity to reset into a new story, a new energy, and a new life of harmony and well-being. Powerful spirit guides and allies are called to support you in retrieving lost parts of the self.

What You Can Expect to Receive in this Soul Retrieval Workshop

During this full day experiential soul retrieval workshop you will receive helpful information so you understand the dynamic that created soul loss AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will be lead into ceremonial journey spaces to clean fear, fright, and trauma so you are safe to return to your wholeness. You will be cleaned energetically with shamanic techniques and learn how to do this for yourself too. Multiple journeys and experiences will be offered for clearing your ancestral line associated with your physical lineage, as well as clearing your spiritual ancestral line and past lives from traumatic experiences that are unresolved. You will have the opportunity to also identify and clear energy leaks you experience through your daily choices and habits. These energy leaks are associated with these other patterns connected to soul loss. They may express as addiction, poor boundaries, lack of personal power, bad choices in relationships, depleted energy, lack of hope, closed heartedness, physical, mental and emotional health issues, just to name a few.

How to prepare for your day:

  • Bring a pen and notebook
  • Bring a sack lunch
  • Bring snacks for the day as needed
  • Bring drinking water for the day
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring an eye mask for shamanic journeying
  • Imagine a day where you get to relax, rest, rejuvenate, and heal.

Who is Katherine Skaggs?

Katherine Skaggs is a shamanic practitioner, energy healer, intuitive, channel, visionary artist, and award-winning author who has worked with individuals and groups for more than 35 years in one way or another to help them re-member who they are, to come home to their authentic soul self, and to heal in loving spaces without need to relive trauma or fear.

Award-winning Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Artist/Author of Artist Shaman Healer Sage book (Multi-Award-winning Book of the Year 2022), Artist/Author Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle (COVR Industry Choice Product of 2023), Painter of Souls and Shamanic Practitioner

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Soul Portraits and
Spirit Guide Paintings

Appointments Available
Thursday, Sept. 7th through Saturday, Sept. 9th

by appointment only at Be Optimal Holistic Health Center
5225 Old Orchard Rd., Suite 31 • Skokie, IL 60077
Call to Schedule 847-486-8000/Pay at Be Optimal

Katherine Skaggs is coming to town. Register now for your own Soul Portrait or Spirit Guide Painting at Be Optimal Holistic Health Center. Call 847-486-8000. Schedule early to insure your own personal channeled soul portrait or spirit guide session with Katherine. Limited appointments are available.

Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits are beautiful, vibrant paintings of your soul essence, reflected through color, symbols and energy on canvas, along with intuitive guidance to lift you to greater awareness of your true Soul Self. These paintings are multi-dimensional portals providing assistance on your soul journey. Each session helps anchor higher vibrational energies into form, often resulting in a soul retrieval/remembering. Learn more about your gifts and potential.

Individual Sessions

Each soul portrait session is for an individual through a one-hour channeled soul portrait session, assisting your soul essence being more accessible and active within your experience on Earth. Painted with professional high quality acrylic paints on a 16x20" canvas, ready to hang with or without frame.

Cost $265 - 1-hour Soul Portrait or Spirit Guide Session

Couples Sessions

If you and your child or your beloved would like to have a session together, you can schedule for a Couple's Soul Portrait Session in a 2-hour time block. It is also a channeled session used to reflect the essence of your higher relationship, to create a portal to your divine union and soul agreements, and to support the love to flow through you in support of each and both of you. It also is painted with professional high quality acrylic paints on a 16x20" canvas, ready to hang with or without frame.

Cost $550 - 2-hour Couples Soul Portrait Session (MUST schedule a 2-hour block of time.)


Spirit Guide Paintings

Spirit Guide paintings are also channeled paintings with channeled soul guidance sessions that result in imagery of at least one of your Spirit Guides. This session activates a new and expanded level of communication with your guide(s) and assists you in knowing you are not alone.

Each session brings guidance based on your intentions and questions you have for your soul guide(s) and higher guidance system. These sessions can bring in an ancestor, an angel, a guide team, totem spirit animals and even higher dimensional guides who we identify as other worldly, cosmic, or other species. Be assured each session brings love and illumination into your life.

Joy, laughter, and tears often accompany these sessions, as they always bring in a great amount of love, confirmation and connection to those who love you so very much. If you have a specific guide you would like to come into form, ask too for that guide to show him/herself. If it is a specific animal totem you would like to connect to, also ask for that guide to come in and bring their messages, their gifts and their strengths to support you. If you have particular healing and guidance you need, always ask so the session can focus on that particular need you have at this time. Don't be shy.

Soul Portraits and Spirit Guide paintings are always spiritual activations and can be used as spiritual tools through open eyed gazing, prayer and meditation practices.

Cost $265 - 1-hour Soul Portrait or Spirit Guide Session

Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs

Award-winning Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Artist/Author of Artist Shaman Healer Sage book (Multi-Award-winning Book of the Year 2022), Artist/Author Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle (COVR Industry Choice Product of 2023), Painter of Souls and Shamanic Practitioner

Katherine Skaggs is a visionary artist, painter of souls, mystic, teacher, and shamanic practitioner.

Katherine is also the artist and author of the multi-award winning book —Artist Shaman Healer Sage book - Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul; artist and author of the COVR Industry Product of the Year for 2023 — Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle; and artist of the award-winning, COVR Iconic Product of 2021— Mythical Goddess Tarot, co-created with author, Sage Holloway. Katherine acts as visionary artist and soul guide to many, a diviner of sacred imagery, teacher of the sacred, as well as shamanic practitioner. With 35 plus years experience in the esoteric arts as teacher and energy worker, and a lifetime as an artist, Katherine brings an interesting and uplifting perspective to the practice of healing oneself through the imagery and words of the Sacred.

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