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Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine by Katherine Skaggs for Shamanic Healing servicesBy Katherine Skaggs

Owl Medicine had been coming my way for months. First someone gifted me a feather at a shamanic retreat. I was so surprised and humbled by her gift. She told me she brought the feather as she thought it her medicine. After we met she was clear it was time this beautiful feather was to be passed to me, as I was awakening to my path to hold owl medicine blessings.

At the time of this story I am to tell you below, I had already begun my advanced shamanic practices with my teachers in Santa Fe. I am very curious as to where my bird allies are and the medicine they want to bring me. And so the story unfolds...

I had already had an amazing week of magic with my friend Denise Rodgers, a soul sista, shamanic priestess and partner in Sophia Psychic Readings and Healing Sessions. Denise lives in Texas, but comes here to work (and play) with me periodically. We just finished a cycle of readings and healings in Fort Collins. Somehow this great success propelled us both to two nights of shamanic ceremony in Santa Fe, a seemingly perfect culmination of the great fun, love and healing we had shared in this last week's cycle.


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