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Jaguar Shaman Woman in la Selva-12deepJaguar Woman is an inspired vision that came to me while deep in the jungles of Peru in late June 2015. Her inspiration was the first vision to come on a 14 day trip, without the comforts of home, and yet with the guidance of the jungle totems, plants, animals, birds, dolphins, mermaids, etc.

Jaguar Woman is the merging of Black Jaguar, a protector of mine, and a "medicine" that has worked with me for some time now, and woman. Particular to my own challenges of being in the jungle this trip, Jaguar Woman showed up from within my own being, to help me own my power and strength, and to let me know how protected and guided I truly am.

Jaguar filled me with restorative energy, great strength, power, protection, focus, authority and wisdom, and brought me other medicines reflected within this painting. Into Jaguar Woman's mouth is the Ayahuasca vine, or more specifically the banistropis capi vine. Around the Jaguar Woman's head is a circle of chacruna leaves. When the vine and leaves are brewed together, they create the powerful visionary Ayahuasca brew, native to the jungles of Peru. A cup of this sacred brew is held in Jaguar Woman's right hand, with much energy radiating from the brew, reflecting its power of transformation and restoration. In Jaguar Woman's other hand is a pipe with tobacco smoke coming from it. Tobacco is a powerful plant ally to the shamans in Peru. It is very good at carrying prayers to Spirit and clearing bad energy and bad spirits. It is also a protective energy, and works well when you honor it as sacred and respect its power.

My teachers will tell you tobacco is an amazing healing spirit, who will work with you when you are in right relationship. AND, if you disrespect it and are unconscious with tobacco, it will kill you! So don't mess with tobacco. Honor and respect it for its power.

To the upper left in the painting is Owl, whose medicine brings great power and healing. Owl eats fear, and brings the golden light of wisdom into any situation when you have owl medicine. Owl is incredibly powerful too, at cleaning up energy that is not serving you, assisting you in waking up and seeing more clearly what is Spirit and what is true, especially when life has been dark or difficult.

To the right of Jaguar Woman are two pink dolphins, another powerful medicine from the Amazon rivers. During my trip the pink dolphins brought me much happiness and joy, restoring my heart when things were not so easy in this jungle environment. The dolphins were reminders to lighten up, don't take it all so seriously. Restore your playfulness. At the top right you will find three hummingbirds, who bring the medicine of joy.

Jaguar Woman sits on a beautiful ground of patterns, which reflects the song vibrations of the medicine of the jungle. Many indigenous peoples in the jungles will tell you were are born as a song, or vibratory pattern. The Shipibo in the jungle will create "song" clothes that reflect these patterns and medicines. This pattern of vibrant greens is singing healing into you through the painting! These patterns extend into the waters of the rivers around the dolphins too.

As you look more deeply into the painting you will find eyes at the top of the painting as well as one under the far right hummingbird. These eyes represent the all seeing eyes of Spirit, and the wisdom of piercing the illusion of 3-D reality. We are multi-dimensional beings! These eyes are bringing greater vision to seeing through this world to the larger reality.

If you have been called to this image, ask Jaguar Woman to penetrate your mind, heart, body and soul with her wisdom and healing powers. Call upon the sacred spirit of the Divine Feminine of the jungles and all her medicines to bring you into your wholeness, to remember who you are, and to bring that fully present now.

May you be blessed by this image and her living energy and power.

Jaguar Woman

Jaguar Shaman Woman Altar Card

Ancient Grandmother Owl Medicine by Katherine Skaggs for Shamanic Healing servicesBy Katherine Skaggs

Owl Medicine had been coming my way for months. First someone gifted me a feather at a shamanic retreat. I was so surprised and humbled by her gift. She told me she brought the feather as she thought it her medicine. After we met she was clear it was time this beautiful feather was to be passed to me, as I was awakening to my path to hold owl medicine blessings.

At the time of this story I am to tell you below, I had already begun my advanced shamanic practices with my teachers in Santa Fe. I am very curious as to where my bird allies are and the medicine they want to bring me. And so the story unfolds...

I had already had an amazing week of magic with my friend Denise Rodgers, a soul sista, shamanic priestess and partner in Sophia Psychic Readings and Healing Sessions. Denise lives in Texas, but comes here to work (and play) with me periodically. We just finished a cycle of readings and healings in Fort Collins. Somehow this great success propelled us both to two nights of shamanic ceremony in Santa Fe, a seemingly perfect culmination of the great fun, love and healing we had shared in this last week's cycle.


by Katherine Skaggs

The goddesses are alive and well as I enjoy both channeling and painting the goddesses for the Mythical Goddess Tarot. I want to share my experiences that I have had in painting this incredible deck and the progress we are making in its completion.I hope to engage a conversation with those of you who come to read this, to invite you to peruse the Mythical Goddess Gallery and to perhaps even buy an altar card or two and work with the images so you can experience their power and move your consciousness to greater Love and embodiment of these benevolent beings of Love and healing.


by Katherine Skaggs

Prior to a recent shamanic pilgrimage to ancient, sacred lands in Mexico I sat in my studio and inwardly connected to the ancient shamans and peoples who have for centuries walked this land in ceremony and ritual. I asked for a vision and guidance to prepare me for my journey. An image (to the left) began to flow onto the canvas, and I began to feel the guidance of a great shaman. He was a Master, fully awake and filled with Light, Wisdom and Love. Though male in presentation, I experienced an androgynous sense of this Being, completely balanced in the male and female energies. He told me he is a Huichol Mera 'kame.... or shaman of the Huichol peoples. He is a teacher and is here to bring more light through his imagery and messages. He came to prepare me for my  journey to Mexico. He told me I would only paint part of this painting now, and then finish the painting upon my return from the pilgrimage I was about to set off on.

by Katherine Skaggs

 As life flows in its ups and downs it seems like all we can do is sit down, tired from all the change, sometimes from struggle, and other times from the experience of great heights. In my journey of late, I have had amazing experiences on my shamanic path, feeling so very connected to Spirit and my guidance, with my one foot in the Spirit world, and the other in the physical world. And at times it seems challenging to traverse the physical world that wants to be linear. Yet, the magic of my shamanic path has reminded me all I have to do is "just take one more step..." and to look for the magic in the journey.


By: Katherine Skaggs

Have you ever wondered if you could learn how to dream the future? With the struggles of the 21st century, the bp oil spill, global warming, financial upheaval and an uncertain job and housing market, can you really affect your future in the big picture? Even if you aren’t confident in affecting such large issues, can you dream your own little future? The Secret and other metaphysical concepts have been revealed the past few years with great interest from the masses, yet, how do you really change your course and create a more certain future filled with all the good stuff you really would like to happen?


By Katherine Skaggs

1100-isis-by-Katherine-Skaggs-12x12webThe Egyptian Goddess Isis is the embodiment of the Great Divine Mother of the Universe, bringing fertility and nourishment for all. She brings the power of both Lunar and Solar energies together, to feed and heal her people. Isis is the High Priestess and has complete intuition and knowing, navigating the lunar inner worlds of Spirit with ease. She also brings that inner world to light, merging conscious awareness with inner wisdom. This ancient Egyptian goddess Isis is here to help us reclaim our own inner voice and true wisdom.  She encourages us to trust our inner knowing and to have the courage to bring it forth with confidence in our world. Isis, as High Priestess, is here to help us restore sacredness to our lives through ceremony and ritual. Though Isis was recognized and worshiped thousands of years ago, She is here with us today, calling us to work with Her. She beckons us to remember our heritage and her-story. She lives within our very cells and DNA.


I am just home from Peru, the Amazon and the jungle. What an adventure!! Truly, a place of beauty, many creatures large and small... even the small creatures are large though! I had the great fortune to join some dear friends dedicated to personal growth through shamanic practices, and to go on an adventure into the wilds of the jungle at the top of the Amazon river in Peru.

I arrived in Lima, Peru Oct. 16, 2009. The plane flights from Denver to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Lima proved to run several hours late this particular trip. Luckily, we arrived a day early so we could aclimate before the next leg of the journey into Iquitos. After 13 or so hours of travel, delays and all, about half our group gathered at the airport in the early morning hours. After all our luggage was retrieved, we took a van to our hotel in Mira Flores (a district in Lima near the market downtown.


by Katherine Skaggs

Life is but a dream... yes really. Shamanic traditions from around the world will tell you that we are living a a dream. So, if this is true, are you dreaming a good dream?

In this dream, our world is made up of vibration, and patterns of light expressing as color, form and sound. We are all born within the perfect patterns of Creation. When we struggle, are in pain, illness and suffering, our patterns become tangled and we are disconnected from the perfect patterns of Creation and Source expressing through us.

In the Amazon the shamans vision ceremonially and see and hear the patterns of Creation in beautiful light and sound. To heal people who are ailing from distorted patterns, they sing Icaros (healing songs) into their bodies. These Icaros or songs, will also be painted in visionary art, or woven into clothes and jewelry to be worn or used in the home to bring the healings.


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