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What are you creating this year of 2022?

Are you excited? Ready for a new pattern? Expansion? Transformation and Change? Or are you afraid, weary, and watching the news to see what will happen to you?

We are all co-creators of our Universe... whether you like it or not, there is a good chance you have everything to do with whether you are happy or not, in harmony or in despair. How do you take your next step to get beyond the chaos of COVID, scary world views, politics, and inflation in times that are unpredictable?

Join me, Katherine Skaggs, and take a look at the energies of 2022, so you can get beyond the fears of the mass consciousness and the pessimism of the media. In my world, I understand according to Universal Laws and Truths, and the teachings of the ancient ones who have done this many times, I am the creator of my reality. Does that mean I have control of it all. Well, no, I have not mastered that. Yet, I am the one who can imagine differently, face my fears, and choose again to make life more harmonious as I learn and grow. You can do that too.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is a great wisdom tool to show us the patterns and energies we are coming into and how to work with them for creating a more joyful life.

Today I pulled a 15-card spread to look at 1. Who we are coming into 2022? 2. What is the Big Picture of 2022. 3. What are our lessons/obstacles and opportunities for 2022? 4. What Action should we take for 2022? 5. The Outcome if we pay attention and heed our guidance.

I hope you will enjoy and find this guidance of great value that gives you the courage to be yourself and to follow your heart's dreams.

Blessings, Katherine Skaggs

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