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Join author Katherine Skaggs as she opens her initial shipment of ten books of the Artist Shaman Healer Sage. These first ten books give her the actual experience of the book to review and approve, so the large shipment can get upon its way to Katherine's storage and shipping location, so YOU can get your book in hand after the first of May. Experience the excitement and the beauty of a foundational guidebook on shamanism, with amazing spiritual wisdom and mapping systems that will assist you in living a better life.

Shamans, shamanic cultures, and ancient mystical cultures all know the secrets to a happy and healthy life. Now more than ever in a time when life is full of chaos and confusion, many are returning to foundational and timeless principles and practices that restore harmony, peace, and well-being, personally, and for the good of the whole. The times we live in have been prophesied for generation after generation, from the Hindu teachings on the Kali Yuga, to the Christian teachings on the end times, to the prophesies of the Hopi, the Maya, the Navajo, and the Aztec (to name just a few) telling us major change is upon us. We must shift consciously, and willingly, that we may clear away suffering and hardship, and return to a time of peace and well-being. It needs all of us to participate consciously and willingly as best as possible. Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a wise map that assists you in choosing a better reality for yourself.

Let's do this together, to dream a better world for ourselves, and the generations to come. You truly are the blessing when you begin to center in your heart and become present to the blessings within you and all around you.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage

Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

Author and Artist Katherine Skaggs

Shipping May 2021 – 264-Page Full Color Shamanic Guidebook

Check out Katherine’s new book, Artist Shaman Healer Sage to learn more about shamanism and how its wisdom, practices, rituals, and ceremonies can bring greater balance and harmony to your life. Artist Shaman Healer Sage is filled with wisdom teachings and stories, “How to” guidance for working with shamanic tools, ceremony, ritual, prayer, altar work and much more. This shamanic guidebook is a life map for the soul on their earth walk. It provides insights into the spiritual working of the earthly world, and how to live in balance with the ancient woven truths that bring flow, harmony, and balance to life.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a foundational guide for igniting your creativity and passion as the conscious dreamer of your life. Great Spirit gives us many clues to living a life of joy, abundance, and harmony. However, as humans, we often walk around in the dark, confused as we chase linear goals, disguised and separate from our true nature as spirit. Artist Shaman Healer Sage shines a light upon the workings of Great Mystery, and to the eternal truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, souls upon a spiritually purpose-filled Earth walk. It also gives you timeless shamanic teachings, practices, and tools for living in balance, empowered to live in harmony and joy once again.”
-Excerpt from the Introduction of Artist Shaman Healer Sage

Artist Shaman Healer Sage 2020 Course Overview

The 3rd Saturday Each Month from 9am to 5pm
April 18 • May 16 • June 20 • July 18 • Aug. 15 • Sept. 19

This multi-cultural shamanic course is a foundation for living the ancient spiritual practices of direct revelation for transformation, and for living your life in power and unity. This course is for someone who is ready for change, for clearing away the things that block you from being you, and for awakening your true soul Self. This is for someone who wants to embrace his or her capacity to dream a life born of passion, joy and fulfillment.

Each designated Saturday Meeting we will gather in a safe, ceremonial space for soulful learning, drum journeying, soul remembering, and creating shamanic tools. We will also meet virtually on Zoom one to two times monthly at an agreed upon evening time for teleconference and check-in, to maintain and ground our teachings into our every day life, to build community and to gain support. If for any reason you cannot meet at this agreed upon time by the group, a recording will be available.

The content of the course will include foundational Shamanic teachings, the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, and shamanic practices for living life empowered and awakened!

Each meeting we will also make ceremonial, shamanic tools associated with the work of that month.

Limited space in class, so get a deposit or full payment in as soon as you can to hold your space in the course. Scroll down to register.

Saturday, April 18 • 9am to 5pm

The East

New Beginnings, The Void, Child, Sunrise, Spring

Your First Class in Artist Shaman Healer Sage will introduce you to working with:

  • The History and Foundational Principles of Shamanism
  • The Medicine Wheel as a Map for Living Life Well
  • The Spirit of the East, its symbolism, energy and how to work with it as an ally
  • How to work with Spirit helpers, allies, ancestors, guides, angels, totem animals
  • Shamanic Drum Journey as a path to direct revelation
  • The power of innocence, prayer and intention
  • Altar Work
  • Ceremonial Art – MEDICINE WAND/STAFF

Zoom Call for the East - Check-in, clearing, drum journey with the East, Q&A

  • To be announced

Saturday, May 16 • 9am to 5pm

The South

Expansion, Growth, Heart, Tribe, Support, Adolescence, Mid-day, Summer

Your Second Class will introduce you to working with:

  • The Spirit of the South, its symbolism, energy and how to work with it as an ally
  • Working with Containers and Boundaries to support your soul dreams
  • Better boundaries and protection
  • Deepening your relationship with Allies and Elementals
  • How to work with Spirit helpers, allies, ancestors, guides, angels, totem animals
  • Shamanic Drum Journey with the South
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • What Spiritual Medicine is, how to find it and connect to it
  • Ceremonial Art – MEDICINE BAG

Zoom Calls for the South - Check-in, clearing, drum journey with the South, Q&A

  • Wednesday, May 27th - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Thursday, June 11th - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, June 20 • 9am to 5pm

The West

Harvest, Completion, Death, Middle Age, Sunset, Autumn

Your Third Class will introduce you to working with:

  • The Spirit of the West
  • Understanding and working with Ancestors and Ancestral patterns
  • Releasing trauma
  • Confronting and healing fear
  • Understanding and embracing the power of death
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Recapitulation and forgiveness
  • Shamanic initiation
  • Shape shifting
  • Ceremonial Art – DEATH MASK

Zoom Calls for the West -Check-in, clearing, drum journey with West, Q&A

  • Tuesday, June 25th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Tuesday, July 7th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, July 18 • 9am to 5pm

The North

Rest, Regeneration, Wisdom, Power, Old Age, Nighttime, Winter

Your Fourth Class will introduce you to working with:

  • The Spirit of the North
  • Deepening into rest, regeneration, introspection, stillness, wisdom and vision
  • Soul loss
  • Soul retrieval - Calling Home Lost Soul Parts
  • Shamanic helpers in Soul Retrieval
  • Power places; power objects
  • Restoring power
  • The Path of Empowerment, Generosity and Wisdom
  • Ceremonial Art – RATTLE

Zoom Calls for the North - Check-in, clearing, drum journey with North, Q&A

  • Thursday, July 23rd, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Tuesday, Aug 4th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, August 15 • 9am to 5pm

Father Sky, Mother Earth

The Power of Above and Below

Your Fifth Class will introduce you to working with:

  • The Spirit Medicine of Father Sky and Mother Earth
  • Exploring the Divine Masculine wisdom of Father Sky
    • Wisdom, Protection
    • Illumination and Light
    • Angelic realm, spirit helpers
  • Exploring the Divine Feminine wisdom of Mother Earth
    • Cycles and Rhythms
    • Working with Her restorative energy, allies, elementals and helpers
  • Working with shamanic feathers to clean, clear and bring in energy
  • Ceremonial Art – SHAMANIC FEATHERS

Zoom Calls for the Father Sky and Mother Earth - Check-in, clearing, drum journey, Q&A

  • Wednesday, Aug. 26, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Thursday, Sept. 10th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday, September 19 • 9am to 8pm

Integration, Celebration, Graduation

The Power of Great Spirit, Our Final Meeting

Plan on an all day affair, completing the circle of the Medicine Wheel with the teachings of the Center and Great Spirit. We will also review our time together and how to continue to take this work forward into our every day lives.

Instead of ceremonial art we will bring all our tools we have made and work with them. We'll deepen into some healing practices and practice upon each other.

Ceremony, Graduation and Celebration. It is time for our harvest, our completion, graduation and honoring of the hard work and play we have put in learning together, creating tribe together, and preparing to move to the next level of experience in our live

Every class will include a ceremonial, creative shamanic tool project. We’ll use ceremony and ritual to create our tools with intention and power.

One Pay Tuition $975

Deposit and Payment Plans Options - Your Deposit Holds Your Place in Class
3 Pay Plan -  $335 deposit. You will receive a PayPal invoice for your additional consecutive two payments due 30 days apart.
4 Pay Plan - $255 deposit. You will receive a PayPal invoice for your additional consecutive three payments due 30 days apart.
5 Pay Plan - $205 deposit. You will receive a PayPal invoice for your additional consecutive four payments due 30 days apart.
6 Pay Plan - $175 deposit. You will receive a PayPal invoice for your additional consecutive four payments due 30 days apart.

Your deposit and payments are refundable up to February 18th. Between Feb. 18 and March 18th 50% is refundable. After March 18th there are no refunds available. There is limited space in this class.

Why Soul Retrieval?

Have you ever felt like you lost a part of yourself when after a relationship break up, a car accident, death of a loved one ... or perhaps you just didn't feel right, you didn't feel well, or walked around with some sort of anxiety or fright? When one has experienced a trauma of any sort, whether a moment a go, in childhood, or even lifetimes ago, there is an energetic loss of one's essence light that can occur, attributing to soul loss. This trauma can create distortions in one's energy bodies, blocking the ability to experience joy, happiness and clarity of one self.

For any one person to experience the fullness of life, it is important that that person is able to be fully present in all aspects of self. Imagine the soul's essence is light. If for any reason that light has been displaced through trauma and the drama's of life, one can experience a lack of Self and a lack of joy for life.

This gathering is aimed at both education about soul loss and soul retrieval, and a focus through the group experience to release energetic blocks and trauma's in the field of each individual who gathers to allow a restoration of the light within each person.

A sacred container is created to facilitate a high frequency, safe experience. A medicine wheel is opened and supportive, light beings, power animals and spirit guides are called to bring in light and healing energies. A variety of shamanic tools and methods will be used to assist each person through the group experience, along with a soul retrieval drum journey. Rattles, clicking sticks, light drumming, tibetan bowls, bells and singing are typically used to assist in the restoration process. Light and breath will be blown into the crown of each person during the ceremony as part of the experience.

This event is designed for empowerment of each individual, to assist him or her in the ability to absorb more light into his or her being and to be present to his or her divinity.

Cost $30

Email Barbara Bohnstedt or call her at 352-350-7322 to register and get the location.

Learn the power of Shamanic Drum Journeying to awaken your ability to directly communicate with your inner or spirit self and receive direct knowing. Your inner self is in constant communication with the seen and unseen worlds. Learning to drum journey can be a great tool for meeting your power animal, spirit guides and helpers, divination, personal healing, and gaining insights to a question or objective you have in mind.

Journeying into one's inner Self and inner worlds is a foundational tool shamans and shamanic cultures have used around the world for thousands of years to gain wisdom and power for walking their lives authentically and joyfully. Drumming is a simple and effective way to move inward into ecstatic trance states upon the archetypal realm of the inner levels of consciousness.

Katherine Skaggs, a multi-cultural shamanic practitioner, will guide you in the basics of how to drum journey for insights in living your life more powerfully. She will use the hand drum to take you inward on your journey within a safe and sacred space for your highest experience.

Cost $30

Email Barbara Bohnstedt or call her at 352-350-7322 to register and get the location.

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