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Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle

Tuesday, Aug. 20th - 6:30-9:30pm

With Katherine Skaggs, Shamanic Practitioner

at 3148 Birmingham Dr. in Fort Collins, CO 80526

Each Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle is the time to get a shamanic limpia, or cleaning, join in sacred ceremony to let go, to be grateful, to harvest, to fill up and regenerate. You will be cleaned and cleared in sacred, ancient shamanic healing modalities of the shipibo, huichols, qer'o and native american traditions. A sacred medicine wheel circle will be opened, and you will be given individual attention for a personal short healing, as well as a healing within the group setting. You can also bring prayers and put items on the altar, for yourself, friends, family community. These healing ceremonies benefit our world and are of great service to humanity... all because you show up and do your work!

Group and individual shamanic healings are given during the evening.

Cost $22 - Please RSVP

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