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Community by Katherine Skaggs
Community by Katherine Skaggs

The ART of Soul-full Living
A Women's Creativity Retreat

Wednesday, August 26th
thru Sunday, August 30th

Join visionary artist and soul mentor Katherine Skaggs in the ART of Soul-full Living, a Women's Creativity Retreat in the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to awaken your Spirit and infuse your essence into living your life authentically and full of Soul!

ART of Soul-full Living, Women's Creativity Retreat is a safe, and sacred container for women to engage their true soul essence and to awaken their creative energies for healing, empowerment and authentic soul-full living. This retreat is a sacred ceremony of Intentional Creativity,  Intuitive Painting, ritual, mask making, drum journey, altar work, journaling, and other creative processes, holding you in the healing spaces of unconditional love, acceptance and sacredness.

During this retreat you will have the opportunity to explore and claim:

The Power of Intentional Creativity - How would you like to create your life? More fun? More love? More Joy? More Grace? Learn the power of intention united with your true creative nature to shift anything in your life into greater alignment with your authentic Soul Self... which is the frequency of love!

The Intuitive Painting Experience - Did you know you are a powerful, intuitive, artisan by your soul's nature? Yes you are! Through the playful and creative process of Intuitive Painting, you can open to your inner playfulness, your inner child, your inner wise woman and your bright soul light innate to your being.

The process of Intuitive Painting combined with intention and drum journey awakens your inner senses, your inner guidance system and soul mapping system to awaken your true sense of knowing, purpose and belonging.

Shift beyond the ordinary world of reality into the extra-ordinary experience that comes from engaging your intuitive, creative soul-full nature for direct revelation. No painting experience is required. Just your willingness to explore your true creative nature.

The ART of Imagination - You are infinitely creative, yet, do you know how to access it? As a fundamental concept in working with your intention, your creativity and intuitive painting process, you will be given experiential exercises to awaken your imagination, opening you to receive what your soul has to give you!

The ART of Being Human - Are you aware of the inner soul's GPS that came with your soul as you entered into a body? Yes, you do have one. Become aware of your soul map and symbol system so you can better navigate your human life with greater power and grace. Navigating the human dimension well requires understanding how to read the signs and symbols along the road of life, and then take action on the guidance you have been given.

The ART of Being Transformation - Imagine it is your creative power that turns you from ordinary woman into amazing, super woman Alchemist of transformation! Use your creativity and intention to shape shift your life, to transform that which no longer serves you. In the process of transforming and transmuting your past you will discover you have created a new ground and "canvas" on which to create a new story, a new image, a new life.

The ART of Being Divine - Connect to your Divine Nature! Engaging your soul through, Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting gives you access to experience your soul self, not just the you that shows up in the mirror each morning. By the end of the retreat you will have created your own personal Soul Portrait.

The ART of Waking Up - Our time together will give us the opportunity to Wake Up from any slumbers we might have going on in our lives, to fully engage ourselves as powerful, artisan women, who consciously choose our experiences and engage our wisdom and beauty along with our authenticity. What would it be like for you to be fully awake? To be fully conscious of your choices and take complete responsibility for your happiness? No excuses, just love!

The Power of Women in Sacred Circle - A beautiful part of this retreat comes from gathering in sacred community with other women, to share our stories, our journeys, our breakdowns and our breakthroughs. Being held as sacred within an unconditionally loving container can be all it takes to shift up in one's life, to a more authentic and soul-full expression.

Ritual and Ceremony - During our retreat we will co-create an altar where we will place our prayers and intentions for our time together, and for what we are unfolding in our lives. We will also open a sacred container honoring the medicine wheel, the directions and our allies, inviting in protection and guidance from our ancestors and allies who are always here to support us.

Facilitator, guide and soul mentor Katherine Skaggs has been an artist since she can remember, and engaged in waking up her soul self the past 30 plus years. She is dedicated to empowering other women to find their authentic expression, to be courageous and amazing in her own expression of her divinity, and to activating her ability to live full of soul each breath, no matter the appearances of things.

Held at Katherine's Studio in Fort Collins, CO 

Event will be held at Katherine's studio in Fort Collins, Colorado in the foothills of the Rockies.

Check-in Wednesday, August 26th will be between 2 and 6pm. We'll gather for Dinner at 6pm, and then at 7:30pm we'll meet for our opening ceremony and first session together.

Lunch and dinner and healthy snacks are provided for the retreat Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Brunch is included on Sunday. We will have a closing ceremony prior to brunch.

Registration - $495


Rooms are available in Fort Collins, CO:

Once you have registered for The Art of Soul-full Living Women's Creativity Retreat here, please be sure to secure a place to stay nearby in Fort Collins, CO for the duration of your stay. We are recommending the Residence Inn at 1127 Oakridge Drive, Fort Collins, CO for special room rates, 970-223-5700.

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Here's a little inspiration from the painting, Soul Star KA Essence, which was actually a commission. Yet the message is Universal and timeless.

KA, is here to open a larger portal of light for your re-membering and fullness. The golden waves of light and the purple octaves in the background bring the royal frequencies of your true essence to life and to light. KA, the galactic, royal purple and gold frequencies of the heavenly realms activate the healing of any fractured dreams, of any fractured selves, bringing together the oneness of the soul star with the personality and the human experience.

Working with this portal will support your re-membering and also activate this healing within your self and all around. Gazing upon the KA will activate your heavenly light frequency within all of your human realm, with gentleness, grace, joy and peace.

The symbols and colors throughout the painting are unified in their purpose for activation, healing and re-membering true self, purpose… allowing an embodiment of this light frequency through all time and space, and most importantly in each breath you breathe in this body in this now moment.
The hands in the painting shine forth this light frequency and cosmic codes of remembering and activation. They also reflect your healing spirit that is divinely connected to your heart center, and heart light.

The symbol at the heart is a star symbol, with a spiral in the center, surrounded by an equalateral cross, with generating light expanding from this symbol. This portal opens to the depths of the great Cosmic soul light of unconditional love and creative light force. It is symbolic of the generative essence of soul, activating your desires and your dreams. Be true to your heart is the message, and all flows from this love and this space of creative light force.

This connects upward to another spiral seemingly within a collar of gold, with white symbols. This symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, light codes and the power of creativity through love and wisdom. The white symbols are light language codes, activating your power and desires in alignment with the higher purpose you have for being on earth, and for serving the whole in waking up.

Another star glyph sits at the throat area, with an ever seeing eye. This again is a portal to activate the true know, seeing and acting of the Cosmic soul self through human form. A radiant portal bringing the heart into action, into words, into listening, into Divine knowing.

It is as if wings come forth from the higher part of this glyph, representing the activation of inner flight through inner knowing… true freedom of the soul to fly through the inner dimensions, and the ability to bring that wisdom, knowledge and frequency to earth into the human experience.
The glyphs symbols continue to appear into the face cheeks and the third eye area. Again a star glyph on the cheek on the right side of the painting, which is actually the left side of the being, representing the full on expression of the Divine Feminine star light of compassion, kindness, wisdom and unconditional love reflecting into you, into your life experience, holding you from the joy and love of the Cosmic Mother.

The glyph at the center of the third eye as a diamond is another portal to honor and activate your true sight at expanded levels, bringing that energy to all you meet and touch and see. It is connected to a golden circle at the top of the diamond, with a white dot in the middle and a DNA strand moving upward to Spirit, higher Self. This is representative of the Solar logos, and the God Essence, or Universal Creator Light as pure frequency shifting Self upward into Ascended Master, into awakened DNA, into Homo Luminous.
This essence being KA, emanates deep compassionate and loving rays of light frequencies to awaken the total, whole God Self.

Engage this beautiful essence and guide, and receive the blessings you have imagined, that you have desired.

You are powerful beyond what your personality wants to believe, and yet you truly know this within. Claim this, allow this, receive this love and be en-JOY.

Soul Star Ka

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