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Dec 4, 2020 Mythical Goddess Tarot 1-Card Pull, the Hindu Goddess Aditi, and the Great Void, with Katherine Skaggs. Healing and Hope through curiosity and wonderment. It is time to focus upon and wonder "How Good Can it Get?"

What do we need to find greater hope in our lives right now?

Fear is rampant in our world, with humanity at odds with one another, with the fear of a pandemic, various religious and political factions and points of view.

What guidance can the goddesses give to assist us in healing and shifting to a higher frequency and greater experience of love, harmony, and joy?

Aditi, the Hindu Goddess representing the Infinite, the Great Cosmic Void, comes to us today to help us find our way into a more harmonious and beautiful reality. This great celestial Mother Goddess is here to remind you to focus your heart and mind on your curiosity on how good life can get. She is the formless mind substance, the Akasha, and the most fertile ground for planting seeds of hope, of healing, and of great harmony for self and for all of humanity.

It is time to go into the childlike wonderment that lives inside our very beings, of our inner child, and the place of purity that resides beyond the fear. What is it like to return to the place of possibility, potential, and true harmony?

If you are focused on the fear and have lost your pure, innocent child-like nature, it is time for a clearing, a smoke bath, some sage, prayer, and reflection upon the good, the Divine, and the beauty of this world, and your very being.

Refocus your mind, your heart, and all of your thoughts to wonderment and curiosity in How good can it get? You will stir the potent and fertile energies of the Great Cosmic Void, and the Quantum Field… beckoning the perfect answer from the Universe. Know that whatever you ask must be answered. So pay attention to what you ask and where your focus is.

If you will lean more and more into the possible, you will be supported in living it every day.

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