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As we move into the New Moon/Solar Eclipse energies, we are in a time of opportunity for new life in ways that have great possibility and potential. The question that came to me as I contemplated the intention and questions for the Goddesses to guide us in the New Moon energies, is What do we need to be Happy? Life is too short not to be happy, so what support, guidance, healing and action can get us there?

WHO ARE WE as we enter this new cycle?

Our foundation of who are as we enter the New Moon is one of working hard to bring heavenly guidance to earth, that we are in a time of revolution personally and collectively, and a place of trueness to self that brings power, and empowerment. These energies are fabulous for supporting the growth we truly desire to be free, to be unified within, and to align with what makes us happy so that we honor it and live it.


It is time to nourish ourselves in all ways so we can be happy. What do you truly desire? Give it your attention, your love, your time an it will manifest. The 4 of Fire Completion card sits next to the 9 of Earth Nurturance, telling us that we are completing the old, so we can be happy again. Then the 8 of Fire - Courage is present in the overall picture, telling us it takes Courage to truly do what you love, to be happy, to let go of the things that don't fulfill you. GO FOR IT... JUST DO IT!


The 7 of Wind - Pessimism sits in the center of our lessons.It is time to clean your mind and the limiting attitudes and beliefs that contribute to unhappiness. Radical transformation requires radical change. Call upon the Courage card to clean away the pessimistic mental beliefs, as well as possibly people who reflect that to you. Pele, the Purification major arcana card (The Tower in the traditional tarot) sits next to this wind card, letting you know that massive change and purification is at hand if you truly want to live a happy life. She brings fire into the journey to burn away those mental limiting energies and beliefs, and is poised to burn down the house of your old life for you to be in a new experience of joy and happiness. I recommend participating with her and willingly letting go of all that creates pain and suffering so you can return to joy. Remember, this most of all is your inner work, to let go of mental attitudes and emotional disharmony, and possibly physical expressions of that, so you can return to a happy place within. Your happiness within will rewire your outer physical reality. Walking away from a job or relationship doesn't insure happiness unless you have made the changes within. If you make the changes within, your job and relationship may shift too... Only you can decide as you return to your internal state of happiness. And the Community card, the 9 of Earth sits with these two cards, Pessimism and Pele. It tells me that one of our lessons and opportunities for healing is to return to our Tribe, to our communities. Time to get past the limitations we have navigated with COVID, or anything else in our lives that have kept us from community, and to find our way back. What is challenging about this? You may need to overcome any fears that have arisen about being with others. Or perhaps you need to find a different community, or return to one you have not be in for a while. What is important for your happiness and what community is to you?


At the center of our Action is the Pleiadian Star Goddess, the Star card, and the card of one's Soul's Destiny! It is time for you to follow your heart to find your happiness. Everything you desire is here now, no matter the appearances. Trust your heart's desires and then take action no matter what. The 5 of Fire - the Conflict card, sitting in the action, is not about being in conflict, it is about resolving conflict. As you move on your heart's desires, there may be old patterns that conflict with what you really want. You must address them to get what you want. What limiting beliefs, feelings, and physical situations do you need to give to the fire to move forward to happiness? Call for courage to assist you, and all the allies who support you in your true happiness. The Mother of Seas - Perception accompanies the Star Goddess and the Conflict card to guide you to your intuitive knowing, to clear the emotional challenges so you can be true to your true sense of intuition to guide you.


The Crone of Fire and the Mother of Fire reflect an outcome of being release from the purification of fire into new life, with wisdom, regeneration, and evolution into happy, new ways of being. The 2 of Earth Cycles card tells us that we are moving through one cycle to the next to find our true happiness, soul's destiny, and evolution of our species to return to harmony. Big outcomes require courage and soul work. Here's to your happiness, and the blessings that are possible with these New Moon Solar Eclipse energies.

Much love for your happiness!

Katherine Skaggs

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