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The Luminous One comes to bathe us in the light, bringing illumination to our spiritual and our physical selves, assisting us in vibing up! She reminds us it is time to move more greatly into the light through our intentions, riding the waves of high frequency light codes coming into our world through the astronomical alignments and spiritual cycles that are here now.

We are moving into a new cycle and a new age, bringing the light of illumination to our souls, that we may embody this light on earth in our human journey. Look upon the Luminous One for assistance in raising your light quotient. Catch the joy, the harmony, and the song of the light singing from this one unto you!

The Luminous One was called in to bring balance between the male and female, the yin and the yang, the human and the spiritual. I say 'she', but must say too this is the ultimate embodiment of male and female, truly not one or the other, though possibly more feminine in many ways. This radiant solar light is all heart and soul, bringing you what you may need to open your heart in greater ways than before.

Bathe in these energies by open eyed meditation upon the Luminous One to receive the energies of enlightenment and the alignment with the galactic center that is now activating our next spiritual evolution into greater light. The Luminous One carries the light codes to purify the lower vibrations through the energy of fire and light, to open the sight of your heart and soul, and to awaken your third eye that you may see more clearly from the soul's perspective.

This activation is also of your soul codes, your galactic multi-dimensional awareness that transcends your earthly linear perspective. Imagine if you can, that you are much bigger as a soul than you are as your human personality. You are HUGE. You are LIGHT, and you are consciousness. Receive the joyous, light from the Luminous One and catch the remembering of your sacred soul essence.

The Luminous One's third-eye is a portal to your inner knowing, to the Akasha, and to the Great Mystery of Creation. Gaze upon this portal to travel deeper within to know. The same is true of the throat chakra 'eye' symbol. It is also a doorway within, to the many dimensions of your very soul essence. Travel through this door to discover your ability to fly through the dimensions, to your power and ability to express these higher consciousness waves of energy. Each time you sit with this image and gaze upon it, you will move more deeply into how you work with the power of light within, and all around.

The Luminous One reminds you that you are a beautiful being of Light, and that you are here to flow this light through you into your world. You are a blessing. It is time to embrace and beholden this within yourself, that you may channel it into your life. Use your intention to flow this light and joy into every aspect of your life, and you will continue to fill up into higher states of joy and consciousness.

Luminous One

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