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by Katherine Skaggs

Life is but a dream... yes really. Shamanic traditions from around the world will tell you that we are living a a dream. So, if this is true, are you dreaming a good dream?

In this dream, our world is made up of vibration, and patterns of light expressing as color, form and sound. We are all born within the perfect patterns of Creation. When we struggle, are in pain, illness and suffering, our patterns become tangled and we are disconnected from the perfect patterns of Creation and Source expressing through us.

In the Amazon the shamans vision ceremonially and see and hear the patterns of Creation in beautiful light and sound. To heal people who are ailing from distorted patterns, they sing Icaros (healing songs) into their bodies. These Icaros or songs, will also be painted in visionary art, or woven into clothes and jewelry to be worn or used in the home to bring the healings.

Visionary art and song are very important shamanic tools for healing. These are both powerful expressions of Spirit that can shift one's personal patterns and bring transformation and healing to one's life when they are open to receiving this assistance.

A good meditation practice is find a quiet and sacred place to sit each day where you are undisturbed. Have a journal nearby and some coloring pencils or paints. Close your eyes and focus on your heart center, relaxing, breathing into your heart. Take your time and move inward. When you feel centered in your heart, what do you see, feel, hear? What colors, symbols, light patterns, sounds and melodies begin to resonate as you focus on your heart? In time you will experience both light and sound. When you come out of your meditation, draw or paint any colors, symbols or patterns that come to you. Hum or sing the sounds, even if only using the vowel sounds of a, e, i, o or u.

Uuse this practice with the intention of healing patterns that are distorted, and finding patterns of love, beauty, abundance, joy... This is the beginning of recognizing the patterns that are out of sorts and finding the patterns that return you to the perfect patterns of Creation.

When in doubt sing a song or paint or draw, throw some clay... creativity heals the broken patterns and returns you to the beauty patterns that are naturally part of your make-up.

Dream well.

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