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The Ascension Goddess

by Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs Ascension Goddess
Ascension Goddess

The Ascension Goddess' journey into form and presence came after over several weeks in 2007. I was teaching a class on Intuitive Painting: A Journey through the Chakras. I had finished teaching the first class of seven, which works with the root or base chakra. We had left over red and black paint, so I encouraged two assistants of mine who stayed after class to grab the extra paint, some boards, and have at it with some expressive painting. Just let come through what wanted to express... Get your mind out of it and play, let the paint and Spirit tell you what to do.

When I got the red and black onto the board, I thought, "Hmmm, you are interesting. I wonder if I will keep you and who you will become." And that was it until two weeks later. I set the board aside with just the red and black paint and forgot about it for a while.

Two weeks later I was teaching the 3rd chakra class and was just sitting and holding space while my students painted. Inwardly I heard and was directed to pick up the board I had put the red and black on two weeks earlier. I normally don't paint during class. But I always follow my guidance, so I pulled the board out from a stack of paintings and began to paint. First the turquoise came forth. I was very aware that each stroke and color was being directed from my inner guides. I enjoyed a fluid experience of one stroke after the next, guided where to put the color and how it was to look. The yellow came next and I easily followed my guidance.

Then my guides said, "White." And I said, "White?" Now mind you, I never argue with my guides or question where I am told or shown where to put color or how to put it there. Yet, this was an interesting conversation where I questioned! They said, "White!" and again, I said, "White??" Then as I held my brush near the paint on the pallette, my hand moved as if it were nudged into the white and through the yellow... My eyes got a little big as this occurred, as nothing like this had happened before... yet, I also usually just do what my guidance tells me to do in this intuitive painting journey too. And with that nudge I stroked the white and yellow onto the canvas very gingerly where I was guided to put it. And with the last stroke of my guidance, I pulled away to admire what had been created and was in awe. I said, "Who are you?!" And, "What is your name?"

I didn't get her name, but I did get the sense of awe she had. I knew she would tell me a story somehow and that it was very important. I knew she had a lot to say and that she was very powerful and transformative.

The next day I showed Sage the painting and Sage said, "She is the Ascension Goddess, and she is the Crone of Earth in the deck." I said, "Really?" I just love it when I am guided to paint something without an agenda and then that it actually is part of the Mythical Goddess Tarot. That is sheer guidance from Spirit and I am pleased!

The Channeling; The Message and Teaching

And, within a day the story came. I was teaching a class in Greeley at the time and had a scheduled soul portrait in Greeley several hours before class. I had a feeling my client was a no show, and sure enough, she never came at the time scheduled. So, I went to the park to have a break, to reflect and journal and center myself before class. And that is when the Ascension Goddess came to talk to me.

As I began to journal, I felt and heard the Ascension Goddess announce herself and begin to tell me all about who she was and what she was about. I immediately understood the perfection of the cancelation of my client so I could have this conversation!

The Ascension Goddess told me she was a collective consciousness of many beings (like Abraham), expressing as a warrior goddess of power and change. She told me that she brings Light through Fire and transformation. She heals with Fire. The heat of transformation. She is a healing wise woman of God/Gold... She represents the tribes, the bird clan of the North and the Northern Lights off this Earth. We are of the Pleiades and are the fire planet, the sun planet of transformation.

The red and green are rays of healing; the yellow and white tools to the light body for ascension. We come to heal the bridge of the heart to the root to humans, to infuse a shift at a dna level. These colors vibrate at a frequency healing of heart, soul and body.

It is time for soul passion and truth to pierce the mind and body of man through the divine feminine presence. It is time for the Heaven's energies to vibrate into the Earth plane in a manner that shifts and breaks old patterns. The red is necessary for the intensity needed to break through the old patterns of habit. The turquiose teal brings gentleness with strength. It is the wisdom of the soul heart infusing the red passion ray. The yellow and white enforce the wisdom and frequency of the Christ Light.

The dots in the painting are aboriginal frequencies and true Earth dwellers who live within the planet. IN IT! They are multi-dimensional beings of Light, wise beyond our knowledge. The dots are points of consciousness from other star systems of knowledge. They provide portals to this dimensional consciousness.

And yes, the turquiose dot in the lower left is a master teacher and healer portal - Being of Light, grateful for its presence in this work.

Wrapping it up - Portals to Higher Consciousness

How to connect to the paintings and heal your life

So dear friends, if you have taken time to enjoy this installment of the Journey, I hope you know this is very amazing work. Each painting is a gateway and portal to higher consciousness and remembering of who we truly are. We are amazing beings of Light and Love, God-Sparks on their journey home to Love. They are here to help us remember our true essence and give us guidance in living our lives in love and healing our souls. I feel very blessed to know they walk beside me and guide me so I can use my gifts to help others find more peace and love and joy.

Each one is here for you to work with too. If you haven't yet, try meditating with one of the images who you are attracted to. Create an altar and put a small card on the altar. Focus on the imagery, open your heart and ask assistance on your daily journey. Pray and ask for love and the guidance to expand in your life and every cell of your being. Then be quiet and listen. Be patience and become curious where and when you will see the answers appear in your life... They will appear! Believe!!

We all have access to these higher frequency energies and need to move our attention to our hearts, and to opening them to love. We must learn to focus our thoughts on God/Goddess/Spirit... whatever your language for the Divine Source of our creation, focus upon it and know that you are being guided and loved upon your journey here. Call upon that Divine Source and let it heal you, let it shift the old fear thoughts, sadness, depression, hopelessness... etc., by simply asking, praying, demanding, and breathing in the Divine Mother into your heart. She is here to heal us and help us heal our planet. We are in a time where there is help. These paintings are expressions of that Divine Mother energy and are portals to its birth on this planet.

Thank you for all you do, for your interest in this work, and for being who you are. You are a beautiful being of light and love. You are remembering. You are love. That is the biggest message here. Learn to love yourself every thought and moment, fill yourself up and then give it away to others. Be of service to your highest self by becoming a divine expression of love in every thought and action. That is all there is to do. Love.

Many blessings and much love and light


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