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Sacred Heart of Sananda

I recently had a student ask my definition of love. Is love all the feeling of attraction? Is it how a mother feels toward a child? Can it be much more than an emotion?

Mystics, shamans, and scientists alike will tell you that everything in the Universe is energy and vibrates. Thought and emotion create. If you think, feel, speak, and act in love, you create your world with love. If you think, speak, feel, and act out of judgement, anger, fear, and trauma, you create your reality with these vibrations.

"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Love is the Universal force or frequency that gives life. It heals, restores, and creates miracles. The ancient Solfeggio tone measurement of love is 528 HZ. This frequency vibrates within the cells of our bodies as well all around us. The love frequency is within all natural life forms, from the chlorophyll of plant life to the DNA of human and animal life. It is the energy of "good vibes" we feel when we enter the forest or into a sacred ceremonial space or the divine connection experienced between two open-hearted individuals.

Sacred art of Saints and Masters often depicts a radiant, illuminating heart indicative of the power of love expressing through the loving masters and guides. Writings on Archangels, Ascended Masters, Monks, Saints, Priests and Priestesses reveal the power of the heart as one that gives healing, creates miracles, and guides the soul upon their sacred path. Following one's heart's desires is associated with the true direction of the soul.

Current-day scientists' are proving what ancient mystics and healers have understood about the frequency of love as a healing, harmonizing, vital energy. American neuroscientist Dr. Candice Pert discovered that 528HZ opens our chromosomes and exposes the DNA. Biochemist Steve Chemiski states in the book The Fork in the Road that the basic structure of organic chemistry, the carbon-6 hexagonal ring reflects the sacred geometry of the 528 HZ frequency. Dr. Joseph Puleo describes it as an extraordinary force that priests and healers of ancient civilizations used to heal and manifest miracles.

Dr. Len Horowitz discovered that the frequency of 528 HZ is the energy that brings spiritual signals and activating frequencies to higher consciousness. He educates us to understand that 528 HZ comes directly from the sun into all of our earth. The vibrations of this love frequency feeds the botanical world, which gives us oxygen and chlorophyll vibrating at 528 HZ.

The frequency of Love is of course associated with our heart spaces. 528HZ is heard in the heart of everything. When our hearts vibrate at 528HZ we are more positive in our outlook, happy, and at peace. When we worry, are skeptical, and basically in a bad mood, the frequency of our heart is affected and vibrates in a dissonant way. Closed-heartedness and depression are symptoms of a heart out of sync. Bathing in the 528HZ frequency transforms and lifts our mood, and helps to heal our bodies.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, pioneer in the field of "micro-cluster crystallography," conducted years of research sending positive intentions and 528 Hz frequency vibrations into water. Dr. Emoto experimented with the Love frequency on polluted water and witnessed incredible results. He filmed the molecular structure of water changing from disorganized arrays of crystals in polluted water into beautiful snowflake designs. According to Dr. Emoto, the snowflake designs include visible "messages" as if the water was actually "conscious." His results are published in his New York Times best-selling book "The Hidden Messages in Water" (2005). — — — Information from Gaia Meditation article.

Suffice it to say that LOVE is the master healing energy of everything.

Check out the 528HZ meditation music by Idyllic Melody:




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