New Moon in Scorpio Oct. 25, 2022 Reading

15-card Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs, and additional guidance from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle to guide and support on this Scorpio New Moon October 25, 2022.

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The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a gift from the Divine, bringing vibrant beauty, inspiration, Divine guidance, and wisdom for personal empowerment in challenging times of great change.  

Hello Masters of Light, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light! 
The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a boxed set of 44-beautifully illustrated cards and a full-color 128-page guidebook made of Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light channeled by author and artist Katherine Skaggs. Katherine created this high-frequency deck because we all need wise guidance, support, inspiration, and empowerment to change our lives personally and the world at large into a more harmonious place. The Angels, Masters, and Divine Beings have been flowing their images, messages, and higher frequency energies to form through Katherine's paintings and the words to help her and many others since 2003. 

Now is the time for us to benefit from their guidance and energy through the portal of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle. This is a deck for daily use, for types of questions of any size, situations, insight into relationships and the challenges of life as well as for continuing guidance as you move up your spiritual path. This deck is for anyone, from beginners to experienced card deck users and readers, from young to old, for anyone seeking the companionship of the Masters of Light as a part of their daily journey. If you desire higher guidance that benefits your soul's human adventure, then this is your deck! 
The Master of Light Wisdom Oracle is a high-energy spiritual technology and transformational tool that you can employ for the rest of your life.
Creating the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle has been a journey filled with many ups and downs, healing, breakthrough, and ultimately joyful illumination. Many have been waiting years for this deck to come to life. Thank you everyone for your patience and complete support along the way. Now is the time for you to receive the blessings directly with your own autographed copy of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle.

The Masters of Light are a collective of supernatural, higher-dimensional beings who appear as Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Mayan Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light. Each has its unique message and frequency to assist you on your path of awakening your true and Divine Self. They hear your prayers and know your heart’s deepest desires. They are always available, if only you will call. They watch over and guide you in all ways. You are never alone. Your guides and helpers have a hand in bringing you what you need most on your evolutionary path of the soul.

 Archangels are the specialized chief angelic messengers, leading a fleet of other angels with the same mission to help humanity. Each is available to assist you through their specialty. Everyone has their own message and energy to help you understand your life situation, as well as to inspire and guide you to greater harmony.
The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle has nine Archangels making their appearance to guide and assist you:  Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariels, Uriel, Azrael, Metatron (also an Ascended Master), Ramiel, and Haniel.

Ascended Masters are souls who have also walked the Earth and have attained spiritual mastery by passing many spiritual initiations to learn their lessons through many incarnations. Each has their specialty and focus to assist you in your soul's journey to mastery. They are all dedicated to your personal evolution and healing, as well as that of all of humanity. There are fourteen Ascended Masters in the deck including Masters Lord Ganesha, Sananda, St. Germain, Serapis Bey, Our Lady of Light, Our Lady of Guadalupe, White Eagle, Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha of the Heart, Lady Nada, Lord Maitraya, Divine Mother Kuan Yin, and Lord Guatama the Buddha. 

Above are a few sample images of Katherine's 44-card oracle. Who is calling to you?
There are many other Divine Beings from the higher dimensions of the spiritual planes who are part of an amazing team of Light Beings here to assist you. They may express themselves to you as angels, guides, Mayan masters, goddesses, and celestial beings. Everyone has great love and wisdom to share to guide you to healing and harmony in your life. 
The other twenty-one Divine Masters are: Mother Breath of Life, Master Kanchan, Soul Star Ka, Pleiadian Angel of Dreams, The Illuminated One, Star Mother Ra-Mona, Mother Shakti Kundalini, World Angel of Peace, Mayan Master Imix, Angel Estrella de la Luz, Mayan Master Ik, Our Lady of the Blue Light, Mother Goddess Hathor, Ancient One, Angel Horatio the Giant, Mayan Master Akbal, Mayan Master Cuauc, Star Light Amorah, Pleiadian, Angel Mag-ne-Tu, Indigo Star Child, and Mama Gaia.

The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is an Extraordinary Oracle Deck. It combines Guidance with Ceremony and RitualA True  Energy Tool for Changing Your Life.
Every Masters provides wisdom, guidance, and tangible Ceremony and Ritual to guide you so you may expand your energy and shift any negative energy upwards into the harmonious energies each Master offers. The imagery, energy, and unique guidance of each Master of Light offers tangible action through ceremony and ritual. Wisdom teachings are offered throughout the cards and pages of the guidebook and the Masters who are here to support you. 
The Masters offer transformational imagery and also ancient spiritual practices, such as Open-Eyed Gazing, guidance for altar work, creating sacred space, how to connect with each Master of Light, and so much more.
Here's a sample of the Ceremony and Ritual with Master Kanchan for Be Yourself!
  • Move into sacred space with clarity of intention to come home to your authentic self as you release negativity. Light sage or other smudges to clear your space. Light a white or gold candle. State out loud three times, “I release all negative energies, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and experiences into the light.” Imagine the candle’s flame clears the negative energies until you feel complete. Gaze upon the fire to bring the light into your body and energy bodies, illuminating your true essence in love.

Keywords and guidance with every Master.
Here's a sample of the the guidebook with key words, masterful guidance, and the ceremony and ritual for Star Light Amorahand Trust!
  • Keywords: Light Transmission • Grace • Peace
  • Key Phrase: “Trust in love, in grace, in peace. These qualities live within you and every human on this planet.”
  • Who is Star Light Amorah: Star Light Amorah is an awakened, ancient Celestial Being from our home in the Stars. As a giver of grace, she brings immeasurable blessings of love, compassion, and peace to guide humanity in its path of awakening. Her high-frequency light codes transform the heart, mind, soul, and DNA on Earth and in Heaven.
  • Wisdom and guidance: Star Light Amorah comes to you at this moment to illuminate your heart and the highest qualities that live in your spiritual and physical DNA. She wants you to TRUST that all is in Divine order — personally and for all of humanity. The Cosmos has your back, as do many advanced beings of light. You are on an evolutionary journey as soul. There are no mistakes that you are here now as humanity steps into new light to evolve.
  • Trust is an essential key energy to support you at this time. Love, compassion, peace, and all that is required to heal are within the codes of your DNA, and all of the DNA of humanity. No matter how strange life has been, or challenging it may seem, new frequencies of light are pouring forth to awaken the spiritual heart and soul of humans into greater love and harmony. If you have been dismayed and fearful for yourself or others, seek to restore trust in the power of love, compassion, and grace to heal. As you trust this within your very being, then extend it to others. Be compassionate and loving. Be the carrier of this light and expand it through your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. Be the luminary and watch the light expand into miracles in all of your world, and for that of humanity.
  • Ceremony and Ritual: Dedicate your focus to trust, to love, to hope, to grace, and to peace. Begin your day with this as your focus. Then let your life be the altar that expresses these qualities. Before you get out of bed in the morning, acknowledge that you trust the Divine and your soul’s path. Acknowledge your trust for what unfolds each day for the betterment of yourself and the world. Look for others to meet you upon this path of love and light. What you focus on will expand into your experiences and bring healing.

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  • Four Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle Altar Cards (5x7")
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LIMITED SPECIAL to first 100 backers. First-edition autographed deck of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle: 44-card deck with a full-color 126-page guidebook — signed to you or a person of your choice personally by author/artist Katherine Skaggs. We’ll contact you to find out how to autograph your copy. Note quantities are limited at this introductory price.
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  • 1. How to expand your intuition, inspiration, wisdom, purpose, and empowerment by working with the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle. 
  • 2. How to call in the Archangels, Ascended Masters, personal guides, and all other Divine Beings for assistance and guidance. 
  • 3. Direct guidance and journey spaces with the Masters in each class. 
  • The deck will be personally signed to you and/or a person(s) of your choice personally by author/artist Katherine Skaggs. We’ll contact you to find out how to autograph your copy.
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  • Mythical Goddess Tarot Autographed
  • Artist Shaman Healer Sage book Autographed
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1. Number of Cards, Size, Stock, Booklet, and Box Specs 
44 cards measuring 3.75x5.5" printed on 350 gsm stock with full color and gloss laminate on both sides. The full-color 126-page booklet also measures 3.75x5.5", with full-color cover and inside pages. The booklet cover is 230 gsm cover stock, and the inside text is 105gsm art matt paper. The beautiful box is custom-made to fit the cards and booklet, with 128 gsm gloss art over 2.0 mm boards with an uncoated liner in the box. These cards will feel great in your hands!
2. This is a 44-card Oracle Deck, NOT a Tarot Deck
The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a high-frequency oracle deck of original, channeled paintings by intuitive artist Katherine Skaggs, depicting Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Masters of Light. 
These vibrant wisdom cards can be used for daily guidance, inspiration, insight, divination, and empowerment. Choose a card a day or for a situation, or you can try the three or five-card spreads in the booklet for more insights, guidance, and information, or create your own spreads! No special training is needed to connect to the Masters and their wisdom. 
3.  Published by Well-Regarded Mind*Body*Spirit Publisher Satiama Publishing
Satiama Publishing has been bringing forward internationally-awarded products, books, card decks, and more, many of which have won Industry Choice, People's Choice, and Book or Product of the Year. 

Fort Collins, CO
I am the author and artist of the multi-award-winning 2022 COVR Visionary Awards Book of the Year, Artist Shaman Healer Sage - Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul, and the artist of the award-winning iconic, Mythical Goddess Tarot.
I am a visionary artist and writer, channel, shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher, and painter of souls bringing the beauty and wisdom of the soul to the human experience. The journey of life has taken me on soul-expanding adventures into metaphysics and shamanism to heal and awaken in the human experience. My greatest joy is to inspire, empower, and uplift others through art, story, and wisdom teachings.  I also created the art for the pocket deck Pocketful of Goddesses: A Blessing Oracle, the art and writing for the Pocketful of Blessings, and the art for more than 100 sacred altar cards to date. I have also painted onto canvas channeled personal soul portraits, spirit guide paintings, totem animals, and spirit helpers for thousands of people.
I appreciate your support of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle, as it is time to bring this love and wisdom far and wide. Thank you for being my blessing, and for blessing others as you do so!
Stretch Goals
1.  Hit $4500  - Everyone gets THREE additional 5 x 7" altar cards
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5.  Reach $25,000 - Everyone above the $77 pledge gets a 8 x 10" print signed by artist Katherine Skaggs
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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 13th, 2022 Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs, artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

What does this super full moon cycle have to tell us? How can it support us to bring positive change and help us bring our dreams to earth?

A 15-card spread to reveal guidance, challenges, gifts and possibilities.

Who are we entering into this full moon cycle?

Child of Fire - Creative Spark We need to own our creative spark as our greatest gift to create our world. This is a card of new beginnings that reveals what is supportive at all times. Trust your inner creative self to guide you.

8 of Seas - Depletion We are exhausted from the emotional challenges and energies that have been going on. Make sure to take time to rest in this cycle. Pay attention to your emotional, tender self, and your physical body. Balance.

Crone of Earth - Ascension This is a card of wisdom born of our earthly experiences. As we move into this cycle this is one of our gifts that helps us navigate our world. Draw upon the wisdom from your earthly experiences and the wisdom of your very lineage.

What is the Big Picture?

Goddess Lilith - Power Everything is up about authenticity, equality, and personal power. It is time to own who we are in our differences, with full sovereignty, to honor and respect ourselves and others. This is a time of coming into greater freedom and power.

Goddess Yemaya - Oracle It is time to honor the inner self and knowing that you have. It is a time of intuition and knowing yourself rather than looking outside. Trust your inner compass.

4 of Wind - Patience Be fully present to this experience as we prepare to birth a new reality. All is in order. Everything is in perfect timing.

What are the challenges and lessons?

Goddess Ix Chel - The Moon The challenge and lesson is to take time to go within to dreamtime, to sleep, to rest and reset, to go within and be true to your inner self and inner guidance. Go outside of linear time.

Child of Seas - Innocence Within the storms of life you may feel challenged to remain innocent and in your heart spaces. Again, go within and work with your precious, innocent, curious heart-centered child self, as this part of your knows the way beyond the fear.

9 of Earth - Works The lesson and challenge is to bring your inner dreamtime guidance into your world through joyful action.


9 of Wind - Fear Face the fear and mental struggles that keep you from living the life you want to live. Get honest and come back to your heart. Your heart knows the way, not your mind.

9 of Fire - Integrity Align your spirit, your higher mind, your heart, and your actions now. Be in integrity as a divine being living an earthly life. Practice. This will offset the fear and brig you back to heart and joy.

Goddess Isis - High Priestess Use ceremony and ritual to focus your true heart's desires into your life to assist you in living your best life. Work with moon ceremony and daily ceremonies to bring higher spiritual light into this world.


Goddess Uzume - The Fool Staying on this path will bring you to a new cycle with greater levity and lightness, knowing that all is well.

10 of Earth - Fruition Everything is provided and given for all the hard work that has happened. There is enough for self and for sharing with tribe.

7 of Earth - Failure Change is at hand. All ways of life that are not sustainable are falling away. Accept that the old ways that are not working are dying, and this is a good thing, as new life comes with this change.

Click on this link or the image below to listen to the podcast Wholistic Soul Podcast with Guest Katherine Skaggs and Host Ashely Tracey


In this episode, Ashley interviews award-winning visionary artist, author, spiritual teacher, and shamanic healer Katherine Skaggs about the simple tools and practices each of us can incorporate in our lives to help us connect more deeply to the artist, shaman, healer, and sage within us all.

Buy Katherine Skaggs’ Award-winning book Artist, Shaman, Healer, Sage to learn more about creating sacred ritual in your life, as you awaken your inner Artist, Shaman, Healer, and Sage that is alive and well within your very being. Katherine's vast spiritual life experiences and wild adventures have spanned the last 35 years, taking her from conservative bible-belt roots in Oklahoma, to sitting with shamans in the jungles of Peru. Personal healing has always been the goal, and has led her to write, paint, teach, and express this timeless wisdom so others may also benefit.

Connect with Katherine Skaggs' visionary guidance, wisdom, and channel to get your soul portrait, attend a class, or buy prints, books, decks, drums, and other uplifting products through her website at:

Purchase ritual and ceremonial tools at Shaman’s Market

About your host
Ashley Tracey is a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Aquarius Rising on a mission to demystify astrology and all things spiritual. Not only is Ashley an intuitive astrologer and past life regression guide, but her experience as a professor of nutrition and corporate wellness consultant provides her with a knack for blending science with the sacred. Making out of this world concepts more relatable to your everyday life. Helping you reconnect with your sense of wholeness. Find out more about her at

What to Expect - How to work with the energies of the April 30th, 2022 Black Moon Solar Eclipse

A 15-card Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading 

This “Black Moon” is the rare happening of a second new moon in a calendar month. It is also the first eclipse of the year, ushering into tumultuous energies of 2022’s eclipse season.

Eclipses are well known to bring rapid and unexpected shifts that by all appearances can turn our live upside down or around. The good news is that these dramatic shift can align us more clearly with our true destiny. 

The April 30th solar eclipse is in Taurus, with the focus on value - self worth, money, material possessions, and your physical environments such as home, work, property. This focus on physical environments can also bring our attention to how we live on the Earth in balance and respect, or where we need to make changes. The influences of this eclipse will refocus us on what we truly value. The Taurus energy will help us navigate in a more grounded manner through the tremendous change. Be open to sudden inflow of opportunities that bring value, money, and resources to you. 

Eclipses are not to be feared necessarily. The changes can be some of the most positive changes you can ever invite into your life. So orient your mind and emotions toward potentiation of something more beautiful coming into your life. What if the potentiation is all about healing and harmony? 

The energy of the rare April Black New Moon April 30, 2022 with the eclipse is here to assist us in aligning with new beginnings that lead us upon our soul’s path. There is great potential for a quickening, a rapid shift upwards in how you live your life aligned with your soul’s joy. Imagine opportunity is knocking and that it is time to open the door!

Make sure to pay attention to the themes in your life that unfold during this period of time. You will most likely continue to unfold the new life energies aligned on a higher axis between now and November 2022. It is time to give way to the support of the Universe toward greater love, prosperity, and value in yourself and your life path.

Many other planets are dancing in the sky with a matrix of energies that support a grand adventure of unexpected changes (Uranus). Yet there is the energy and support we need (Mars) to give us strength and resolve to come into new life as we shed the old that no longer serves us. 

With the rapid shifting there is promise too of sweet and beautiful new beginnings in love (a triple conjunction between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune). Emotions will flow with a deep, spiritual fertilization and enrichment. The grounding energy of Taurus can offer you all that you need to ground into deeper spiritual richness that opens the heart and brings the heavenly to the physical. Awakening energies are at hand that bring greater value and abundance into your personal relationships and all of your life’s experiences.

15-Card Mythical Goddess Tarot Card Reading

Who we are in this cycle of change through the April 30, 2022 Black New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in Taurus?

9 of Seas - Joy

Claim your emotional yumminess, your joy. This is one of your foundational energies to rely on. This is a very important part of yourself to value. Ground through your emotional self and joy.

3 of Wind - Isolation

Honor your time alone to reflect. Notice your attitude when you need to be inward rather than be out with others. This is about balance. You may need to meditate or practice your crafts alone and without others, rather than go to the party. Balance the personal time and your time with others.

Ace of Earth - Manifestation

This is a card of blessings from your angels, new beginnings, and bringing heaven to earth. You have all you need in the physical reality as you enter into this cycle. Give gratitudes to all you have now, and know it is expanding beyond what you know.

The Bigger Picture

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

This cycle is about coming into greater consciousness and awareness as soul in the physical reality, to be unified as sacred in all the physical earth walk. This is about returning to peace, how to be in a body as spirit. This is also a signal of purification. This cycle is about purifying all parts of the ego and experiences so you can come into greater love, peace, and sacredness. 

Morgan le Fey - Sorceress

This cycle brings magic, and connectivity of the Divine to our earthly reality. Spiritual power and magic is being offered. Look for synchronicities and blessings that come through the change. Spiritual medicine and magic is being revealed with the sudden and dramatic changes. 

9 of Fire - Integrity

In the bigger picture we are bringing Heaven to Earth, becoming more unified in our inner soul selves to our outer waking conscious state. The shifts are definitely about being in integrity in our body, in our mind/thoughts/emotions, and our physical reality with our spirit. Yes, this is about spiritual destination being unified in our experience.

The Lesson/Challenges/Opportunities

10 of Fire - Self-destruction

The opportunity and work is to clear away all the places we sabotage ourselves. The quickening is to heal, to alchemize self-doubt, self-deprecation, self-destruction. It is time to shine a light onto the shadows so you can shed the skins that create suffering. This is the opportunity to being different in a beautiful and awakened state. The support is here for complete change into integrity and wholeness.

5 of Earth - Manipulation

Time to cut the cords to all habits, beliefs, behaviors, and situations that bind you or others, that limit your growth to greater love and self-awareness. Opportunity to let go of your attachments so you are free. Choose through love and a higher way of being. Let go of the wounding that keeps you in unhealthy situations, jobs, relationships, and ways you take care of your body. Open to Spirit's guidance to harmony. Another place to let go, is to stop hanging onto a particular outcome based on a person, place, or thing. The Universe has your back as YOU shift and let go. Focus on love, value, and peace. This will help alchemize the situation.

6 of Seas - Pleasure

Clean up emotional blocks and wounds that keep you from being in pleasure emotionally, and how that comes to Earth and into your ability to receive in your body. The lesson is to return to emotional pleasure. Healing is at hand through the Cosmic alignments. 

What Action to Take with these Cosmic Alignments for the best outcomes?

Mayan Goddess Ix Chel - Moon

Go within to connect to the fertile medicine of the subconscious inner soul self. Do ceremony and ritual in reflection. Open to the blessings of your inner self that are here to bring new life. A yummy pisces spiritual energy to wake up your Divinity in your earthly life journey. Use your focus, intention and attention to move within.

Mary Magdalene - Initiation

You are in a spiritual initiation in this time period to wake you up into greater awareness of your soul self. Use this energy to move forward as a spiritual being, dropping unconsciousness. Do your spiritual work into new life that is spiritually full in your earth life. Is there a class, teacher, or healing you are called to? Or time to be the teacher? You will have opportunities to cultivate your spiritual awareness. Take the step.

3 of Earth - Works

Time to do your work, to bring your heavenly, spiritual self to earth in new and expanded ways. Focus on your highest most potent life and soul possibilities and clear away the limitations that keep you from your wholeness. 

What are the Outcomes Possible through this energy?

Mother of Seas - Perception

The possibility is to deepen your spiritual awareness, your psychic and intuitive knowing if you do your work, where you can see/sense through the illusions of the earth school born of fears, so you can be in an exalted purified state emotionally and spiritually. 

7 of Wind - Pessimism

This is a card of warning, not that we won't mentally get through this. This moon eclipse energy is one to bring up limiting, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs so we can move forward with freedom of the mind. This is the thorn or toxin that we can clean up through these powerful energies if we do our work. Put this on the altar to clean away, to break limiting boxes of mental thought born of fear. We are here to wake up and learn to focus the mind as an ally toward higher mind and Spirit.

Crone of Seas - Resurrection

We are going through an emotional healing to come into greater power and wisdom. We are here to resurrect ourselves. Potent emotional wisdom is at hand as we use the energies to restore at the deepest, loving, spiritual selves beyond anything we can imagine. 

Coming out of the Full Moon Energy, Easter, Passover, and Ramadan this past weekend we are being encouraged to shed the skins of the past, to honor the experiences and the wisdom given through their lessons, to bring the blessings and teachings into our human experience. It is time to ground our spiritual wisdom through the physical reality. It is time to see more clearly, to be more clear, to unite our essence into the physical.

One-card inspiration with the Mythical Goddess Tarot to help us move into a new way of being, to support us embodying a new way of being. How do we marry our polar opposites? How do we come into greater oneness marrying our yin and yang, our shadow and light, our human and our spirit? What is the support and message that will help us at this time that brings healing and blessings for our new life.

The Earth Element 

Earth is the element of the physical, the human experience, career, finances, relationships, home, the body, and health. It represents all aspects of our earth reality. It is our foundation for being in a body in this world, and the opportunity for great soul growth through earth school. 

The Crone of Earth

The Crone is the Wise Woman, the one who has traversed many cycles to become the elder and the knower. The Crone of Earth in particular represents the awakening of the soul through the human experiences and bringing it all the way into your phsyical conscious reality. It is the acceptance of our Divinity in our physical reality. Through this we heal and transmute the very cells of your physical self, and your ancestral DNA, and your spiritual DNA. She is the warrior Goddess who breaks old patterns and shifts behaviors. She brings new opportunities of new consciousness, heart, mind, and body. Imagine, your very DNA is ready to be illuminated and brought to new life!

This is the wisdom Crone Mama who is here to remind us to that the earth walk is a world of duality and polarity, a world of cycles, that is filled with opportunities and lessons for the soul's adventure. It is time to reflect upon our earthly experiences, that we may squeeze all the juice of love and gold out of them, and to compost the feelings and beliefs that separate us from love. It is time for wisdom to come all the way into our human consciousness that brings us to our divinity. Join wise woman and artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Katherine Skaggs, to look at the deeper teachings that are here for us now to heal through the challenges in our earthly world at this time, and what we are being called to illuminate and to heal, that we may awaken.

As you call forth the Crone within your Earth experiences, the wisdom in your experiences and within your very being, know that you are stepping into what is needed to change and begin anew in an expanded version of yourself.  Old identities are composting as you transmute pain into awareness through love, forgiveness, compassion, and wisdom. Your world is ready to ascend into an awakened experience. 

Blessings and love

Katherine Skaggs

with Katherine Skaggs, author of her new book Artist Shaman Healer Sage.
"Join author and shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs (Artist Shaman Healer Sage book) to learn more about working with plant medicines to clean your space, your energy bodies, your home, business, and land. Katherine will speak to the power of prayer and smudge to clean and to clear bad juju on an energetic level, as well as on a practical level to clear bacteria and viruses. Enjoy a demo with white sage, palo santo, dragon's blood and sacred tobacco. Learn about honoring the spirits of the plant and their medicine to support you. Plant spirits are amazing allies who will assist you not only in clearing your energy, but also will help take your prayers to Great Spirit to assist you in living more harmoniously."
Indigenous, shamanic cultures, Goddess cultures, and ancient, mystical cultures all know the power of plant medicines, fire, and smoke to clean and to clear bad energy, to purify, and to protect. Plant spirits are excellent allies to take your prayers to Great Spirit, as well as to support you through the powers of their sacred smudge smoke to literally purify the air, cleaning bacteria and viruses, as well as purifying your thoughts and emotions. If you have had an argument in your space, had a fall or accident, or any sort of trauma, smudging is an important practice to clean, clear, and reset your space for harmony once again.
Smudging is an important practice and ritual to clean energy, to clear away fear and trauma, to purify your space, and to raise your vibration. Working with plant spirit medicines is traditional to tribal, indigenous, mystical cultures worldwide. Smudging is a part of any shamanic healing practice, as well as personal daily shamanic practices, just like brushing your teeth!
This video brings important information on the healing power of plant medicines when used in smoke ceremonies, smudging, and clearing practices. Katherine teaches you how to work with plant spirits as your allies, and how to work with their smoke medicine and their consciousness to not only clean, but to take your prayers to spirit. Demo included.
Learn to Pray with the plants
Learn to use intention and prayer with your plant medicine smudging practice
Learn to clear your energy
Cleaning and clearing your energy and physical spaces is a very important and foundational shamanic practice.
The plant spirit medicines mentioned in this video are:
White Sage - use to cleanse, to bless, and to bring protection to your personal energy, another person's energy, to your home, office, land, and community.
Palo Santo - this is the "Holy Wood" from Peru. It is used to bring deep healing and clearing.
Dragon's Blood - this plant medicine is very good at cleansing and clearing difficult energies, as well as brings protection, love, and empowerment.
Sacred Tobacco (mapacho) - Nicotine Rustica from Peru when used in prayer with focus and intention is excellent to clear dense energy, clean trauma, and set up protection. Use to send your prayers to Spirit. Give as an offering to the land, and the the spirits you work with.
Author and teacher, Katherine Skaggs
Artist Shaman Healer Sage
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As we begin February 2021 what do we need to know, and focus on to begin the month and to create anew? The word courage comes to mind as I focus on the cards. So I ask the Mythical Goddess Tarot how to proceed for the highest and best outcomes.

Maiden of Seas - Passion from the Mythical Goddess TarotMaiden of Seas - Passion

The Maiden of Seas, the Passion card is in the very center of this spread. She tells me we need to first of all focus on our heart spaces and the passion we carry for our lives. Focus on our heart's desires, to give us the courage to 'go for it', whatever 'it' is. Our heart's know the way. They are the portal to our soul selves and will guide us where we need to go with the power of the heart and our connection to our very soul purpose.

Major Arcana Goddess Mother Mary - Sacrifice Mother

To the left of Passion is Mother Mary, the Sacrifice card. She tells us we need to let go of all that we are attached to that is dying and outmoded, devoid of spirit. Let go and trust the eternal life that is within you and all your relations, and move beyond any ways you live in the past, or look to past structures that no longer support you and your growth. Trust, faith, and hope are very much part of this card. Mary knows that we are so much bigger than our finite human existence. Tap into your heart spaces, your passion, and trust that your love and your spirit will show you the way, as you trust your heart. Work with the powers of unconditional love for yourself, and you can extend that to each person in your life and all your circumstances. As you trust your heart and soul's desires, releasing attachment to old form, you will be able to move forward with trust that what you desire flows to you in right timing.

White Buffalo Calf Woman major arcana sacred fire Mythical Goddess TarotMajor Arcana Goddess White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

To the right of Passion is the beautiful, sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman. She reminds us that all life is sacred and holy. As we honor our hearts, releasing attachment to all form devoid of life, we more easily can embrace the holy life that we are all here to live. Look for the beauty and sacredness in all life and you will restore this in yourself at all levels. Let go of the things that separate you from your heart spaces. Purify your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and physical being through prayer, with fire ceremony, and offerings to the earth and Spirit. With the support of these energies we have the opportunity to return to sacredness in our lives and how we meet one another in a more harmonious way.

May these beautiful blessings enfold you.
In deep gratitude and much respect. Katherine Skaggs

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The Full Moon is typically a time of completion and harvest, yet with the Aries energies expect fire of this Cardinal sign to fire up, initiate, purify, awaken and even begin.



Within us is the power of forgiveness and the ability to cut the cords to the past energies of hurt, suffering, pain, anger, etc. This fire card calls us into our hearts to initiate ourselves in this cycle so we are pure of heart, and clear. Take advantage of the full moon cycle to forgive, release and purify.


Use the power of completion with the full moon to end all that no longer serves you. Celebrate the gifts of what has come to fruition and be done with all that is complete. Use fire ceremony as a way to burn away and to let go, so you can move into the new cycles.


Life is SACRED!!!! YOU are SACRED. Your experiences are SACRED.

White Buffalo Calf Woman encourages us to make all our experiences sacred through ceremony, ritual and purification. Connect with this power and release limiting thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world around you.



Cyclical change is upon us!

Individually and collectively we are amidst great change. Be aware of what is shifting that allows room for expansion, growth and awakening. Trust in the cycles that are unfolding now, for all is in flow and shift.


The Mother of Water is about intuition and perception. Be aware of old, emotionally based stories that are distorted, and that distort your world. Be clear in your heart spaces and you will be able to see clearly, perceive clearly what is at hand in your life and in the big picture. Pay attention to how you see, sense and feel.


Once you know what is in your heart, focus it clearly through your mind’s eye.

Keep your focus clear and you will create more clearly and powerfully. Notice when you stray from what you truly desire, and refocus on what fills you, on what lights up your life, on what brings joy. Remember that whatever you focus on expands!



Sophia beckons us to go to the place of wisdom as we stand in our classroom of life. Make better choices based on the past experiences. Stop the patterns where you fall asleep. Wake up and know. Ask for help in going to the highest, most elevated perspective and place of wisdom.


Crow Woman invites us in the mystery of all that is. She asks us to trust that everything is in Divine Order, if only we move our awareness to that of the highest, most Divine Perspective. You are the shape shifter within the circumstances of your life. Shift as you need to, clearly from your highest self. Look for the messages and blessings from Spirit. Open your communication with the Divine.


How do you De-light in your life? How do you move forward in light? How do you move forward in delightfulness for the circumstances you are in?

The lesson is to move into the light for your life's lessons and perspectives. Claim more light heartedness as your attitude as you live life!



This Caribbean Goddess signals you to trust your intuition. Stop, pray, meditate, reflect, go within. Remember and write down your dreams. Take time daily for spiritual discipline, connecting to the deep waters of the Divine Mother's knowing. Become the oracle of your own life. Trust your lunar, intuitive nature when making decisions and choosing what is in your best interest.


The Pleiadian Star Goddess is the very essence of beauty and inspiration. She invites you to open to the gifts of the Cosmos and your highest divine self. Open your heart. She compassionately encourages you to awaken your heart to your most Divine path on Earth. Open your mind. Open to possibility, potential and blessings. There are gifts unfolding to assist you in fulfilling your destiny.


This warning card encourages you to be mindful of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that are born of criticism, whether they are inward toward yourself, outward toward the world at large, or coming toward you from outside. It is time to choose otherwise. Go to your heart.  Redirect your mind to the highest perspective. It is time for healing. Be aware of these energies. Refine to your heart energies.



If you heed the advice of the cards, you will have a greater clarity of your own self, of your authentic being, with boundaries that set you apart from the energies of others and the lower frequencies of this world that are born of fear. You will have a better container for yourself that is born of love and wisdom. Good fences make good neighbors as they say! Know thyself!


Kali is the great Hindu goddess of Death and Rebirth. She is a reflection of cleaning ourselves of the ego and old patterns that do not suit us.

Kali shows us that change is upon us that ultimately protects and purifies our ego personalities, so we may be more in our light and love selves. This month is the opportunity to let die what needs to die. You may also look for massive change collectively, where things come to an end that need to come to an end so humanity may move to a higher level experience.


Lilith in the Outcome signals a time of telling the truth, of being authentically ourselves, and coming into our power. With the sexual abuse culture that is coming to light, Lilith reflects a time of reckoning and returning to self respect, respect for one another, and true power from within. Expect break throughs in this arena, personally and collectively. Use the energy this month to step fully into your power, your expression and your voice.

The Gemini New Moon June 13th, 2018 reading with Katherine Skaggs and the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

The New Moon is a time of reset as we complete the energies of the Full Moon cycle. This New Moon in Gemini brings focus to communication and duality. Gemini's ruler Mercury is in early degrees of Cancer conjoining the Sun and Moon in Gemini, giving an important message to connect and communicate through an emotionally open and receptive place. This energy fits perfect with the 2 of Water, or Love card that shows up in Who We Are Going into the New Moon Energies (below). This New Moon reset promises pleasure and possibility that supports us shining our true soul light to the world.

Who We Are As We Enter the New Moon

The 2 of Seas - Love

This card signifies that we have loving support and play at hand as we enter the New Moon June 13th, 2018.

Take advantage of this playful loving energy as you set your intentions and dream anew.

Child of Wind - Consciousness

As we enter the New Moon energies it is time to claim our abilities to fly high in our thoughts and dreams for the next weeks.

Raise your frequency by dreaming BIG and POSSIBLE.

10 of Wind - Illusion

We also must face our illusory fears that cloud true reality. The Light is BRIGHT behind this huddled, raincoat clad child with only 10 drops of rain. Turn to the light when you are facing the shadow, and know the light is much brighter. This card is a reality check as you move to new possibility.

Let go of the dark and the shadow by simply turning your attention to the light.

The Big Picture

6 of Seas - Pleasure

This next cycle is about moving into emotional pleasure, openheartedness and the light. Enjoy yourself as the energies unfold. Center in your heart's pleasures.

Choose pleasure and know it is yours to experience now!

Ix Chel - The Moon

The Mayan Moon Goddess Ix Chel reminds you to go within to your inner worlds, or subconscious, to plant your seeds of possibility. Ix Chel lis fertility and the power of creativity.

Dream big and plant seeds of possibility, love, joy, beauty and hope all aligned with your inner dreams and desires.

Maiden of Wind - Clarity

Once you know what is in your heart, focus it clearly through your mind's eye.

Keep your focus clear and you will create more clearly and powerfully, taking advantage of the New Moon's power for reseting and creating.

Challenges and Lessons

3 of Seas - Compassion

As things shift and change you have the opportunity to be more heart centered and compassionate toward yourself and others.

Keep this in mind as you move out of the old and toward new realities for yourself. Be kind, compassionate and forgiving.

Gaia - The World

Mother Earth is our Mother and our Teacher. She reminds us to align with her as Mother, with her as provider and nurturer. There is a reset where we as humans must learn to honor her waters, her foods, her power spots and so forth. She will continue to clean the planet of our effects if we do not align with her.

Choose recycling, and low impact methods of living on the earth. Learn sustainability and practice it. Buy foods locally. Stop poisons and weed killers. Eat organics. Come home to Mother Earth as medicine and you will find she gives all you need.

Pleiadian Star Goddess

The Star - Sitting aside The World and Mama Gaia, the Pleiadian Star Goddess reminds you too that all is given from Heaven to Earth. Being in the Challenges and Lessons section, she tells me it is time we pay attention to our Divine Guidance and soul's purpose amidst the journey of the next weeks.

Align with our higher purpose in this reset time, dream our dreams aligned with our soul's purpose, ask for assistance in regards to our soul's purpose, and the mundane will fall in place.


4 of Seas - Desire

As you set your intentions with this New Moon energy, focus deeply into your heart and soul desires. Let the power of your lunar, subconscious heart center give energy and light to your true desires.

Your heart is where your true pearls live.

Aditi - The Great Void

Focus those heartfelt desires right into the Cosmic Great Void. This Hindu Goddess Aditi signals great possibility and potential. Take advantage of this by aligning to your heart and soul desires.

The message keeps repeating, so know this is a grand time to plant seeds and bring new potentials into form.

Pele - The Purifier

While planting seeds of possibility, be ruthless is letting go and burning away the things that no longer fit in your world. Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes comes to clean away in particular all places you have dishonored yourself and your world, or have been dishonored by others. Be proactive and clean closets, leave terrible situations, jobs and relationships that are harmful.

Let go, and  you will have plenty of room for all your new life to manifest.


8 of Seas - Depletion

Warning! As we move through the energies the next few weeks we need to take time to care for our emotional needs, and how that affects our physical lives. Take down time amidst creating anew. Schedule a massage, a healing session, meditation, and walks in nature. By doing so you may stave off illness or other emotional upset that wipes you out.

This is a warning so you don't have to go there. Choose wisely.

Amaterasu - The Sun

The beautiful, Shinto Sun Goddess is an omen of change and alignment of the Higher Soul Self and the personality to the full, true beautiful expression you are.

Things are looking up and positive outcomes are most likely, which support you in shining brightly the truth of your being!

5 of Seas - Cleansing

For you to get to the beautiful shining being that you are, be assured it will involve cleansing at deep, emotional levels. This frees you of heaviness and lightens your heart, so you can shine joyful to the world.

Learn more about the energies of May 2018 and how to navigate it with clarity and ease with a Mythical Goddess Tarot 15-card spread read by Katherine Skaggs.

This month we have old energies of conflict to burn away and let go. Pele and Forgiveness come in to assist us in burning away the places we where we have disrespected ourselves and our world. Change is upon us, so we need to refocus and move toward our true heart's passions, to clean away emotional baggage where we are open and in love again.

This month we have the challenge of needing to go within through time alone, focused on projects, meditation and inner reflection. Balance your choices when you need to do what is in your best interest by being away from the masses and groups. Morgan le Fay shows up here too, reminding you that you are a magic being and have the power to create your world when you are "sourced" to the Divine.

The action needed for this month comes from the energies of the fiery creative child. Mother Earth and the World also shows up to remind you that the world gives you everything you need. Look around and within to claim your gifts and bounty.

The message of Reconnecting with Self is one of illuminating the soul, of unconditional love, and of possibility.

Join Katherine Skaggs to watch her unfolding painting and channeled guidance to awaken your true love for Self, as well as ability to flow that into your mind, body and soul. Open to the energies of this art unfolding to activate all of you for greater love, joy and peace.

The final painting, "Radiant Soul" is a reflection of the soul's beautiful radiance, light and possibility. She is the potentiation that comes from the connection to the Sacred Heart, the Sacred Self, and what it is to live a Sacred Life. All is interconnected and well in the world of the Radiant Soul.

She is a reminder that as we connect to our Source, our Light and Illumination, we illuminate the world. There is no efforting. There is only connection to the source that lives within each of us. Be encouraged to Shine YOUR Light, authentically, kindly, lovingly, joyfully, and notice the response in the world. Notice your own vibrant energy shift.

Live in curiosity of potential. What is it like for it to just get better, more loving, more abundant, more joyful? What if all moved to this higher possibility as I leaned into that within myself?

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