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How do we engage the frequency of love this Valentine's day, as well as in every day life? Love is the frequency of 528HZ that heals, creates miracles, gives life force, and transforms dense, discordant, difficult energies. 

Enjoy a Mythical Goddess Tarot reading by Katherine Skaggs for Valentine's day and accessing the Frequency of Love. 

Who are we as we enter Valentine's Day and the Frequency of Love: 

III - Empress - Kuan Yin

The Empress Card - Kuan Yin the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy speaks to us of the power of Divine love that lives within our very being. We are naturally spiritual beings of love. 

Mother of Earth - Birth - We are fertile beings ready to give birth to new life. 

2 of Wind - Balance - There is mental balance between our inner state of being, our subconscious, and our outer conscious mind. (If for any reason you don't feel these energies, it is time to step more deeply into the frequency of 528HZ of love to restore your true essence.) 

Big Picture: 

The Moon Card - Ix Chel Mayan Moon Goddess In the big picture we are urged to go within to the power inside our heart spaces and the subconscious to find the healing vibes and new life energy of love. This is the vital force that creates new life. 

Child of Fire - Creative Spark - This card is the epitome of the love frequency that gives new life and creates. Restoring your heart space through this frequency gives birth to more of this energy creating your life in like vibration. 

10 of Fire - Self-Destruction - The 10 of Fire’s a warning card that tells me as we move into greater states of love we clear out and heal the lower vibes of fear, anger, hatred, and all habits where we self-destruct. This energy is up to heal this holiday - and all days to come where we are healing that which is NOT love. 

Our Lessons and Challenges to Overcome Bring Opportunities: 

Crow Woman - Sacred Law Card - Crow Woman tells us we will learn more about the laws of the Universe and receive our karmic brownies as we lean into love. As you give so you receive. As you love, love is returned. The vibration of love is calling us to embody more and more - which in and of itself is a challenge in a dualistic world with dissonant frequencies. Heed Crow Woman and know that as you focus on love, you will create in love. 

Uzume - The Fool Card - Uzume in the challenges tells me that it may be a bit of a lesson to be present in love, in a new beginning, where we are the ones to bring the light back into its fullness. A profound figure to have in the lessons. Uzume is the goddess known to bring the Sun Goddess out of the cave so the world was full of light once again. You may want to sit with Uzume and ask her to help you 'lighten up.' 

8 of Wind - Confusion - The negative wind card of confusion in the lessons encourages us to clear our minds as we seek to live in love. The challenge is to get out of your head and into your heart. 

Action to Take: 

5 of Wind - Isolation - An interesting card to pull when inquiring about love and Valentine's day. It may be time to exam your beliefs around being alone or out and about with the crowd this Valentine's day. This is a card of balance of knowing when to step away and take care of yourself and do what is right for you. Be clear when you make a 'date' this Valentine's day that you really want to be with another, or with others. Self-nurture and take care of you and your attitudes and beliefs. Align them in these loving vibrations, then choose where you want to be and with whom you can to be. 

Sacred Fire Card - White Buffalo Calf Woman - This fiery goddess wants you to purify your heart and greet all life as sacred. Life is a ceremony. How can you bring that purity and sacred space to your day's experience? 

Crone of Seas - Resurrection - Today is a new day, where you can bring the past emotional hurts to a place of healing and wisdom. Be present now. Today is a great day to acknowledge how far you have come in your ability to love and be loved. 


Maiden of Wind - Clarity - As you immerse yourself in the frequency of love you will find clarity of mind and ability to focus on what you truly want. 

6 of Earth - Success - With the immersion into the 528HZ/LOVE your physical reality will reflect the abundance, harmony, joy, and prosperity of this energy. This will create only more love and its vital, life-giving energy. 

Mother of Seas - Perception - You will also have an expanded perception as a result of these love vibes. When your heart expands in this love, everything in your world is transformed. You are able to 'see' through your heart space, where you can also perceive the love in others as well as yourself. .

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