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Wholistic Soul Podcast interview with Katherine Skaggs

Click on this link or the image below to listen to the podcast Wholistic Soul Podcast with Guest Katherine Skaggs and Host Ashely Tracey


In this episode, Ashley interviews award-winning visionary artist, author, spiritual teacher, and shamanic healer Katherine Skaggs about the simple tools and practices each of us can incorporate in our lives to help us connect more deeply to the artist, shaman, healer, and sage within us all.

Buy Katherine Skaggs’ Award-winning book Artist, Shaman, Healer, Sage to learn more about creating sacred ritual in your life, as you awaken your inner Artist, Shaman, Healer, and Sage that is alive and well within your very being. Katherine's vast spiritual life experiences and wild adventures have spanned the last 35 years, taking her from conservative bible-belt roots in Oklahoma, to sitting with shamans in the jungles of Peru. Personal healing has always been the goal, and has led her to write, paint, teach, and express this timeless wisdom so others may also benefit.

Connect with Katherine Skaggs' visionary guidance, wisdom, and channel to get your soul portrait, attend a class, or buy prints, books, decks, drums, and other uplifting products through her website at:

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About your host
Ashley Tracey is a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Aquarius Rising on a mission to demystify astrology and all things spiritual. Not only is Ashley an intuitive astrologer and past life regression guide, but her experience as a professor of nutrition and corporate wellness consultant provides her with a knack for blending science with the sacred. Making out of this world concepts more relatable to your everyday life. Helping you reconnect with your sense of wholeness. Find out more about her at

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