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Winter Solstice Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading

Join Katherine Skaggs for a Mythical Goddess Tarot reading on the Winter Solstice, at the time of the return of the light.

With the winter solstice comes the rebirth of the Sun, bringing hope, renewal, regeneration and self-reflection. This Winter Solstice Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading will take a look at who we are as we leave the darkness of the last cycles of 2020, and enter into a time of possibility and potentiation. With this energy of winter solstice, and also an alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in 0 degrees Aquarius, we are being called into a new life and a new cycle that lifts us above the greed model devoid of spirit, bringing us into a time of spiritual renewal and healing.

What are you willing to let go of and leave behind so you can be filled with light, to seed your hopes and dreams, to bring the to life in the new cycle? See what the goddesses have to say about how to clear the old and move into the new ways of being. How do we dream big and act upon our desires? How do we clean away the old, limiting ways of being? Let's explore the Winter Solstice Mythical Goddess Tarot reading in-depth.

Who are we as we enter Solstice, into the return of  the light?

Mother of Fire, Regeneration - This great mother is the very symbol of hope and renewal of the Solstice energies, that we have been purifying through fire to be here now, ready for new life. She is a symbol of healing and transformation through our new form on Earth. We are ready for new life.

The 5 of Seas, Cleansing - This card or the Seas suit, the emotional suit, sitting in this position tells me that we have been doing emotional cleansing and are prepared for an expansion into a new cycle. We need to honor our emotional transformations that we are here now. Let's now trust our hearts to know what we truly want and go for it

Maiden of Seas, Passion - Honor our passions for new life, new beginnings. Celebrate where we have come to and use that emotional energy and heart's focus to create anew.

The Overview of the next Cycle and New Year 2021

7 of Seas, Denial - This watery, emotional card born of the depths of scorpio energies sitting in this position tells me we need to attend to all the areas where we have denied our emotional joys and pleasures. Where have we been wounded in the heart spaces? These need to be cleaned and cared for, so we may return to a heart centered way of life, where pleasure is returned.

Maiden of Wind, Clarity - This card reminds us that whatever we focus on expands. The outcome of our next cycles will be born of our focus and clarity of desire. Be clear on your true desires.

Crone of Wind, Visionary - This wise eagle woman mama carries the energies of the new wave of aquarian light coming in, telling us our focus will give us the new vision and new life we want. She carries the egg of new life, the potential, that is born of a higher vision. Our promise for the new cycle is one created from higher consciousness and clarity from our soul selves to our earthly experiences. Dream BIG. Vision well. We are in a shift to a new and higher perspective.

The Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons of Our Next Cycle(s)

8 of Fire, Expression - Our lessons to move into the new age of higher consciousness is to embody the spirit and joy of the new ways of life, to 'dance' again, to purify the old and to be filled with the fire of our desires. What do you need to purify and heal to dance once again, to express yourself with fiery passion?

Shinto Goddess Amaterasu, The Sun Card - This beautiful goddess in the position of our lessons and challenges tells me that we are being challenged to come out of the COVID cave of 2020, bringing back the light of our true essence to create, and to bring beauty once again into our experiences. It is time to lighten up and focus ourselves through the light. Let go of our focus on the darkness and work with the Winter Solstice energies and shifting astrological alignments to catch the light, to awaken the light within, and to bring it fully into a new way of being.

2 of Earth, Cycles - To move out of the old, we must remember that everything flows in cycles in this early realm and that we are in completion of one cycle, and that we ARE moving into a new cycle. Our lesson is to let go of our attachments to the old outmoded ways of being, so we can vision anew and act accordingly.

Action - What action do we need to take to shift out of the old ways of suffering into the new light that brings harmony, hope, and joy?

7 of Fire, Courage - To shift out of the old ways that have held us in the dark, the limitations of the past, and the places of suffering, we must bring act courageously with the medicine of fire to meet our challenges head on, with an open heart. Support your heart spaces with sunflower flower essence and borage flower essences to assist you in shifting your energy bodies so you can act with greater courage and grace.

3 of Earth, Works - This woman dances in balance and beauty, bringing in her hopes and dreams by joyfully dancing them into her earthy reality. She has dynamic balance to create and embody her true desires. She reminds you to act in joy, to unify the strength of your physical expression with your spiritual, mental, and emotional desires and focus. This will assist you in magically creating the higher vision that brings joy and peace.

4 of Wind, Patience - Our hopes and dreams are much more formed than your mind wants to believe at time. This patient mama knows she is about to give birth to all she has dreamed, yet is very still and open to receiving at just the right time. TRUST is the word now, to remind you that all you need and hope for is coming to earth at just the right time, and that it is eminent. Don't force anything. Practice patience and presence as you act to bring forth your desires. Find times to meditate, to be grateful, to bless, and to open to receive. New life is about to come fully into the physical as you embrace its arrival and perfect timing.

Outcome of our 28-day cycle, and movement into 2021

Crow Woman, Sacred Law - This native goddess is here to remind us that "what is ours is coming to us" from the perspective of the higher spiritual laws that transcend man's laws. Your Divine gifts are on the way! Know that you have chosen to be here at this time and that you have prepared for life times for the gifts of your soul to be given at the exact right timing. Crow Woman is a symbol of spiritual justice, and balance between the heavenly spirit world and the earthly experience. She is the highest principles of right and wrong. As she sits in the outcome she tells me that we are in a shift that rights the wrongs of lifetimes of imbalance in this earthly world. That with the higher aquarian light emerging in the next cycle we will see and experience a spiritual healing of man's unjust ways, bringing it into form on earth. Look for great change, and know that it is here as we come into our new way of being.

Maiden of Earth, Beauty - With our spiritual healing and the increase in light we are moving into greater beauty and balance with our Earth Mother. This shift brings us into the opportunity to embody how we experience and see beauty within and through our physical universe. This is a healing as we return to the 'beauty way' on our Earth walk. The path of beauty brings healing to all, reconnecting us at the deepest levels of soul embodied on earth.

Crone of Earth, Ascension - The outcome of this powerful cycle is about embodying the light that is coming to earth, to assist us in awakening our light bodies, and coming into higher consciousness. With the Crone of Earth in the outcome, be assured there will be profound changes being embodied in more people and the way we operate for the good fo the whole in all of our lives, and for the healing of humanity.

Take a little time to enjoy the guidance for a massive shift, personally and collectively. It is each of our responsibilities to focus on our potential and our heart dreams as we clear the past. Together we will exponentially shift beyond our challenges into greater harmony and joy.

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